The Mother Tree Grant for Good – Jenelle Gray

I received the Mother Tree Grant in September.

We have used the money to cover the rent of the building we will be using for a weekly baby massage circle. These mums are mums who are in need of social interaction with like-minded people as well as being new mums with bubs most of whom are struggling with being a new parent.

They are mums who normally wouldn’t come to something like this due to financial constraints and so along with your grant being used to cover the rent I am offering my services for free. Those mums who come and can afford it are contributing what they can financially to help with covering supplies and other special bits and pieces.

Without this grant, I would never have been able to reach so many mums. I am averaging 8 mums a week over the last 3 weeks and have every week booked out between now and Christmas! Some mums are coming every week, others just 1 week but everyone is getting that chance to learn how to bond with their little one as well as the opportunity to connect to others.

My heart is full knowing we are helping this many mums connect with their bubs, themselves and others in their community.

Written by Jenelle Gray of Step Toward Change Health and Wellness


Ultimate Baby Massage - 18 Months Payment Plan Ends 31st May


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