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Blossom & Berry Hygge Practitioner For Pregnancy, Parents & Babies

Train with us to become a Hygge Practitioner For Pregnancy, Parents/Carers & Babies.

Hold workshops around seasonal Hygge, learn self care and self love techniques for parents/carers & babies and create a beautiful nurturing environment based on love, beauty and cosiness.

Hygge is about atmosphere and the experience, rather than material things. It is all about being with the people we love and a feeling of comfort and home.

It is a feeling that we are safe, acknowledged and can allow ourselves to let our guard down. The Danes spend their days and nights pursuing it.

Enrol on our Hygge Practitioner Training For Pregnancy, Parents/Carers & Babies now to bring more presence, connection, comfort and calm into your life & business.

This is the way to live well.

It is now time for you to embrace this concept within your home life and your business to find the right balance that works for you. Hygge is the epitome of happiness and the Danes are the happiest people in Europe.

Now you can bring these principles into your pregnancy, parent/carer and baby teaching practice with ease with our comprehensive practitioner course.

“Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things”
—Meik Wiking

What Will I Learn On This Course?

  • The Danish Concept of Hygge
  • How to bring Hygge into your own life for happiness & mental wellbeing
  • How to bring Hygge into your business by being present and at peace
  • Bringing the concept of Hygge into your classes for the mental wellbeing of your parents/caregivers and babies
  • How to bring the 10 principles of Hygge into your daily life and classes/sessions
  • How to create seasonal workshops throughout the year based on Hygge
  • How to teach workshops based on self care and self love.

What Will We Cover?

  • What is Hygge?
  • The Danish way of life
  • The Danish way of parenting
  • Hygge and the 1001 critical days
  • Hygge & Business
  • The 10 principles of Hygge
  • Bringing those 10 principles into your life & business
  • Mental wellness for you, for parents/caregivers and babies
  • Understand the power of presence, connection and atmosphere
  • Hygge & the seasons
  • Inspiration for your work in pregnancy and parenthood through workshop plans, mini masterclasses, class ideas and activities.
  • And much, much more.

Is This Training For You?

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Yes, if you:

  • Want to slowdown the pace of your business
  • Want to bring presence, peace and connection to your parents/caregivers and babies
  • Want to understand the importance of presence and mindfulness
  • Want to integrate Hygge, happiness and presence into your own life
  • Want to join a like minded community connected to calmness, cosiness and mental wellbeing
  • You want to offer something unique and different centred in love, nurturing care and support.

How Is The Training Delivered?

The course is available online and is self paced study in your own time. You have lifetime access to all resources. As ever with our courses you are free to express yourself authentically as you, with no need to follow a specific structure but all foundational guidance is provided for you. We are always updating the courses so new materials will be added as part of your investment.

Rachel is an expert tutor and is here to answer any questions, guide you and assess your work so you can gain our certificate. You will also be fully supported in our open membership group, The Village Membership.

Enrol Now For Our Blossom & Berry Hygge Practitioner For Pregnancy, Parents/Carers & Babies

Assessments and Qualifications

There is no formal assessment for this CPD course, you will find reflective questions throughout the course. Rachel would love to see some of your reflective practice and how you have been bringing more Hygge into your life and business. Full support provided by Rachel Kirkpatrick and the Facebook community.

This is a continuing professional development (CPD) course

You will receive a CPD Hygge Pregnancy, Parent/Carer & Baby Practitioner from Blossom & Berry.

Branding 101

About Rachel Kirkpatrick

Rachel is Blossom and Berry’s Scotland lecturer, and parent and baby wellbeing practitioner running pre and postnatal support in her region & online. Rachel is embracing Hygge in both her own life & business and has training with Hygge in the Early Years, BA Childhood studies and previous experience in early years settings spanning 20 years and worked with children & families in social work for 7 years.

Rachel’s greatest joy is to create presence and connection within her parent & baby wellbeing classes and creating community & friendships for new parents/caregivers in South West Scotland. Rachel is also a co-author in our Blossom & Berry Mother Light poetry book, our Tree Babies creative journal; Field Notes and published 3 books in lockdown with her local community. Her business mantra is ~To Flourish from Bump & Beyond~



The investment price of this training is £399 with the option for a 12-month payment plan at £34 per month.

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Do you want to ask any questions?

We want you to feel completely confident learning with us so just drop us a line.

Give us a call or send a message and we would love to help you. You can email Zita on [email protected] to ask any questions or arrange a consultation call or virtual coffee date with me.


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