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Our courses for parents and babies

You might be feeling like you would love to learn more about your baby, understand his/her needs, feel calm and relaxed together and feel more confident in your role as a new parent. If that is the case I can definitely help you. I have designed two online courses to teach you how to help soothe and calm your baby to encourage sleep, bonding and development and make you feel amazing about being a parent by spending quality time with your baby getting to know him/her.

I would love you to join me to learn baby massage with our unique online baby massage course or if you need special help with a baby who is unsettled or colicky with our soothe, settle & sleep program. Your baby’s most developed sense at birth is touch and through baby massage you can communicate how much you love your baby through calming holds, gentle strokes, happy smiles and soothing lullabies.


We also have a free course on creating a business you love teaching infant massage and yoga if you have ever considered doing this plus our Love Creates Love course which teaches you to hold support groups for parents in your local area. 

Baby Massage Courses

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