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In 20 years in teaching and business, I have done some incredible things, read so many books and learnt from so many and I am constantly seeking to understand more BUT a shift has happened in the last few months.

We are entering a new time of connection. Rather than KNOW MORE, I believe it's time to FEEL more.

To connect with who you are and not who you are striving to be or were in the past. Understanding at that very moment what it is that you need with love and compassion. I have been gathering in groups online and in person for many years to understand that life is a reflection. If you want to know yourself more, having a safe space to dive in and daily connecting rituals to allow you to develop your feelings is life changing (honestly).

So I have created NURTU-RINGS- A space for space holders to offer that invitation of connection and expansion and you are invited.

Gayle Berry




You are not alone. There is so much power in gathering. Nurtu-Rings create a safe space to be seen and heard. Honouring space and time to be present with yourself and with others is the greatest gift. When we gather, we create energetic magic.



Connecting and returning to who we are is vital to cultivate love and peace within. Cultivate practices and rituals that move you from your head and into your heart that give you the courage to be truly seen and heard for who you are.



Connection is everything. Connection gifts us reflection, contribution, friendship and joy. Wherever you are, you can join and connect with others. Connect more deeply with yourself, your aligned circle and with your higher purpose.



Growth is our natural state. We are always growing and learning. Growth happens when you are supported, nourished and nurtured deeply. You have all the seeds right now, the aligned loving environment can help you fully blossom.

Our Nurtu-RINGS are here to support, ground and balance you. They provide space for you to connect back to yourself and develop your intuition and power. Nurturing-RINGS offer the experience of being held, listening to and understood without judgement and with no expectation. The magic of circle rings is in co creation. No circle ring is the same as it's the sharing of energy that facilitates growth.

Nurtu-RINGS offer the opportunity for friendship, for collaboration, for reflection and for contribution. Find alignment in your life through creating space to remember who you really are.

Group membership

Become part of something bigger than you. Change the ME to WE and get grounded in connection. You will feel more full, more balanced and in harmony with life. Take a moment to listen to the video below on the power of Nurtu-Rings

What's in the Nurtu-RING?

12 months of circle rings, support, grounding rituals, community, collaboration and expansion.




Gather, Ground & Grow - For those looking for connection and to create collaboration

  • 60-90 minute Connection Circle Ring - sharing, intention setting, releasing and collaboration
  • Monthly Grounding Nature Ritual
  • Intention Setting Journal Prompts
  • Rising and returning ritual for morning and evening practice
  • Playlist
  • DATES- First or second Tuesday of the month (full dates on enrolment) at 8-9.30pm




Gather, Ground & Grow

£15 per month
  • Monthly 60-90 Minute Online Nurtu-RING
  • Nature Ritual
  • Journal Prompts
  • Playlist
  • Rising & Returning Ritual


If you feel connected to me, my message or the embodiment of my values, then let's co create.

One thing I know for sure is that you grow in the environment you are planted. Investment in my mentors, coaches and guides has lead to incredible growth, experiences and success on my terms. Giving myself space every day, week, month and year has enabled me to amplify my energy, impact and income.

Space creates change and transformation. I know this to be true and I embody this. Creativity, play, fun and gratitude are the keys to freedom and this is what I share and teach. The understanding that you are here now and this moment is to be enjoyed. By connecting with yourself more, you will have the answers and guidance you need.

And that is the magic. I am the reflection.

Gayle Berry



We will gather online in a 60-90 minute Nurturing-RING each month to share and to set intentions for the month and also release what is not serving you.


Every month there will be a natural ritual, journal prompts and also playlists to balance and ground you. Daily or weekly rituals help to restore balance and move you forward.


You will have the chance to connect in the Nurturing-RING. There is magic in collaboration and co-creation. This is where you can make friends and get to know others more deeply.


Mentoring completely changed my life and business. I will be sharing what I learn each month in the Nurtu-RING and you can ask any questions or request guidance.


"The magic of circle is incredible. I have never had such a powerful experience as connecting with other women in circle. So much vulnerability and courage. I laughed, I cried and I felt! Its a special space to gather and feel. Circles are unlike anything else. They offer the opportunity to connect in a completely different way. I always have a heartfelt experience." —SCF

Join Us

Let's Nurture Growth Together


If you are looking to grow, mentorship and guidance is key. I have been nurturing others to grow personally and professionally for over 20 years. I love to share my embodied and grounded wisdom of mothering three amazing children (now 20,18,16) and growing a heart aligned business with grace and ease.

I can guide you to bring more balance and harmony into your life with my group and one to one mentoring sessions. These give you the opportunity to invest time and energy into you so you can flourish. You will also build beautiful relationships with the others in your group. Invest in you, you will benefit on every level.

Gayle Berry


Your questions answered...

Feel free to email [email protected] with questions, we’re happy to help!

You can cancel within the first 48 hours of joining but after that no refunds are available. This is a 12 month program so you will be required to commit to the journey for 12 months to enable us to provide the nurturing experience you desire. If you wish to leave before the end of the 12 months, the full 12 months is still payable. 

Due to the nature of space holding being confidential, we do not record the meetings. This is all about embodiment so to grow, it's important you attend.

We will email you with the details each month and we will give you a calendar of dates so you don't miss anything. We will also email you the monthly rituals and journal prompts.

You can either pay monthly as a subscription, or pay in full for the whole year. The commitment is for 12 months. 

Nurtu-RINGs are different because they are about connection and collaboration. You might find you best friend or a business partner. We share honestly from the heart. In certain programs there is also coaching with Gayle to help you expand further.

For any other questions, contact Zita at [email protected]. We are here to help you.


You Are Welcome



—Ram Dass

Our mantra is 'love creates love' and this is everything. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and has the highest vibration. It has the power to guide, lead and transform. Loving kindness and self compassion is the start of the self love journey and it's from this place that we can expand in love and share. Circles offer such a powerful way to be seen and heard. To know you belong, amplify your self worth and offer courage for self expression.

It's time to gather together to support each other in our missions to change the world with love, compassion and kindness.

Create balance, harmony and peace in your life by honouring who you are and creating consistent ritual in your life to ground you into your heart.

Gayle Berry

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