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“We are very excited to offer this qualification as it will enable students interested in the importance of touch, relaxation and positive interaction and attachment to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues which underpin emotional health from infancy to adulthood”

Gayle Berry, founder of Blossom & Berry

This diploma is a first of its kind in the UK and unique to Blossom & Berry. It is designed to enable you to learn the complete range of skills to establish a full practice offering massage, yoga and holistic services from pregnancy and throughout the early years of parenting and childhood. All the classes are designed and taught by Gayle Berry who has been teaching and running a successfully holistic practice aimed at support during pregnancy, birth and infancy for over ten years.

Blossom & Berry are very excited to be able to offer this qualification as we feel it offers students the opportunity to develop an indepth and deep understanding of issues around the emotional/physical development of infants, responsive baby care, parenting skills, attachment theory and the science of relaxation. Each area of the course builds knowledge in all these areas and helps to create a greater and comprehensive understanding of the long term significance of positive touch and reponsive parenting for individuals.

The diploma is designed for people wishing to develop a holistic practice dedicated to the wellbeing of parents and babies using massage, yoga and positive thinking. It is the perfect way to give you the confidence you need to offer a fully integrated range of classes and services to allow your business to grow successfully. It is also a cost effective way to start your practice as the Diploma incorporates six different teaching qualifications which you can use to expand your business.

“The best courses that I have ever done! I loved them. Thank you Gayle for being such an inspiration and for training me so well. I can’t imagine there being better baby massage and yoga training out there. Gayle enriches the training with her amazing knowledge and expertise in baby massage and yoga and makes the training thoroughly of interest to the student and maintains a really comfortable and stimulating learning environment. The training materials are so well thought out and helpful and Gayle is so very supportive throughout your journey”. Emma P

What does the diploma cover?

The diploma takes most students a year to complete and incorporates our main very popular courses. You can begin to teach in the different areas as you pass each discipline so you can get your practice started as you study. As part of the Diploma you will study a number of different disciplines to allow you to teach a variety of different courses. These include qualifications in;

Teaching Baby Massage

Teaching Baby Yoga

Teaching Baby Confidence Classes For Parents

Teaching Soothe, Settle & Sleep Expert Sessions For Colic

Teaching Learn, Stretch & Play Classes for Older Babies and Toddlers

How to study the Diploma?

The Diploma can be studied in person at various times by attending workshops throughout the year or by distance learning. The Diploma covers all aspects of the individual courses and uses all Blossom & Berry’s high quality materials including access to our library of online training videos.

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What will I achieve at the end of the course?

A Diploma in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Parent Support which is recognised by Blossom & Berry Westminster Indemnity Insurance for professional practice. The Baby Massage and Baby Yoga aspects of the diploma are also accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapists & IICT for in person study.

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This includes use of all our branding, handouts, webpage. There are no licence fees to pay. We give you full support before, during and after your study. We are here to support you.

Section 1Baby Massage Instructor
Section 2Baby Yoga Instructor
Section 3Soothe, Settle & Sleep Instructor
Section 4Learn, Stretch & Play Instructor
Section 5Baby Confidence Instructor
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