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This online course will qualify you and give you the confidence to give mini massage treatments on the hand and foot.

These mini treatments are perfect for pamper parties, pop up events, adding a little something extra to you practice, applying products and get the oxytocin flowing at your classes.

The course is studied online and has videos to guide you through the practical massage routines. Anyone can study this course online and it gives you a professional qualification to give mini massage treatments.

The course is accredited and recognised by Blossom & Berry & Westminster Indemnity Insurance and focuses on providing a holistic massage. The course covers;

Professionalism and a basic overview of anatomy and physiology
Advice and guidance on contraindications
Oils used during massage.
Massage techniques to promote relaxation.

The course includes a comprehensive teaching mannual, consultation forms, access to online videos covering the routine and after course support. You must perform two treatments for a case study submission and provide a short evaluation on your study.



None required.



Study and Practice Development

After achieving this qualification you can continue to study with us and develop your practice by accessing the courses below;

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Section 1Professionalism as a therapist
Lecture 1Welcome
Lecture 2Getting ready
Lecture 3Blossom & Berry Philosophy & Ethics
Lecture 4Legal considerations
Lecture 5Setting Up Your Services
Section 2Anatomy, Physiology & Benefits
Lecture 6Anatomy & Physiology
Lecture 7Touch benefits of massage
Section 3The Massage Routine
Lecture 8The Massage Routine
Lecture 9Foot Massage Videos
Lecture 10Hand massage videos
Lecture 11Massage set up & environment
Lecture 12Music resources
Section 4Marketing your services
Section 5Handouts and templates for your practice
Section 6Giving back-Love creates love
Section 7Bonus Video on the impact of touch
Section 8Evaluation & Certificate
Final Quiz