How to develop your teaching skills to facilitate baby massage and yoga groups

How to develop your teaching skills to facilitate baby massage and yoga groups

So if you have been teaching for a while, its easy to get a bit stuck in a rut with the same old teaching techniques and practices. If you are feeling a bit tired of your teaching materials, you clients will pick up on this and maybe they are a bit boring for them too!

You should feel excited about teaching and sharing with your group so it’s good to get an injection of energy into your practice with fresh ideas and a new mindset. 

Here are some principles and ideas that I hope will inspire you;

Reflection– Reflecting on what you do as a teacher is vital. It’s a way to ensure that you are continually developing and growing and making your classes the best they can be. If something goes wrong or does not feel right, don’t ignore it and hope it goes away. Think about how you can make it better for the next time you teach. As a teacher you should be thinking about how to make sure your students have the best experience. They are investing in your time, energy and knowledge and there are so many different and creative ways to present and share. 

Action point

Reflect on your last class. What three things can you do to make your class better? Take action and implement them and then reflect on any changes. If it still does not feel right or you could do better…..keep doing better!

Acknowledgement– Are you acknowledging your groups needs and asking them what they want? What’s the best way to create happy clients? Ask them what they want and then deliver on this. It really is that simple. Ask them what would you like to cover on the course? What topics would you like to talk about? What support do you need in between classes? What handouts or learning resources do you need to feel supported?

Action point

Ask your class what they would like to achieve from the course and what would make their learning experience the best.

Create- Are you being creative with your resources for your clients? Are you still using outdated handouts? Is it time for a rebrand and refresh? Are you using all the available technology to support your clients like facebook groups and email? Are you creating a blissed out experience for your clients and babies in your classes with music and cushions and props?

Action point

What could you create for your client that would make them feel special and enhance their learning experience? Create a new handout or resource for your class and see how it is received. 

Gather and share- What other resources like blogs or articles or books could you be gathering to collect and share with your clients? Where can you add extra value for your clients by giving them book recommendations and sending videos to help with issues they are dealing with? Who can you ask to visit your groups to share their knowledge and to enhance what your clients are learning? Reach out and connect with health visitors, yoga teachers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists. Gather other experts into your class to help offer that extra special something

Action point-Create a book list to share with your clients. Ask an expert into your class to share their knowledge.

Wisdom- What extra learning can you offer in your class by giving mothers the opportunity to share their experiences? Are you holding a bit of a discussion time at the end of the class? Are mothers having the opportunity to support each other? Most of the time, it’s mothers themselves that have the answers to what they need. Encouraging mothers to share wisdom helps to build the group dynamic and it leads to friendships and community outside of the class. Friendship is priceless!

Action point

Try having a more formal discussion time in your class and see how your clients feel and respond.

Resources- Have you thoughts about creating a treasure box for your class for babies and parents to explore? Have you thought about bringing your baby books to the class to create a little library? Can you create a Spotify playlist for your mothers to listen to when they are at home to bring a little bit of the class into daily life? Can you recommend any apps to use at home such as CALM which encourages mindfulness and is a great link between the class and home practice?

Action point

Look at making something special for your next class to inspire and delight your clients.

I hope this has been useful. At Blossom & Berry we are always creating new resources to help you learn and share with your clients. We love being creative and making mothers and babies happy

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Gayle ♡

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