Let your baby cry. She wants to be heard

This is very important.

Let your baby cry. Let her express herself. Let her be heard. Let her express her needs.

The more work I do with women (and on my self) I learn that from birth we are programmed to be quiet. To fit in and to be convenient. From birth babies are hushed and judged on whether they are “good” by how much they cry (or how much they express their needs). There is enough pain in the world from adults not being able to be authentically themselves, not being able to say what they really want and trying to people please.

We can make sure this does not happen anymore by loving our babies. By listening to our babies needs. By encouraging babies to talk to us and communicate. So let your baby cry so you can listen and learn and help her know that she is truly loved for wanting to held, cared for and supported. To be fully wholly and completely loved for who you are is the greatest gift.

Let’s not bring anymore pain into the world with control and conformity. Lets teach love and freedom..

Who is with me?


Gayle ♡

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