Day 5- How to make a “No Lose” Decision and trust the power of YES

Day Five 

Today is all about the “No Lose Decision”

Yes, it is possible.

Any decision you make is “no lose” as there is no way to control anything. You can only make a decision based on what you know at the time, who you are at the time and to the best of your ability.

All decisions are made in context in any event and we have no control over what happens after we make a decision.

Any decision happens in co-creation with the universe. You cannot make a “wrong” decision. Any decision opens up a path that we go down. We can change direction when we realise it’s not aligned and then redirect our route using our internal values compass. This is the learning of life. Don’t resist this gift!

The best way to make a decision is to trust your intuition and your gut. Your body knows more than you know!

Saying YES powers things up. Making decisions with an aligned YES will be the best course of action. Saying YES with boundaries gets us where we want to go with ease, flow and grace.

My Facebook live says this all and more, so check it out below.


Gayle xx

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