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Ultimate Blossom & Grow Full Nurture Practice Certificate, Support & Business Package

This is our ultimate Blossom & Grow training, mentoring and business package designed to  fully nurture you whilst you create your business

Things are always better together 

We are here to help you make the transformation you would love to see and feel in your life.

I have teamed up with Nicola Rea-Wickham, a Marketing Mentor/Brand Stylist, NLP Life Coach for Women and Founder of A Life More Inspired to give you the benefit of our teaching, coaching and branding expertise. You can find out lots more about my expertise on baby massage and yoga here but I want to take a moment to introduce Nicola. I have worked with Nicola and she is hugely inspiring and on a mission to help women go from dreaming to doing in whatever way that means to them. Through coaching she helps open hearted women take the small steps that lead to the big life changes. If that sounds like you, then read on. We can help take you from where you are now to having a business practice teaching massage and yoga to parents, babies and children. 

If you really want to kickstart your training and practice this package gives you the support you need. It is perfect for you if you have never run a business before and want to have coaching supporting and branding expertise. 

This is the Ultimate Blossom & Grow Nurture Practice Package for you if you have concerns around;

Time management

Achieving your goals

Keeping focus


Self confidence

Marketing strategy

Business branding,social media and communication strategy.

This package consists of three core elements on top of everything else you receive as part of our training.

Course Qualifications

As part of this package you will be able to study and teach our most poplar courses.

Baby Confidence (Online)

Baby Massage (Online or One To One)

Baby Yoga (Online or One To One)

Soothe,Settle & Sleep Program (Online)

Learn, Stretch & Play (Online)

Story Stretch Yoga (Online)

Massage Adventures (Online)

When you study the courses in the ultimate package you receive a 10% discount on them all.


Gayle is a qualified life coach and will help to mentor and support you in your journey to achieve your idea of success. Coaching and mentoring helps you set goals, keep accountable to them, develop a positive mindset and reflect on your experiences.

You will receive all the regular support as a Blossom & Berry student including our ongoing online support in our Facebook group The Nurture Collective, have a Blossom Buddy with another student to help you keep accountability and attend our annual Nurture Day but you will also get one to one sessions with Gayle over 6 months to help you achieve your goals.

As part of the coaching and mentoring you will have;

Half an hour goals setting and accountability calls on Skype once a fortnight

One hour mentoring session once a month over six months to help with your transformation.

You can also email Gayle at anytime for any questions or advice.

Marketing & Brand Development

Nicola will be on hand to demystify marketing and teach you ways to promote your business that don’t take up all of your time. From identifying your ideal client, to creating a brand you and your clients love and setting-up systems bespoke to you. By the end of your time together you will have a marketing strategy in place, complete with techniques to successfully take you from launch and beyond. These will take place through Styling Sessions and we will cover…

– Creating your brand and and giving it a personality through it’s voice, it’s look and the way it feels, so that it resonates with your ideal clients.

– Marketing a small business in this day and age is all about relationship building, so as well as getting out there and talking to your ideal clients, it is how you talk to them online too through the content your create. You will learn how to create content that connects and helps to attract those customers even when you are sleeping.

– Marketing your business is about being visible, sharing your message and fostering genuine connections with your audience. You will work on your confidence around being visible and putting yourself out there. Helping you to make any mindset shifts necessary to fully step into your new role.

How does it work?

After we have had a chat then we can decide if you would like to study for the package online or as a one to one student. If you choose to study on a one to one basis, you can schedule a time to come to our training location or we can come to you to train you in your home. The rest of the sessions are done online and via Skype.

Blossom & Berry courses are packed full of value. Just a little part of what is included is;

Support from a team of lecturers.
24 hour online access to our materials and resources.
Access to our online video channels.
An invitation to join our interactive forum for all our courses.
Additional learning materials about the importance of child development, emotional intelligence & attachment theory.
Advice and support on setting up your business.
Freedom to create your own business brand with no fees or licence.
Opportunity to volunteer teaching infant massage in orphanages in Malawi.
A large number of resources: teaching plans, handouts for classes, booking forms and much more.


Expert and award winning training.
Confidence to become an inspiring teacher.
Advice and support setting up your own practice.
Fully interactive learning resources.
Encouragement to be the best teacher and to make a positive difference to your clients.
The opportunity to create a successful practice nurturing parents and children that you will love.

Interested? So what happens next?

So to make sure you are happy with the package and it fits your goals, you can schedule a call with Gayle here to talk everything through. We want you to be sure this is the right fit for you so we can work together. We have so many flexible course options at Blossom & Berry we can make sure you have exactly what you need to blossom.

The price of the package varies on whether you study online or in a one to one. The online package starts from £3999 and includes the cost of all courses, coaching and business mentoring and branding. In essence it’s everything you need to feel fully supported during your journey plus bespoke business mentorship and branding. Your complete business created by you with our support along the way. For full details please get in touch.

We would love to work with you xxx