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“Thank you so much for teaching me. I love your passion and energy for supporting parents and babies and your course materials cover everything in so much depth. I feel inspired and enthusiastic about setting up my own business and I love the ethos of Blossom & Berry”-HG

This course will enable you to teach baby massage to groups of parents and on a one to one basis from 8 weeks. It is a fully comprehensive course which covers all aspects of becoming a professional teacher and teaching baby massage. Included in the course is a course manual covering the following modules;








All course materials also include recordings of mini lectures on subjects covered on the course. We also include footage of real classes as well as films of the whole massage routine.

We also provide teaching plans for;

  • Weekly classes
  • Pop up sessions
  • Workshops
  • One to One sessions
  • Specialist Daddy & Baby sessions and Happy Tummy Workshops for colicky babies.

Entry requirements

A basic knowledge of human biology (GCSE/O level preferred but not essential. An interest in supporting and working with parents and babies. An understanding of the benefits of massage. A good command of the language in which you will be teaching and excellent communication skills. A positive and motivated attitude to study and business.

Accreditation We are accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists for all our in person and group training on baby massage and baby yoga and all our courses are recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance. All courses online are accredited by IICT, Blossom & Berry and insured by Westminster Indemnity Insurance. Training is of a very high standard. Gayle Berry has written and designed all course materials and has a PGCE in Teaching and Delivering Learning to the adult education sector.Gayle has ten years experience as a teacher and is also the author of a successful book “Baby Massage-Expert know-how at your fingertips”. She has worked on numerous media projects in the field.

Why our students love us

The Demand For Teachers-Just Some Of The Reasons Why Training NOW is such a great opportunity.

1.Unicef estimates there are 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. That’s alot of babies needing nurturing touch and love and alot of parents and babies to teach. 128,845,000 a year!

2. A recent study by the National Childbirth Trust suggests half of new mothers suffer mental health problems during pregnancy or within the first year of their child’s birth. Education through Blossom & Berry courses during pregnancy on self care, the importance of bonding and practising skin to skin has the potential to support new mothers.

3. The number of children having therapy for anxiety has risen by 60 per cent in two years figures in 2017 from the NSPCC show. Babies and children need loving support to thrive and how they interact with their primary caregivers in the first 3 years of life can, simply put, wire their brains for love or stress. Problems with emotional regulation in early childhood can cause stress and anxiety later in life. Infant massage and yoga teaches responsive care and love from the beginning.

4. Blossom & Berry are regularly contacted for teacher recommendations by parents from all over the world. We need more teachers to help support parents and babies.

5. There are waiting lists for baby massage and yoga in many areas and parents and babies are missing out on this vital education due to the lack of availablity of classes.

Blossom & Berry Bonuses

  • You can understand the importance of loving touch, connection and early attachment and bonding in the creation of happy relationships through science and evidence based studies. You receive comprehensive teaching manuals and lifetime access to resources.
  • We have flexible teaching plans so you can teach courses, workshops, one to ones, pop up sessions and specialist sessions. All free of charge to help you expand your opportunities to teach.
  • Learn useful techniques to help calm and relax babies and children to share with parents and help empower them.
  • You can learn with us anywhere in the world, in the way that is most flexible and convenient for your lifestyle. Everything is at your pace and you have lifetime access to the course.
  • You can create your dream job working in a fulfilling and nurturing environment running your own natural pregnancy, baby massage and baby yoga practice which can be extended to older children.
  • You can develop a teaching practice with our courses which all link together to enable you to develop a thriving network of courses and keep connections with your clients.
  • We are accredited internationally by the Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapists, International, Complementary Therapists Association & IICT.
  • Our high quality training is completely flexible. You can learn online, one to one, via Skype, in a small group or in house. However you learn, there is no compromise on quality.
  • You can access our fully interactive materials including over fifty online videos to help you learn.
  • You are free to be your own kind of beautiful and have ultimate freedom in your business. We are not a franchise by choice. We offer high quality training to give you what you need plus all you would expect with a franchise without the cost or the limitations.

If you want to establish the heart of your business sooner rather than later, transform quickly and fast track your success, check out our one to one mentorship and coaching support packages with Gayle which offer extra hand holding and TLC especially for you.

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Even More Love With These Extra Bonuses

  • You will receive ongoing lifetime access to our online support in our Facebook group The Nurture Collective, have a Blossom Buddy with another student to help you keep accountability and attend our annual Nurture Day to meet other students and experience new learning and guest speakers.
  • Complimentary Love Creates Love course training based on our Manifesto to help you set up your own local nurture group for parents and babies.
  • Free social media resources and handouts for your classes from Blossom & Berry.

We believe in self development alongside training so we have input from coaches, meditation teachers and other experts to help you grow personally as well as growing your business.

Find out why students love our courses from Blossom & Berry on Vimeo.

FREE Support Package Worth Over £1000 With Every Course Purchased

You will get world class, expert training plus all your business foundations to get you started PLUS our team in our Nurture Collective to support you in your journey and celebrate with you.


Timescales for study Most students complete the diploma within four months and can begin professional practice.

Costs £799-ONLINE



inclusive of all training and ongoing support. There are no licence fees to pay.

For information on how to pay by instalments click here

Study and Practice Development

After achieving this qualification you can continue to study with us and develop your practice by accessing the courses below;

Blossom & Berry Baby Confidence Instructor

Blossom & Berry Baby Yoga Instructor

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Soothe Settle & Sleep Program

Why our students love us
Section 1Welcome & Getting Started On Professionalism
Lecture 1 Professionalism
Lecture 2Reading List & Study Guide
Lecture 3Using Glip
Lecture 4Full Powerpoint course presentation
Lecture 5Extra Bonus Course on Mindset, Marketing & Leaving the 9-5
Section 2Module 2-Anatomy & Physiology
Section 3Module 3-Benefits of Baby Massage
Lecture 7Benefits of Infant Massage
Lecture 8Additional resources on benefits-VideosFree Preview

Further videos on the importance of attachment, emotional intelligence, skin contact and connection.

All inspiring and designed to enable you to understand the wider benefits of positive interaction and communication between parents and babies in our sessions.

There is also a great PDF attached here which summarises the benefits of human touch for infants.


How Stress Affects the BrainHow chronic stress can affect the brain’s size, structure, and how it functions:

Posted by TED-Ed on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lecture 9Love Creates Love
Lecture 10Celebrating You!
Lecture 11Baby Massage Presentation Deck
Section 4Module 4-Baby Massage Practicalities & Routine
Lecture 12Videos to support your practice
Lecture 13Colic Routine
Lecture 14Teaching Plans
Lecture 15Oils and Safe Practice (Current Guidelines)
Section 5Module 5-Successful Teaching Techniques
Lecture 16Teaching
Lecture 17Real teaching examples of classes
Lecture 18Teaching babies with special needs
Lecture 19Extra Videos
Section 6Module 6-Marketing & Setting Up Your Business
Lecture 20Marketing
Lecture 21Vision & Mindset
Lecture 22Taking action & planning
Lecture 23Four P's of Business
Lecture 24Networking
Lecture 25Starting up lean
Lecture 26Support & Mentorship
Lecture 27Partnerships
Lecture 28How Giving Back Is the Greatest Joy From Success
Lecture 29Final Word
Section 7Module 7-Teaching Practice
Lecture 30Teaching Practice Documents
Lecture 31Workshop Templates
Section 8Certificate
Section 9BONUS VIDEO-What’s love got to do with it?-Why connection and touch are the secret ingredients in embracing pregnancy, birth and babyhood.
Final Quiz