Franchise Free!-Complete Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Family Wellbeing Business In A Box

Complete Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Family Wellbeing Business In A Box

If you are serious about launching a parent and baby wellness business, I am ready and here to help you succeed and create your very own brand and successful integrated teaching practice.

Are You Ready To Create, Grow & Scale? Let’s do this together!

I have been teaching baby massage and yoga for over 17 years and have trained hundreds of successful teachers across the world to start their own businesses. I help women set up their own parent and baby businesses everyday. It’s my passion and my expertise and I love to share.

I started my business with no support, no money, no time and no clue! I learnt and studied to grow my business to now be an global leader in parent and baby health and wellbeing, to become an international expert in baby massage and yoga, a published author, speaker and founder of my charity projects.

I want to help you create your own parent and baby wellness business by sharing my knowledge, experience and contacts to achieve success. Starting feels hard and scary but not if you have someone to help and support you and take away the fear. You can trust me to listen to what you need and help you expand your dream.

Why this bespoke business and teaching package in a box?

This course has the powerful combination of;

All our most popular courses that help to create a full parent, baby and child health and wellness business based around nurturing touch, massage and yoga.

One to one mentorship and bespoke support with me & the Blossom & Berry team.

It is designed to give you results and inspiration for your own business and teaching practice in your way that feels right to you with complete freedom to create your own brand, style and vision. I make what seems hard and overwhelming, easy and fun and take away the struggle to start.

Have you been looking at franchises? Let me tell you why I don’t like them.

I don’t like franchises. My highest values are creativity and freedom so I don’t offer franchises. I believe in individuality and artistic expression rather than corporate structure and generic branding. I want to see more colours in the world not less.

I also don’t believe in taking license fees after you have trained with me. Your success is your success. I help you get the foundations to start and grow and then you keep all the rewards.

Is this bespoke package for you?

Have you been looking at baby business franchises and there is something just not quite right?

Do you want support but you also want freedom too?

Is it your dream to set up your own baby business, scale and grow your brand to have many branches or internationally?

Do you want to offer more than just classes but retreats, memberships and extras?

Do you want to work closely with someone who knows the industry, the contacts, the opportunities and the pitfalls?

Are you ready to work hard, get uncomfortable and commit to growth in the next 12 months?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own success and really step into your true potential?

If the answer, “YES” keeps coming up, this is the package for you and it’s easier than you think to create an inspiring and creativity teaching practice and thriving business.

“I have never completed training like it. I found Blossom and Berry after I had already qualified in baby massage, I was looking to expand my practice and I found baby yoga. Within a month I was converting my training to the Blossom & Berry way for massage and had signed up for the complete diploma.

I’ve studied with Gayle both in person and online and I can 100% the on line training is written so well I don’t feel I have missed our or that I’m less educated for the courses completed online and I learn by doing and observing so I was nervous about that.

My feedback from massage clients is better, my knowledge is better since converting and I can confidently say I am a baby massage specialist. The level of information included in the training, is what has raised the quality of my classes and time and time again my clients have said their has been no comparison to previous courses they have completed.

The level of after support is unparalleled I have never completed a non- franchise course that teaches you, is constantly developing and sharing that with you and where you feel you can reach out and ask for help and genuinely get good quality support and advice back.

The teachers forum is a lovely space to ask for help, share ideas and again develop thanks to the speakers that join the university and give free talks of their specialist subject, whether it be navigating your way through leasing a venue or developing you business to include sleep coaching.

Blossom and Berry has given me the tools to start an amazing business, held my hand when I have needed and given me direction but without controlling my creativity or business to be their vision not mine – it’s an amazing balance”

Your Teaching Qualifications

The full works!

All our most popular courses. The foundation is our full Nurture Practice Diploma takes most students a year to complete and incorporates our main very popular courses. You can begin to teach in the different areas as you pass each discipline and gain your certificate so you can get your practice started as you study. You can be starting your practice in as little as 12 weeks time.

As part of the Diploma you will study a number of different disciplines to allow you to teach a variety of different courses. These include seven qualifications in;

 1. Teaching Newborn Nurture Touch- Skin to skin practice, early massage & newborn care as a one to one session or workshop (online training)

2. Teaching Baby Massage-Teach baby massage to groups, as a consultant or on a one to one basis (in person or online training)

3.Teaching Baby Yoga-Teach baby yoga in classes, workshops and one to one sessions (in person or online training)

4.Teaching Baby Confidence & Mother Relaxation Classes-These classes are prenatal and help to build up pregnant women’s confidence in pregnancy by covering what babies really need, offering the opportunity to meet other mothers to be and enjoy a mindful relaxation session (online training)

5.Teaching Soothe, Settle & Sleep Expert Sessions For Colic-Gain in-depth advice on how to support parents who are struggling with helping their baby with colic. This course looks at how to teach workshop or one to one sessions with massage, yoga and aromatherapy with our Soothe Settle & Sleep program (online training)

6.Teaching Learn, Stretch & Play Classes for Older Babies and Toddlers-Use music, massage and movement to engage older babies and children up to around 2 years in classes and workshops to extend your practice and serve more clients (online training)

7.Teaching Story Stretch Inspired Yoga For Children-Perfect for teaching children in nursery settings, key stage one or as part of after school clubs or childcare. Yoga inspired poses to stories, songs and rhymes (online training)

8.Teaching Massage Adventures For Children-Teach peer to peer massage for children at schools and nurseries using stories and imagination. Suitable for children from 4 years plus (online training)

9. Lullaby Massage- Learn and teach the importance of music for baby brain development and combine this with nurturing touch and massage (online training)

10. Growing babies and businesses with love-Teaching and business 12 month business extension program with lifetime access to resources (online training)

Yes, we are fully accredited…..

We are accredited by Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapists, International, Complementary Therapists Association for our baby massage course and the FHT and the IICT for baby yoga. Our online courses are accredited by Blossom & Berry and insured by Westminster Indemnity Insurance for professional practice. Our online baby massage course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

How long does it take?

This is a twelve month package designed to help you start, create and grow a successful parent and baby wellness practice. You can start teaching as soon as 12 weeks from the start of the package.

What you get at the end of the package

At the end of the program when you have completed all the courses, you will receive a certificate in the courses so you can practice as a professional teacher.


How many times have you done a course and not completed it?

I am here to make sure you stick to the deadlines and goals and map out your progress over the year.

I wish I had found this nurturing, supportive and loving company many years ago. There aren’t many companies that genuinely care about people. The course is amazing as so informative and there is so much support available. I’m very grateful-Rebecca

What is included in the Complete Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Family Wellbeing Business In A Box?

All our most popular courses.

We have included all our most popular courses to help you serve clients and create community on every level. We give you the qualifications and foundations to get started but the freedom to create your own brand with our help and support.

Value over £3500

Mentorship, support and creative collaboration with Gayle Berry.

I have built my business over the last seventeen years to be a leader in the parent and baby wellness sector. Work with me on a one to one so I can share all my knowledge and experience to help you grow your own brand.

You receive 2 full VIP days in London at the exclusive private members club for women, The Allbright to help you plan, launch and grow your business to be taken at any time over the 12 months. You can use these days in whatever way you chose to help you get started, scale and grow.

You will also receive a 60 minute call a month from me to keep you on track with your progress and help you achieve what you want.

These are just a few of the things I have helped my clients do;

Brand their businesses.

Set up premises.

Become published authors.

Expand their business internationally.

Win awards.

Increase their revenue. 

Set up charitable projects.

Get their courses online.

Use video in their business.

Get paid work as teachers with organisations supporting early childhood development.

Understand digital marketing.

And have more time with their families (my favourite).

Value- Priceless!

Our Full Nurture Package

  • An invitation to join our private Facebook Community “The Nurture Collective” to meet the rest of the community to support you. We also have an online platform where we add the main content from the group so you don’t miss anything.
  • Ongoing support from me as your mentor in our Facebook group. I have got your back.
  • 10% discount on all future Blossom & Berry courses to help you extend your services.
  • Invitation to join us on our annual Nurture Retreat to relax, unwind, learn and connect with your fellow teachers.
  • Access to a range of expert masterclasses from our mother and baby health and wellbeing experts from the Blossom & Berry’s Nurture University so you can learn how to serve your clients more from the best professionals.
  • Regional meets ups, nurture days and participation in national campaigns to raise awareness of baby massage and yoga.
  • Extra gifts and bonuses throughout the year to celebrate you and help you expand.

Value-Just check out what our students and teachers say about us to understand the value of community here

Bonuses & Surprises

Bonus 1

You will have complimentary access to our private community “The Nurture Collective” on Facebook to meet your community and opportunities to meet up during the year.

Bonus 2

You will receive our “Love Creates Love” community group facilitator course.

Bonus 3

You will receive your Start Up Kit of a baby massage doll, yoga mats and four key texts for the courses from our reading list.


I can’t really tell you those can I!

How you will feel at the end of the package

Excited and ready to go!

Empowered and achieving your goals.

Inspired and connected to your passion.

Proud of your beautiful business.

An expert in nurturing touch, parent and baby health and wellbeing.

Brave enough to develop your business in your own way knowing you have the right foundations.

I highly recommend the baby massage and yoga diploma. The quality of the course and the support received from the community of teachers and students is brilliant. I have been able to run my own baby massage and baby yoga business for nearly 4 years now and that is because of the business support provided as well as the ability to create my own brand without restrictions of a franchise.- Rebecca

The Investment

This is a very special program for only four aligned clients a year. The price starts at £9999.

This will give you the skills to set up your own business and brand with no ongoing fees and complete creativity freedom to go in the direction you want whilst being fully supported.

Please email us for your bespoke investment into the program. We have a variety of options to give you what you need. This is a full business package so requires investment of time, energy and money to succeed but it will give you the results you are looking for.

All you need to do now, is ask yourself if you’re ready.

  • READY to create a unique and inspiring baby massage, yoga and mother and baby wellness business that is completely yours.

  • READY to grow personally and professionally and work to make the changes you need start your own business.

  • READY to make starting easy, simple and fun.

  • READY to make friends and enjoy hanging out with inspiring women who are celebrating your success.

  • READY to take the next steps to create the teaching practice of your dreams in a supported environment.

I only work with four clients in this way a year to ensure you have one to one attention and support. Working with me on this Complete Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Family Wellbeing Business In A Box is on an application only basis.

Investment £9999 with no ongoing fees

If you would like to work with me, please apply by emailing or book a discovery call with me here


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