Baby Massage Instructor Course & Infant Mental Health (for babies 8 weeks plus)

This course will enable you to teach baby massage to groups of parents and on a one to one basis from 8 weeks. It is a fully comprehensive course which covers all aspects of becoming a professional teacher and teaching baby massage.


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Baby Massage Instructor Course & Infant Mental Health (for Babies 8 Weeks Plus) - 24 Month Instalment Plan (#37451)
£41.54 every month
Baby Massage Instructor Course & Infant Mental Health (For babies 8 weeks plus) - One Time Payment (#37916)

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Baby Massage Instructor Course & Infant Mental Health (for Babies 8 Weeks Plus) - 24 Month Instalment Plan
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£41.54 / month for 24 months
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Subtotal £41.54 / month for 24 months
Recurring total £41.54 / month for 24 months (includes £6.92 VAT)
First renewal: 24th June 2022
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You Will Also Receive ...

  • An invitation to join our private Facebook Community “The Nurture Collective” to meet the rest of the community to support you.

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  • Ongoing support from me as your mentor in our Facebook group.

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  • 10% discount on all future Blossom & Berry courses to help you extend your services.

  • Invitation to join us on our annual Nurture Retreat to relax, unwind, learn and connect with your fellow teachers.

  • Access to a range of expert masterclasses from our mother and baby health and wellbeing experts from the Blossom & Berry’s Nurture University so you can learn how to serve your clients more from the best professionals.

  • Lesson plans for one to one sessions, workshops and specialist sessions for fathers and special needs babies.

You will get world class, expert training plus all your business foundations to get you started PLUS our team in our Nurture Collective to support you in your journey and celebrate with you.


“The best courses that I have ever done! I loved them. Thank you Gayle for being such an inspiration and for training me so well. I can’t imagine there being better baby massage and yoga training out there. Gayle enriches the training with her amazing knowledge and expertise in baby massage and yoga and makes the training thoroughly of interest to the student and maintains a really comfortable and stimulating learning environment. The training materials are so well thought out and helpful and Gayle is so very supportive throughout your journey”

Emma P.


“I just wanted to thank you for the last 2 days, I have got so much more from the last 48 hours than I was ever expecting. I feel so privileged to have had your knowledge, mindset and experience all to myself for the last 2 days. I realised I needed the last 48 hours, not just for the amazing training but almost as a mini CEO break, the focus purely on the course, the conversations we have had, and the actual yoga practice has definitely quieten the voices. I feel I have had the first bit of clarity about my business direction since I started... After the last 2 days I feel I have the tools within reach, the confidence and the headspace (finally) to take charge of it again and steer it where I want to head.”

A Happy Student


“I count myself very lucky to have stumbled across the Blossom and Berry website, it has honestly changed my life, I have never felt so passionate and enthusiastic about a subject before and that is all down to Gayle and the way she delivers the courses. I started studying in September and have nearly come to the end of my baby massage course. The online courses are packed full of so much information and videos making it such a fascinating subject to learn. The support from Gayle through 1:1 tuition, phone calls and emails go above and beyond my expectations.”

A Happy Student

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