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Tree Babies Guide Course
The Power of Touch, Connection, Nature and Mindfulness

Become a Tree Babies Guide and you will be able to facilitate beautiful mindful experiences in nature which help to ground parents and babies, support mental health and promote close connection through baby wearing and touch.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature”
—Joseph Campbell

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Becoming a Tree Babies Guide will enable you to teach parents the power of connection to themselves, to their babies and to nature.

Tree Babies is all about getting back to basics - presence, connection, community and nature. Classes offer parents and babies the opportunity to experience the healing powers of nature and provide special bonding time together.

Now more than ever, the importance of nature and being outside is so important. Covid-19 has meant some parents and lockdown babies have been socially isolated and confined to the home for months. Tree Babies offers a way to safely feel part of a community outside whilst learning techniques that can help to support mental health.

You will be able to support new parents and babies with empowering techniques around baby wearing, mindfulness and connecting with nature.

Providing support for parents and babies is vital right now

Let's get started

Tree babies will help you to offer a new way for parents to connect with each other that is empowering and supportive and gives them the confidence to create their own mindful practice with nature that they can use on a daily basis.

More and more studies are showing the benefits of connecting with nature for our physical, emotional and mental health. By getting out into nature, we can teach babies that we are all connected and that looking after nature and the earth is vital.

During the last few months, more and more people have been reconnecting with nature and realising its importance. Meeting outside and enjoying natural spaces together has deepened our appreciation of nature and its abundance. In such challenging times, nature has been the constant in many people's lives.

Now is a powerful time to shift more practices closer to nature and understand more about why nature is so important and must be protected. You can be part of this movement by holding Tree Babies classes.

Teaching Tree Babies is perfect for you right now if:

You want to start or resume parent and baby wellness groups.

You want to teach outdoors and want a structure to help you start to do this confidently.

You want to do less on Zoom and get back to face to face classes.

You believe in the power of nature and want to encourage your community to protect and respect it.

You want to reconnect with your community.

You want to reach out and support new parents especially lockdown babies?

You want the families in your community to feel more centred and grounded in these uncertain times?

Join us and let's create deeper connection with each other and nature.


What's the low down?

You can study with us anywhere in the world and set up classes using our materials or with your own. Freedom and creativity are two of our highest values and we want you to feel authentic as a teacher.

The course is aimed at babies between 6 weeks to one year and all parents are welcome. At the end of studying the Tree Babies Guide course and after submitting a self reflective practice for marking, you will receive our Tree Babies Guide certificate and you can run Tree Babies classes in as little as a few weeks.

You can create and enjoy socially distanced classes in outside spaces to bring the community together, enjoy being in nature, and help us give back to the environment as we plant trees in Malawi when you enrol with us.

As we receive love from nature, we give back with love to nature.

Our fully comprehensive Tree Babies Guide course covers:

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Professionalism and how to set up classes

Baby wearing practice and safety

Breathing and grounding techniques

Basic mindfulness practices

Connecting with nature and forest bathing

Creating nature art and mandalas

Teaching plans and teaching resources

Marketing and business support including three marketing masterclasses with Gayle Berry

Membership to Blossom & Berry's Nurture Nest

Plus lots more


Assessment and Accreditation

There are no case studies for this course but you will be required to do a self-reflective practice and to commit to a weekly embodied practice with nature. All materials will be available as lifetime access to you online and you can study anywhere in the world. You can be teaching in as little as four weeks. You can run the classes weekly and also extend sessions into day retreats. You can run the classes all year around as nature is ever changing.

We always give back! To protect the forest and give back to nature, 10% of your course enrolment will go to four planting trees in Malawi with my charity Love Support Unite (Registered no. 1162406) to help with reforestation.

Love Creates Love

“I have never completed training like it. I found Blossom and Berry after I had already qualified in baby massage, I was looking to expand my practice and I found baby yoga. Within a month I was converting my training to the Blossom & Berry way for massage and had signed up for the complete diploma."

"I’ve studied with Gayle both in person and online and I can 100% the on line training is written so well I don’t feel I have missed our or that I’m less educated for the courses completed online and I learn by doing and observing so I was nervous about that."

"My feedback from massage clients is better, my knowledge is better since converting and I can confidently say I am a baby massage specialist. The level of information included in the training, is what has raised the quality of my classes and time and time again my clients have said their has been no comparison to previous courses they have completed."

"The level of after support is unparalleled I have never completed a non- franchise course that teaches you, is constantly developing and sharing that with you and where you feel you can reach out and ask for help and genuinely get good quality support and advice back."

"The teachers forum is a lovely space to ask for help, share ideas and again develop thanks to the speakers that join the university and give free talks of their specialist subject, whether it be navigating your way through leasing a venue or developing you business to include sleep coaching."

"Blossom and Berry has given me the tools to start an amazing business, held my hand when I have needed and given me direction but without controlling my creativity or business to be their vision not mine – it’s an amazing balance”

Also included with the Tree Babies program:

You will have membership to “The Nurture Nest” on Facebook for any questions and support you may need. (If you are a Blossom & Berry teacher, you will have support in our main private community, The Nurture Collective)

You will receive course materials and branded logos to use for your classes, handouts and teaching plans PLUS our playlists and book recommendations. You are free to use the foundations of the course as the basis of your own classes if you wish. As ever, there are no ongoing fees.

Lots of love, care and support from the Blossom & Berry team and your fellow Tree Babies Guides. We are here to help you grow. We support you. You support parents. Parents support babies. Love creates love.


How you will feel at the end of the program?

Ready to hold Tree Babies Classes outside in nature.

Excited to offer a new program to your community.

More connected to nature and embodying your own nature mindfulness practice. 

Confident to teach new connecting practices to parents and babies.

Your Investment

Your Investment

The Tree Babies Guide Course is priced at £397. Your investment means you can run Tree Babies classes in your local area and create a flexible business that you love.

I can't wait to teach you

Much love

Gayle ♡


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