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First 1001 Days Of Life

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Nurturing The Future - 1001 Days Diplomas

You already know that supporting parents/carers and babies is your passion and purpose...

And now you want to take the steps to be an expert in your field and offer your clients fully integrated services that offer nurturing support from conception to two.

You know that now is the time to step up for the bigger vision in your life to serve clients deeply and create a safe space to transform lives whilst building up a steady flow of clients into your practice. 

You’re being called to learn more deeply the impact of love and nurturing care in the first 1001 days of life and are looking for the confidence to offer guidance and support across the board.

You are looking to be part of a global community teaching love and supporting you every step of the way. You don't want to feel alone anymore but part of a movement changing the lives of parents and babies. 

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Mother giving her newborn baby a kiss on the cheek.

Everything you possibly need to create a parent and baby wellness teaching practice!

Stop scrolling the internet and getting confused by different courses as we have everything you need to be an expert in parent and baby wellness with ease with our 1001 days diplomas.

We are the fastest growing parent/carer and baby wellness training company in the UK and WE ARE HERE FOR YOU...!

World class accredited and insured training covering all you need

Community, mentorship and coaching and as much on going support as you need

Socials, community projects, charitable initiatives, inclusivity training

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More parents/carers and babies are looking
for support...

and the birth and baby wellness community is growing and people like you are needed more than ever to share your passion!

Imagine how it would feel if you could offer a fully intergrated support package from pregnancy to early childhood in your teaching practice...

You can teach clients from pregnancy all the way until two years

Get advice and help growing your business and getting creative ideas to expand

Get the confidence you need to build your own brand and succeed as a teacher


These amazing teachers know how wonderful and fulfilling it feels..

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 17.16.09

Dani has an amazing parent and baby hub teaching parents everyday

- Danielle Robbins
Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 17.16.35

Numerous baby classes every week after training with us and taking our courses. Corinna deeply serves her community.

- Corinna Nicol
Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 17.16.58

Creating classes that support parents and babies throughout their journey from pregnancy to birth and giving back to vulnerable parents in the community.

- Claire Duddridge

Why Nurture The Future?- Why Our Unique Diplomas?


The most comprehensive program for starting, creating, developing and expanding your birth and baby business by offering accredited and professionally recognised training courses AND full business support.

You'll learn...

The importance of the first 1001 days of life for parents/carers and babies and how we can support parents in this time

How to build connection and community to support parents and babies and create transformation

How to run an aligned, impactful and profitable sustainable business that creates balance in your life.

You'll be supported to stay focused, motivated and on track with a step-by-step course framework and a team of experienced tutors, so that you can start each day with intention and purpose to achieve your goals. We are here to support you with evergreen video content, workbooks, teaching plans and resources and live masterclasses every month.

Expert Knowledge & Fully Accredited Courses

Everything is covered from professionalism to anatomy and physiology to the benefits of practice, teaching techniques and marketing

Coaching, Mentoring & Community

Expert guidance and mentoring on how to teach, creative ideas and strategies you will learn and implement to be successful and confident in your business.


Regular live check ins, Facebook support community of over 900 teachers, a study buddy and personal tutor and marking of your work.

Government policy advocates supporting parents and babies in the first 1001 days of life. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

Make a difference. We nurture you so that you can nurture parents who nurture babies

The future is in our hands

Everything we do at Blossom & Berry comes from a place of love because,

love creates love

Getting a certificate is just the first step. Being fully supported is everything.

Nurturing The Future - Changing The World One Baby At A Time

Scientific research and studies are showing what we have always known in our hearts; love and nurturing care in the first critical 1001 days of life is powerful and helps us all reach our full potential.

Our unique range of "Nurturing The Future" Diplomas give you the expertise, knowledge and tools to support parents/carers and babies in this crucial stage of life through a range of classes.

Our mission is to teach love and nurture the future and the power is in our hands. Through nurturing care in the first 1001 days of life, we can love the world forward.

By the end of the studying our diplomas you will have...

Expert knowledge on your subject so you are able to empower and raise awareness for your clients

Confidence teaching groups, workshops, one to ones, nurture days with ease and flow

Understand how to start and grow your parent and baby business EVEN IF YOU HAVE ZERO EXPERIENCE


We will teach you everything you need to empower parents to feel supported in the first 1001 days through research, practical techniques and awareness of mental health

Give you all the teaching plans, handouts and planning resources you need to get going fast

Our promise of NO ONGOING LICENCE FEES or brand restrictions EVER! Be your own kind of beautiful.

Above all, you'll be activating your vision for your birth and baby business and receive expert support to step into your power as a confident, visible and profitable birth and baby business owner.

Anything is possible with our training! Let go of any limiting beliefs and create your vision!

See what's possible for you when you follow a proven framework for training and business

Meet your mentor and founder & CEO of Blossom & Berry


Hey, I'm Gayle!

I am an international expert in baby massage and yoga and Mummy to three teens. I started my career as a project finance lawyer in the city of London but I reinvented myself as an entrepreneur after my three children were born, all in three and a half years. This is when I discovered the power of love.

I have grown Blossom & Berry from a small local business to be a global leader in the field of mother and baby wellness with over 1000 baby massage and yoga teachers across the world generating a six figure turnover. We have a sister site in Spanish and hold training across the world in locations including Mexico, Dubai, Australia and Italy. We are growinf our team with love.

I am a transformational leader and business mentor to thousands of women who have created their own birth and baby business. I have had numerous clients nominated as finalists in a national business awards.I mentor clients across the world and take the stage regularly to share her story of compassionate leadership, sustainable entrepreneurship and creating a love legacy.

I am also a co-founder of the charity Love Support Unite and have a mother and baby health initiative charitable project in Malawi which provides mother and baby education and sustainable feeding programs for over 750 mothers and babies a year.

I am here to teach you, help and support you to create your dream birth and baby business because love creates love.


Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 08.48.21

100% love for babies. 

Think about it for a moment. 

Why would we give anything less? 

Babies are brand new humans entering the world. We get to choose. Teach love, compassion, kindness and give nurturing responsive care. Why would we embody anything else when the future is in our hands. It's time to wake up and realise we reap what we sow. Love more not less.

Nurture babies, nurture the world.




The first 1001 days of life are critical because the period from conception to two is when the brain is growing and developing at the maximum speed and laying down the foundations for the future.

Science has revealed that the first 1001 days of life and the expression of our genes is highly influenced by our environment making the importance of nurturing care absolutely critical for realising the potential in us all. It is a fact that the emotional environment of infancy created by relationships with parents shapes us psychologically and neurologically forever. That’s why it's time to bring our attention and focus to supporting and empowering parents from the period of conception to two to provide nurturing and loving care for their children. In this way we invest in the best environment to nurture the future, empower parents/carers in the present and heal the past.

Nurturing the future is an opportunity to elevate the importance of nurturing care and love in society, celebrate the invisible power of parenting and inspire action to provide more support for parents/carers and babies.

How we support parents/carers and babies over the first 1001 days...


Three Amazing 1001 Diplomas To Choose From...



First 271 Days

Baby Confidence Teacher - Teach what you really need to know before you have a baby, support pregnant mums to relax and be present and create community

Pregnancy Mindfulness And Relaxation Teacher - Teach a range of breathing techniques and gentle stretches for pregnancy

Childbirth Guide - Preparing To Birth With Love And Mindfulness Workshop Instructor - Learn how to teach techniques and comfort measures that will help people to prepare for their own unique birthing journey.



First 365 Days

40 Days Of Love Guide - Train to be a postnatal guide and support for mothers/parents in the first 40 days.

Newborn Nurture Teacher - Teach early touch techniques and skin to skin practice for babies 0-8 weeks

Colic Consultant - Become a specialist in supporting unsettled babies and babies with colic through nurturing care.

Baby Massage Teacher - Become a baby massage teacher and facilitate classes, one to ones and workshops.

Baby Yoga Teacher - Become a baby yoga teacher and teach baby yoga classes for babies from 6 weeks to 12 months



Second 365 Days

Learn Stretch & Play Instructor - Teach massage, yoga and play to active babies

Pre School Yoga Instructor - Teach yoga to babies and young children from 2-5 years

Nurture Flow Play Instructor - Nurture and flow play classes for older babies based on creativity, curiosity and imagination.

You Can Enrol On All Three Diplomas And Receive £100 off

The diplomas build your knowledge in each area of parent and baby wellness so you can create a truly integrated business which serves your clients and serves you.

Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 14.20.57

Everything you need is included - comprehensive video lessons to teach you expert knowledge to build confidence to teach, workbooks, templates and resources, personal tuition, live coaching and check-ins to answer your questions, support from a dedicated teaching team, mind-blowing bonuses and life-time access to an incredible entrepreneurial community and all resources.

You just need to say YES!


Details of what is covered in each course

Choose the diploma that reflects your practice

Take all three diplomas to become an expert in parent and baby wellness

Get all the ongoing support, community and mentorship you need

Our study guarantee means that you can be confident all is covered

Videos, workbooklets, masterclasses, handouts, personal tutition all included

Learn as you earn with 24 month instalments

Join the Blossom & Berry family

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Do you have a query about these diplomas? Wonder if they're the right courses for you? Not sure whether to take the plunge? Whatever your question, book a free Discovery Call with Gayle now to find the answers and take the next step on your journey.

By supported and taught by expert tutors in their field...

Mel Image 1 SQ


Mel Craven is Blossom & Berry's Middle East Baby Massage and Yoga Consultant, an Empowered Gentle Birth Doula, and a Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

As an experienced Australian Social Worker, Mel's greatest joy and passion is to empower parents to follow their dreams and create more loving relationships of connection between parents and children, families and communities. Mel co-wrote Birthing With Heart and her motto is "Love is always the answer".

col and ren smile


Collette was an energetic and creative Primary School Teacher specialising in the EYFS curriculum. She trained as a baby massage and yoga teacher and fell in love with supporting parents and babies and particularly working with toddlers.

She won the Spirit category at the MPOWER National awards, written an article for OM Yoga magazine about the 8 limbs of baby yoga and co-wrote a book with DK Books called My First Yoga.

Caroline Gartland


Caroline Gartland is passionate about play and wellbeing in early childhood. She has worked with families and children in the field of Mental Health for over 16 years and has been creating opportunities, curriculums and frameworks for play for the last 6 years.

She holds a BA(hons) in Psychology, MSc in Psychological Therapy and post graduate training in Infant Mental Health. She’s a ‘Babies in Mind’ practitioner and is the founder and director of SensoBaby, a community-based resource for parents and caregivers in Botswana.

I love helping parents develop their confidence in meeting their baby’s needs as well as giving babies the best early experiences!"

Introducing Leah Major, a nursery nurse who runs a baby room for babies between birth and 2 years in a private day nursery.

"I love building bonds with babies and making a difference for families. I hope when I start my baby massage classes I can make a difference for parents and their babies in the same way! I hope to provide calm, welcoming and safe environments for parents and babies.

My most precious moment in supporting parents and babies is seeing the babies I bond with becoming excited to see me, seeing the relief in the parents' eyes.

Leah Kingston

Leah of Love and Learn with Leah


Faten Bou Frem of Tot'spa

Thank you again Gayle for this opportunity, you will always give me motivation for doing more and more."

I started this journey early 2018 and I enjoyed every single moment , From learning with the best team to teaching the secret of touch and bonding.

The best feeling was seeing the smiles on the mothers and babies faces bonding together and enjoying every single stroke or move they are learning. Hearing and reading the comments of the parents on how much they benefits from the classes and they can’t wait to comeback again. This gives me the most motivation I can have to give more, to learn more , and help as much as I can.

Yes I can say I love what I do especially when I can at the same time be with my family and not miss any precious moment with them as well.

I can’t wait to have more moments like this and more classes with friendly group of mothers and babies. I can see Tot’spa as a place where expecting mothers, mother’s and their babies can feel it is there safe place to be, to bond ,to learn, to play and be happy.

What is included?



to birth


Taught by Gayle Berry

Teach this unique course designed for parents to be which covers a five-minute baby massage routine suitable for newborns, advice and techniques to help with wind, colic and unsettled babies, pregnancy relaxation plus general information on calming and connecting with baby. The course focuses on the importance of responsive parenting to help enable strong and positive bonds and attachment. It covers anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and infancy, attachment theory, infant/child psychology and the benefits of positive touch for children in all forms. The course enables discussion and sharing of ideas on the importance of relaxation in pregnancy and adjusting to parenthood.

This course is unique and brings together many disciplines which help to empower parents and promotes the idea of responsive parenting, positive communication and secure attachment. It also helps parents to be make connections and networks with others in a supportive and friendly environment. The course is not a birth preparation course or antenatal course, rather its focus is on building parental confidence in adjusting to a new role and feeling confident in meeting their babies’ needs. This is something which Blossom & Berry believe is lacking in the current support services offered before birth.

“I wish I had known all this information before I had my first baby. It all makes so much sense and I feel more confident now with a greater understanding of my next baby’s behaviour” -LP

The course is straightforward to teach and is in great demand by parents and will help enhance your general knowledge and understanding of what babies really want and need. It will also enable you to teach simple relaxation techniques which can benefit parents to be. We supply you with extensive handouts and resources for your classes to support your clients learning.

The course structure:

As an instructor, you can run Baby Confidence Classes on a four weekly cycle. A typical course will include:

Speed Bumping - where parents can meet and catch up. Information and discussion on helping babies settle into the world after leaving the womb focusing on sleeping, crying, and building sensory awareness to help boost parental confidence.

Learning the basics of baby massage to use with babies from four weeks old as well as useful remedial massage strokes to help ease issues such as colic, constipation and fretfulness.

Learning ways to calm, soothe and relax babies using instinctive and gentle methods.

A guided relaxation to allow parents to feel refreshed and energised.

Refreshments and a chance to socialise.




Taught by Mel Craven

Pregnancy Mindfulness & Relaxation is taught by Blossom and Berry’s Australian Trainer, Mel Craven. As an experienced Doula, and Prenatal Yoga Instructor Mel will share her wisdom and passion for holding spaces for pregnant people.

On completion of this course, you will have the confidence to lead Pregnancy Mindfulness & Relaxation classes which include simple stretches, gentle breathwork and relaxing meditations.

Your classes will provide:

  • Relief for pain, stress, tension and discomfort in mother/birthing person’s body;
  • Provide more space for baby to move in to best position for birth;
  • Opportunity for parents to meet the early developmental needs of babies through
    mindfulness, touch, sound and movement;
  • Opportunities to enhance the bonding process between mother/birthing person and baby in womb;
  • Time for parents to be mindful of their developing baby.

The mindfulness visualisations and meditations will assist each parent to relax and breathe in to their heart space creating a more loving and peaceful environment for themselves and her baby.

Included is an introduction to:

  • Facilitating Birth Art sessions
  • Holding Sharing Circles and Ceremonies for Pregnant People




Taught by Mel Craven

Childbirth Guide – Preparing to Birth With Love and Mindfulness

Birth is a sacred joyful occasion. Mel Craven, a Doula and Childbirth Educator has developed a Birth Preparation Workshop for Blossom and Berry, which celebrates the power, strength and perfect design of a parent’s body to create and birth life.

When a birthing person and their inner circle, their birth team, understand the purpose for the intensity of sensation and emotion. When they create a safe loving space for them to listen to their body, to move, breathe and dance in unison with their baby – a wonderful opportunity arises for immense growth and transformation.

When a light is shone upon the magnificence and power of a person during childbirth, and they are loved, trusted, supported, nurtured and praised – suddenly what seems impossible becomes extremely possible. The experience of all birthing people is explored in this course.

This course will take you on a journey through the anatomy and physiology of childbirth, as well as help you to develop an understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of preparing for and giving birth.

You will learn comfort measures that will empower birth partners to be an important, significant and unforgettable part of the birthing team.

The Childbirth Workshop is designed to be fun, informative, hands on and very practical. Primarily focused upon an active birth, the mindfulness techniques and nurturing practices can be adapted for all types of births including abdominal or belly birth.

The relaxation skills taught are invaluable and can be taken into the postpartum period to assist with recovery, breastfeeding and chest feeding, and LIFE as a parent.


Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 12.03.57


Taught by Mel Craven

A parent's experience of the First Forty Days following the birth of their child will impact greatly upon their health and wellbeing for the next forty years. This is a crucial window of time in which a postpartum parent needs to be nurtured, nourished, supported and held in order to recover well and thrive in their new role.

Mel Craven is a Doula and Mental Health Social Worker, who has created a course for Blossom and Berry which celebrates, honours, encourages and protects this very important parent baby relationship. That acknowledges the importance of this time for slowing down, allowing space for adjusting to the new parenting role, healing, rest and rejuvenation during the first six weeks.

You will learn how to prepare traditional postpartum meals, support a parent's physical healing and breastfeeding and chest feeding journey and create a postpartum sanctuary.

We will take you on a trip around the world learning from many culture’s different postpartum practices, weaving them in to a Western model which honours the parent and surrounds them in a cocoon of love so that they have time to adjust to their new parenting role.

This course also provides an introduction to bodywork and traditional rebozo techniques.




Taught Gayle Berry

This course will enable you to teach a range of newborn nurturing techniques in workshop style to parents before and after birth as well as offer one to one sessions designed to support new parents and give babies a gentle introduction to the world. It is a fully comprehensive course which covers all aspects of becoming a professional teacher and teaching baby massage plus specific techniques for babies under 8 weeks. Specific areas explored are:

  • Rocking and holding
  • Swaddling and tucking.
  • Kangaroo Care
  • Kangaroo Mother Care
  • Containment holds
  • Still Touch
  • Early Massage
  • Baby Reflexology
  • Gentle Movements
  • Fourth Trimester Support

It will enable you to offer positive touch education to parents pre-birth and before baby massage classes begin at 8 weeks. It will also deepen your knowledge of the science of touch and skin to skin and why it’s so important.




Taught by Gayle Berry

Learn everything you need to know about teaching baby massage and yoga. Everything is covered on our original foundation training that has been running for over 15 years. 

This unique course will enable you to teach baby massage and baby yoga to groups of parents and on a one to one basis from 8 weeks. You can either teach the courses as different disciplines or as a combined baby massage and yoga course.

Not only will you gain the skills to create your own teaching practice and business, you will GROW personally and professionally.

Our training offers a complete transformation in mindset, energy and vision. When you train with us you will gain the confidence to embrace a new path and achieve your goals.

Our course materials also include over 50 films and mini-lectures on subjects covered on the course. We also include footage of real classes as well as films of the whole massage and yoga routine. If there is something you don’t understand or something you need, we can help and create it for you.

We also provide teaching plans for:

  • Weekly classes
  • Pop up sessions
  • Workshops
  • One-to-One sessions
  • Specialist Daddy & Baby sessions and Happy Tummy Workshops for colicky babies.

We are proud to be accredited by Royal College of Midwives for our online baby massage training.

Our in-person group baby massage training is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, International, Complementary Therapists Association and the IICT and by the Federation of Holistic Therapists for baby yoga. Our other online courses are accredited by Blossom & Berry, The International Federation Of Therapists and insured by Westminster Indemnity Insurance for professional practice.


to birth-2


Taught by Gayle Berry

Teaching Soothe, Settle & Sleep & Expert Sessions For Colic

Teach this specialist baby massage session for colicky or unsettled babies written by Gayle Berry. It is a great way to expand your practice. The program uses massage, movement/yoga, aromatherapy, and settling techniques to help soothe unsettled babies. You will be able to use unlimited copies of program with your clients. The Program is supplied as a PDF which you can print as a basis for your sessions. This program is straight forward to teach and is in great demand by parents.

The course includes online access to techniques, mini lectures and teaching examples.




Taught by Gayle Berry

Teaching Learn, Stretch & Play Classes for Older Babies and Toddlers

Toddlers love massage, music and yoga but can be tricky to teach! Blossom & Berry offers our Learn, Stretch & Play Massage, Music & Movement Course to provide short and stimulating classes for older babies and toddlers.

Learn, Stretch & Play classes are suitable for older babies using elements of massage, touch, stretching, songs and sensory play. They are great to offer existing baby massage clients and older babies wishing to learn.

This package includes a training booklet on working with older babies or toddlers, weekly class plans for a 6 week course plus ideas for further classes, sensory play handouts for parents, webpage from our site with your details. The package comes with a selection of songs (sung by Gayle who is not a professional singer!) and online access to an extensive library of films covering the massage and movement section of the class. You must have any baby massage instructor’s diploma to do this course.




Taught by Collette Millar Bruce

Colette Bruce has created an approach to teaching young children (from the ages of 2-5 years) yoga that is inspired by Patanjali's 8 limbs of Yoga (written at least 1,700 years ago by the sage in the Yoga Sutras).

This age group can be perceived as a tricky stage to teach, but once you view through the lens of love and not control it becomes not only easier but a whole lot of fun.

Like any Blossom and Berry course you are encouraged to shine your own light and add your own personality to your teaching. Having the confidence to do this often comes from feeling supported and knowledgeable about your offering. Which is why this course gives you an abundance of technical and science based information, planning and teaching strategies that take into consideration a child's physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and development.

If you want to continue  to support the families you teach in your baby massage and baby yoga class, this is a great next step to keep that connection.

You will be encouraged to open up your heart and mind as you journey through this course that will not only encourage your yogic thinking but also motivate you to create classes centred on unity, love and growth.

This isn’t just a ‘kids class’ this is a step towards connectedness between the self, parent and child, communities and beyond.




Taught by Caroline Gartland

Nurture Play is a new concept created by Caroline Gartland for Blossom & Berry. Using the Cherry Blossom Tree as the inspiration and model, we will prepare the ground and embed the roots by giving you the knowledge you need on child development, the emotional world of infants and the importance of play for holistic development. The way each tree blossoms will be unique to you as the teacher. Like all Blossom & Berry courses, you will be able to bloom and bring your own colours to the classes you offer. 

We’ll offer guidance on creating connection and facilitating mindful moments as well as setting up play for curiosity and discovery. Reflective practice is important when you are working with families so throughout the course you will be encouraged to work through your own play journal.

There’s also content on group facilitation skills, setting up on a budget, understanding patterns of play and child development. This course is designed for you to explore play and what it means to you as an individual. We encourage you to use the learning in the course to create playful environments for the families you work with: environments and services that respond to the needs of both infants and the people who care for them.


Join the family

Why it's so easy to learn online

Everything you need in one place with full support...

We support you, so you can support parents who support babies. Listen to Claire talking about our training


Details of what is covered in each course

Choose the diploma that reflects your practice

Take all three diplomas to become an expert in parent and baby wellness

Get all the ongoing support, community and mentorship you need

Our study guarantee means that you can be confident all is covered

Videos, workbooklets, masterclasses, handouts, personal tutition all included

Learn as you earn with 24 month instalments

Join the Blossom & Berry family



Safe Spaces 2


Inclusivity and social justice

We want all parents/carers to feel welcome, included and safe when they attend a parent/carer and baby class and as educators, it is our duty to ensure that our groups and classes are fully inclusive.

This mini-course is designed to challenge any bias or unconscious prejudice we may hold about parents and carers based on their identification.


Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 16.06.59


Give back to your community

This course helps you set up a free voluntary group “Love creates Love” to support parents in your community. The course teaches the importance of love, connection and community for physical and emotional health and wellbeing. It is a beautiful way to connect with clients and give back




Coaching and mentoring built into your investment to give you priceless value.

Connection and comunity is everything and I am here to support you. We have a community of over 900 teachers in our Facebook group and over 2000 teachers around the world. I am a global business mentor in the birth and baby business space.

With twenty years of teaching students in person and online around the world means that I know exactly what you need to feel confident when studying to become a teacher. I have also taken extensively training in many subjects such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, doulaship, sleep consultancy and pre/post natal yoga. Blossom & Berry courses draw from all of my trainings and experiences over the years.

I will support you to support parents who support babies. You are a student for life with us.

Plus with all our courses, as well as your training and certificate, you receive our unique Ongoing Nurture Package completely free of charge which includes...

Ongoing support for as long as you need it in our private Facebook Community “The Nurture Collective” to meet the rest of the community to support you. Connect with over 900 teachers globally and be part of the family. The support provided by Blossom & Berry is invaluable, unique and priceless!

Ongoing support from me as your mentor in our Facebook group. I have nurtured and supported over 2000 teachers to set up their practices and have over 20 years experience in the parent and baby wellness industry. I am here to listen, support and guide you to success. I have got your back.

Feedback on your assignments as we personally mark your work. Everyone is a VIP at Blossom & Berry. I am here to give you feedback, to connect with you and guide you. I listen to what you need and we are creating new resources for our students and teachers all the time.

10% discount on all future Blossom & Berry courses to help you extend your services. We also have a referral scheme if you introduce others to the family. We also have regular meet ups, events, socials and co-create joint projects showcasing the importance of love and connection.

We aren't just online. We have regular meet ups at our social groups across the country to connect and share ideas. You are also invited to join us on our annual Nurture Retreat to relax, unwind, learn and connect with your fellow teachers and on various connection days. There are lots of opportunities to hang out and have fun.

Access to a range of expert masterclasses from our mother and baby health and wellbeing experts from the Blossom & Berry’s Nurture University so you can learn how to serve your clients more from the best professionals PLUS regular business coaching by me to help you succeed which is worth hundreds of pounds.

Lesson plans for one-to-one sessions, workshops and specialist sessions for fathers and special needs babies. We update all our course materials to make sure you and your clients are safe.

Celebration of you with our Teacher of the Month award and Teacher of the Year award and showcasing your business on our social media.

This is all included in our training and offers you not only a certificate but the ongoing support to be a success. You receive £1000s worth of coaching, mentoring and support when you train with us.

♥ Extra Bonuses ♥

♥ Over £1000 of business and marketing resources on enrolment including our “How to Leave The 9-5” mini course.
♥ Free online baby massage course hosted by myself to share with all your clients as part of your classes and our "Safe Spaces" Inclusivity Course.
♥ Free "Love Creates Love" course to help you connect with your community and give back.
♥ Extra freebies throughout the year, extra content, celebrations, give backs and so much more (I love surprises!).

The Blossom & Berry difference is that you are a STUDENT FOR LIFE, you are NEVER ALONE and fully supported for AS LONG AS YOU NEED

All our courses have a six module structure so let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the modules:


Boundaries and ethics

Getting started with your business

Health and safety and legalities 


How the body works

Understanding the science in anatomy and physiology

Contraindications and precautions 


Benefits of each discipline to raise awareness

Science and research to back up and support teaching practice

Resources to share benefits


Indepth video tutorials to share all aspects of teaching

Precautions and adaptations

Equipment, resources and further reading lists


How to teach confidently 

Group dynamics and creating connection 

Teaching plans and resources for rolling classes, workshops and one to ones


Starting or growing a business

Mindset and overcoming imposter syndrome

Resources, workbooks and masterclasses on all aspects of business

Are you ready to support parents and babies in their first 1001 days?

VIP Coaching

Ready to really kickstart your business and accelerate? Need extra hand-holding, coaching and help with mindset and energy?

Enjoy Six VIP 60 minute coaching calls over 6 months

With all Blossom & Berry courses I am there for you personally as an expert in parent and baby wellness, fully qualified lecturer, teacher and mentor. This is part of the Blossom & Berry magic.

As well as being an international expert in baby massage and yoga, I am a global business mentor specialising in birth and baby businesses. I have grown Blossom & Berry from a small local business with a handful of clients in my front room, to be a global leader in the field of mother and baby wellness with over 2000 teachers across the world generating a six-figure turnover. We have expanded to have sister sites in Italian and Spanish, and I have trained teachers across the world in locations including Mexico, Dubai, Australia and Italy. I lead an amazing team of seven with love.

I am a transformational leader and business mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs who have created their own businesses. Many of my clients have been nominated as finalists in national business awards. I mentor clients across the world and I would love to mentor you more closely if you are looking for more support with strategy, mindset, energy and business.


If you feel ready to invest into your teaching practice at a faster rate, my one to one business mentorship is ideal for you and will give you more time with me personally to become the leader that you want to be.

I offer a 6 month coaching package for £1999 with one 60-minute coaching call a month for you to keep aligned with your vision, feel grounded and to activate your plan. Mentoring, coaching and support is everything and how I have grown my business by investing in my personal growth and development. I support you to achieve your goals.

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Why our diplomas are unique and why NOW IS THE TIME!

What If I Can't Learn With You?

Introducing our Study Guarantee…

If you are not happy with our course, I am not happy.

If you are not confident to teach, it's my job to make sure that you are.

If you need anything to help you understand the course, I can create it.

Feel more confident? I listen to what you need and I am constantly improving and updating the course materials. That's my guarantee to you. This is no ordinary training course! We go way beyond all other training providers to support you and you always have personal contact with me and the Blossom & Berry team. You will learn so much more than just baby massage and yoga... THAT'S A PROMISE!

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What Do I Achieve At The End?


With our teacher training courses you will get a certificate which enables you to practice as a professional teacher and hold classes, workshops and one to one sessions.

You will also understand how to start up and run a business and you will have made a lot of friends and had lots of fun.

Most people complete the training in 3-12 months depending on which qualification they are studying.

Success 3


Making the decision to train in baby massage and baby yoga with Blossom and Berry has been one of the best decisions I've made.

The ethos was very much what drew me to it as I was already aligned from having a background in working in the Early Years.

I chose the online course and I've never felt more supported with a course (and I've taken a few), any questions I had were always answered by Gayle or within the nurture collective.

I just want to thank you. I was talking with my husband the other night and he said something I realised was true.

After having my second baby I fell into a pretty deep depression, since starting the course I feel almost like new again and my husband said ‘this course has saved your life’ and you know what, I really think it has. So I want to say thank you.

This course has simply changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A thorough and extensive course with so many different options to continue learning and studying after qualifying!

I completed the Baby Massage Instructor Course and was guided and supported the whole way through my training. The support after qualifying is also fantastic.

Cannot recommend Blossom and Berry enough!

I highly recommend the baby massage and yoga diploma.

The quality of the course and the support received from the community of teachers and students is brilliant.

I have been able to run my own baby massage and baby yoga business for nearly 4 years now and that is because of the business support provided as well as the ability to create my own brand without restrictions of a franchise.

The training was very comprehensive.

Gayle is so inspirational and the support given once trained is amazing.

I’ve just completed my second course online. Thank you.

Gayle and Blossom & Berry have been amazing to train with!

I started about 8 years ago with a baby massage course and have trained with them for a further 4 courses, all of which have been great!

I now have my own business and have taught many families the importance of nurturing touch.

The Blossom and Berry training is fantastic.

The courses are really complete and well-rounded, including support with getting our business going as well.

Gayle is really inspirational, so approachable, and really cares about all of her students and their ongoing success. If you are considering training in baby massage or yoga you absolutely must look at Blossom and Berry‘s courses.

I have never completed training like it.

I found Blossom and Berry after I had already qualified in baby massage, I was looking to expand my practice and I found baby yoga.

Within a month I was converting my training to the Blossom and Berry way for massage and had signed up for the complete diploma.

Blossom and Berry has changed online training for me.

I have done the full nurture course which gives me endless opportunities when it comes to supporting parents and their babies.

What makes Blossom and Berry stand out is the support you get from Gayle Berry and all the other teachers. Not only when you are doing the course but also once you have finished. Which has helped me grow as a person and as a teacher.

I’m very lucky and glad to be able to study baby massage & baby yoga teacher training with Blossom & Berry.

I live in Saudi Arabia and I took the courses online. It was easy to access, very clear and fulfilling.

You can find all that you need to start your own business which fits perfectly with my family.

Fabulous training courses! I’ve been learning online for the last year and the content is great.

I love how flexible it is. I started when my youngest was 5 months old so online had been perfect for me and my family.

The online support from Gayle and the community is great so even when you’re learning at home you feel really well supported.

I have just started my online training and so far I am loving it!

I have sent off my first assessment for love creates love and can’t wait to get my baby yoga modules started.

Really looking forward to my in person training in July and think the support so far has been amazing, I would highly recommend.

I know I thanked you at the time for the course, however I really want you to know that everything about Blossom and Berry is amazing and inspirational.

I have spent the last month going over so many of your resources and watching your videos and have enjoyed every moment of this journey.

I even found writing the business plan fun as I feel so positive and motivated towards this new business venture. I am confident it will all work out, it just feels right. That gift to me is priceless as it's been a long time since I have really felt a sense of worth so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Gayle as part of her mentorship programme.

I went to her with an idea to expand my business and she took that idea and absolutely ran with it, in the most nurturing way.

Her excitement, her confidence and her business acumen were truly inspiring and she really helped me to get a grip on the realities of business so that I can bring my idea to life. I left my mentorship session feeling full of excitement for the future but one that was grounded and with more knowledge about business than I ever thought possible I could gain in a short space of time.

Simply the best training I have ever done.

Everything is there and more.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Baby Massage training with Blossom and Berry.

As an Occupational Therapist (OT) I have been keen to branch out my expertise by combining my OT knowledge and skills with that of baby massage for future classes.

I feel that this course is very complimentary to my profession as it encourages baby development and parent/baby relationships vital for biopsychosocial wellbeing.

As a Pre and Postnatal Yoga teacher, I wanted to extend my teaching to include yoga inspired stretches for babies within my classes.

I chose to train in both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga with Blossom and Berry. I cannot recommend these courses highly enough.

The teaching was exceptional, Gayle is very passionate about her training and this is demonstrated in the excellent presentation of the course and the resources that you receive. If you are considering training in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, you will not be disappointed with Blossom and Berry. I continually recommend this course to many of my fellow yoga teachers looking to work with babies.

The best courses that I have ever done! I loved them.

Thank you Gayle for being such an inspiration and for training me so well. I can’t imagine there being better baby massage and yoga training out there.

Gayle enriches the training with her amazing knowledge and expertise in baby massage and yoga and makes the training thoroughly of interest to the student and maintains a really comfortable and stimulating learning environment. The training materials are so well thought out and helpful and Gayle is so very supportive throughout your journey.

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Blossom & Berry for providing an excellent professional, yet friendly, training programme.

They are fabulous for anyone wanting to train in baby massage whether they are new or experienced in facilitating groups and I am proud to be accredited by Blossom & Berry.

Thank you.

I want to start by thanking Gayle for a wonderful course.

She was warm and welcoming and her depth of knowledge and learning tools have left me feeling fully equipped to deliver amazing baby massage and yoga classes that will enhance the service we provide at our children centre.

I would recommend Blossom and Berry to anyone looking for comprehensive courses.

The Baby Massage and Yoga course that Blossom and Berry offered seemed perfect.

The course was structured and educational, it wasn’t just about learning a baby massage routine it was about learning the reasons why strokes and movements are beneficial and the physiology behind it.

The course also focused on teaching skills and how to become a great instructor and at the end I was provided with some essential resources to aid my progress. As an added bonus Blossom and Berry even came to Dubai to run the Instructor Course meaning I could carry on working as normal.

Our unique Nurture Experience With NO LICENCE FEES EVER

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Earn as you learn - Our unique 24 month payment plan helps you to earn as your learn and be qualified in as little as 12 weeks but spread the payment over 2 years.

Picture of parents and grandparents holding baby on their lap

Lifetime Access To All Materials - We keep our materials up to date so you can be confident you are teaching in alignment with current practice and we just keep adding to the course with new resources to support you.

Baby Massage – What are Baby Massage Classes?

Personal development AND professional development - Our courses are all about helping you grow in all ways. Our courses help you to unlearn limiting beliefs and harness the power of your creativity to create the business of your dreams helping parents and babies.

Have a Question?

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Become A Nurture Ambassador With Us

You are not just a teacher to us, you are a NURTURE AMBASSDOR

When I started Blossom & Berry 20 years ago I had a vision of a family of teachers working across the world sharing and teaching love.

Every single teacher that joins our community is welcomed, celebrated, appreciated and acknowledged.

Without our teachers activating love everyday through our training we would not have the impact across the world.

We value you and are here to support and empower you to reach your goals.

Nurture Ambassdor

Hear from our teachers...


We know what you are thinking

It depends how fast you study it. Baby massage takes an average of 12 weeks. Each of the courses is self paced and you can take as much time as you wish. You are a student for life so can keep coming back to learn.

If you are keen to qualify then we suggest setting aside two hours of study time a week.

No as we cover everything for you in videos and through all our resources. Learning online is flexible, saves time and money for you and we are always here to support you.

No, due to the nature of the course being accessible on enrolment, it means we can't give refunds. This program needs commitment so only enrol if you are serious.

You will stay in the family as a lifetime students. There are no ongoing licence fees.

We can help you get started and its a constant process of growing and learning together. The business mentoring part of Blossom & Berry never stops so you get coaching and a qualification. This is how we are different.

Yes our courses are all accredited by Blossom & Berry and in many cases external bodies too. We are covered for professional practice by Westminster Indemnity Insurance so you are a professional teacher.

Feel into where you want to be in a year. If you don't take the first step towards your dream, it won't happen. We have been doing this for 20 years and we are here to hold your hand. I know the path and can guide you.

You can download the PDF here which provides you with course details and breakdown or book a call with me here.

There's video lessons, screen recordings, workbooks,  live sessions (for baby massage and yoga), teaching plans, handouts etc.

Absolutely! When you are ready, we are ready. Join the family and teach love. You can achieve anything you desire with the right support.

We include so much more than any other course provider with no ongoing licence fees.

The value of coaching, mentoring, business support, coaching and ongoing support is priceless.

A coaching package on its own would be £5000-£500K a year. We include this all for free as its essential to growth.

Yes. If you do the work on your business. Many of my teachers have replaced their primary school salaries with teaching just baby massage! Anything is possible but I never make guarantees on income. Its not ethical.

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