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Sandra Fernandez Conde

Sandra Fernandez Conde


Location: Mexico (Mexico City), England (London), Spain
Current Work: Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor, Peadiatric Massage Therapist, International Specialist Trainer, Educational Charity Worker 
Past Work: Marketing
Specialist In: Babies, Early Years Development, Education and Development
Experience: 7 years

I discovered the benefits of baby massage when supporting families in my role as Outreach Worker in children’s centres in London. Fascinated by the science and deep impact behind a practice easy to learn and fun and rewarding to teach, I was then hooked and continued developing in the field. I have been working with children for over 7 years and have been lucky to teach baby massage to many families. My work in community centres and children’s centres in London allowed me to support families from many different backgrounds and in various circumstances. I founded kin2Skin to share the benefits of baby massage and baby yoga not only to parents, but also to adults who are next to kin of babies who, for whatever reason, do not have their biological parents with them, or who are in a particular vulnerable situation.

I have partnered with Blossom & Berry to share these practices even further and have travelled to Mexico, my home country, to deliver courses in Spanish. Gayle and I taught the first cohort of Blossom & Berry baby massage instructors in Mexico and formed a partnership with Red Down Mexico to support families with children with special needs. 

All babies deserve the best start in life and I cherish the opportunity to be a Blossom & Berry teacher because this is a unique way of encouraging families to experience a shared gift of love that will last for a lifetime.

Founder of kin2Skin, BA Marketing, MA Education and International Development, Award in Work with Parents, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Story Massage Instructor, Certified Paediatric Massage Therapist