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“This qualification is designed to kickstart your business by providing you with all our popular accredited courses together. This course which can be taken over 18 months will enable you to have a wealth of valuable courses which you can use to build up a client base and help support others from pregnancy and beyond. As your business grows, your clients can grow with, allowing you to develop relationships and extend the benefits of teaching massage and yoga”

Gayle Berry, founder of Blossom & Berry

Why train on our ultimate full professional nurture practice diploma course?

This diploma can be taken completely online or as a mixture of online courses and in person training. You will receive a certificate for each course as you successfully study each one so you can start teaching as quickly as three months from enrolment. This is the course for you if you want to kickstart your practice and really create an integrated practice with classes for all stages of parenting and childhood. You will gain expert knowledge into all areas of teaching massage and yoga to parents and children.

All courses are complete with teaching plans, handouts, marketing images and a wealth of videos to enable to you learn interactively. If you need something, ask us and we will attempt to create it for you.

FREE Support Package Worth Over £1000 With Every Course Purchased

This diploma offers great value as there is a 10% discount on all the courses included plus you will have a multi discipline teaching practice for under £2136 when you study online. This is an incredible offer to enable you to create a parent, baby and child business practice. There are NO ONGOING FEES. You are free to teach under your own name, independently but you have the back up of the support of our online teaching group, The Nurture Collective

We offer you all kinds of student support via phone, email, online groups and Skype sessions. We are here to support you with all you need.

All Blossom & Berry courses offer students the opportunity to develop an in-depth and deep understanding of issues around the emotional/physical development of infants/children, responsive baby and child care and interaction, parenting skills, attachment theory and the science of relaxation. Each area of the course builds knowledge in all these areas and helps to create a greater and comprehensive understanding of the long term significance of positive touch and responsive parenting.

“The best courses that I have ever done! I loved them. Thank you Gayle for being such an inspiration and for training me so well. I can’t imagine there being better baby massage and yoga training out there. Gayle enriches the training with her amazing knowledge and expertise in baby massage and yoga and makes the training thoroughly of interest to the student and maintains a really comfortable and stimulating learning environment. The training materials are so well thought out and helpful and Gayle is so very supportive throughout your journey”. Emma P

Why our students love us

What does the diploma cover?

The diploma takes most students a year to eighteen months to complete and incorporates our main very popular courses. You can begin to teach in the different areas as you pass each discipline and gain your certificate so you can get your practice started as you study. As part of the Diploma you will study a number of different disciplines to allow you to teach a variety of different courses. These include qualifications in;

Teaching Baby Massage

Teaching Baby Yoga

Teaching Baby Confidence Classes For Parents

Teaching Soothe, Settle & Sleep Expert Sessions For Colic

Teaching Learn, Stretch & Play Classes for Older Babies and Toddlers

Teaching Story Stretch Inspired Yoga For Children

Teaching Massage Adventures For Children.

We also provide teaching plans for;

  • Weekly classes
  • Pop up sessions
  • Workshops
  • One to One sessions
  • Specialist Daddy & Baby sessions and Happy Tummy Workshops for colicky babies.

The Demand For Teachers-Just Some Of The Reasons Why Training NOW is such a great opportunity.

1.Unicef estimates there are 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. That’s alot of babies needing nurturing touch and love and alot of parents and babies to teach. 128,845,000 a year!

2. A recent study by the National Childbirth Trust suggests half of new mothers suffer mental health problems during pregnancy or within the first year of their child’s birth. Education through Blossom & Berry courses during pregnancy on self care, the importance of bonding and practising skin to skin has the potential to support new mothers.

3. The number of children having therapy for anxiety has risen by 60 per cent in two years figures in 2017 from the NSPCC show. Babies and children need loving support to thrive and how they interact with their primary caregivers in the first 3 years of life can, simply put, wire their brains for love or stress. Problems with emotional regulation in early childhood can cause stress and anxiety later in life. Infant massage and yoga teaches responsive care and love from the beginning.

4. Blossom & Berry are regularly contacted for teacher recommendations by parents from all over the world. We need more teachers to help support parents and babies.

5. There are waiting lists for baby massage and yoga in many areas and parents and babies are missing out on this vital education due to the lack of availablity of classes.

Blossom & Berry Bonuses

  • You can understand the importance of loving touch, connection and early attachment and bonding in the creation of happy relationships through science and evidence based studies. You receive comprehensive teaching manuals and lifetime access to resources.
  • We have flexible teaching plans so you can teach courses, workshops, one to ones, pop up sessions and specialist sessions. All free of charge to help you expand your opportunities to teach.
  • Learn useful techniques to help calm and relax babies and children to share with parents and help empower them.
  • You can learn with us anywhere in the world, in the way that is most flexible and convenient for your lifestyle. Everything is at your pace and you have lifetime access to the course.
  • You can create your dream job working in a fulfilling and nurturing environment running your own natural pregnancy, baby massage and baby yoga practice which can be extended to older children.
  • You can develop a teaching practice with our courses which all link together to enable you to develop a thriving network of courses and keep connections with your clients.
  • We are accredited internationally by the Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapists, International, Complementary Therapists Association & IICT.
  • Our high quality training is completely flexible. You can learn online, one to one, via Skype, in a small group or in house. However you learn, there is no compromise on quality.
  • You can access our fully interactive materials including over fifty online videos to help you learn.
  • You are free to be your own kind of beautiful and have ultimate freedom in your business. We are not a franchise by choice. We offer high quality training to give you what you need plus all you would expect with a franchise without the cost or the limitations.

If you want to establish the heart of your business sooner rather than later, transform quickly and fast track your success, check out our one to one mentorship and coaching support packages with Gayle which offer extra hand holding and TLC especially for you.

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Even More Love With These Extra Bonuses

  • You will receive ongoing lifetime access to our online support in our Facebook group The Nurture Collective, have a Blossom Buddy with another student to help you keep accountability and attend our annual Nurture Day to meet other students and experience new learning and guest speakers.
  • Complimentary Love Creates Love course training based on our Manifesto to help you set up your own local nurture group for parents and babies.
  • Free social media resources and handouts for your classes from Blossom & Berry.

We believe in self development alongside training so we have input from coaches, meditation teachers and other experts to help you grow personally as well as growing your business.

You will get world class, expert training plus all your business foundations to get you started PLUS our team in our Nurture Collective to support you in your journey and celebrate with you.

Instalment Plan

You can pay for these courses through an instalment plan if this is preferable. There is an initial deposit of £399 and 6 monthly instalments over 6 months. This can be set up via the button below.

For information on how to pay by instalments click here

Your Study Guarantee

We are so confident in our courses giving you the best teacher training and support for your business, we will create additional resources you might need to help you learn your course online if you find they are not there already. Our resources are so comprehensive we have not yet had to add anything for any students on request. In fact 100% of our students say that our courses over deliver on value and exceed their expectations.

Why our students love us

Helen talking about what is it like to train as a baby massage teacher from Blossom & Berry on Vimeo.


How to study the Diploma?

The Diploma can be studied in person at various times by attending workshops throughout the year or by distance learning. The Diploma covers all aspects of the individual courses and uses all Blossom & Berry’s high quality materials including access to our library of online training videos.

What will I achieve at the end of the course?

Eight certificates in individual courses and an overall diploma in Professional Nurture Practice aspects of which are recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance for professional practice. The Baby Massage and Baby Yoga aspects of the diploma are also accredited by the Royal College of Midwives & Federation of Holistic Therapists for in person study. The online aspects are accredited by Blossom & Berry and insured by Westminster Indemnity Insurance.



This includes use of all our branding, handouts, webpage. There are no licence fees to pay. We give you full support before, during and after your study. We are here to support you.

If you have any questions, please email us or book a discovery call. We can answer any questions you might have.

Why our students love us For information on how to pay by instalments click here
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