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The Nurture Collective

 Join the Nurture Collective & receive all the support you need.

Community, friendship and support is at the heart of Blossom & Berry. 

Fancy meet ups, retreats in Ibiza, summer picnics, get togethers as part of joining the community. You cannot put a price on connection, experience and peek moments in your life. Trust me, I know from travelling the world attending retreats, working with high profile coaches and being part of mastermind groups, this is where you will grow, expand and get the support you need to achieve what you want.

All our students and teachers are part of Blossom & Berry’s unique Nurture Collective.This is a private global group of our teachers across the world all sharing resources, supporting each other and aligned in Blossom & Berry’s mission to “Teach Love”.

We not a franchise by choice but we give you everything you would expect from a franchise as part of our unique “Nurture Package” including;

When you are a student with us, you gain lifetime access to our course materials. We offer so much more than a just training; we offer you knowledge, community, appreciation, connection, reassurance and support which are the cornerstones of growth and self development. That is the Blossom & Berry difference.

Connection is at the heart of Blossom & Berry. Whichever way you decide to learn with us, you are part of our collective and we want to connect and share with you. Our courses are an experience rather than just a study exercise. We also have a whole range of other ways to connect such as meet ups, retreats and pop up advice clinics.

Our online training and courses are like no other and that’s what our teachers tell us too.

“This course has been life changing. I am so glad I found Blossom & Berry. I am so inspired, so motivated and have found my passion in life. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support. Thank you”

I am always on hand to guide you. Mentoring and supporting my students and teachers is one of the things of love most about teaching. Below are just a few of the ways you can feel connected, supported and celebrated and a few videos of students talking about how they have been supported whilst learning online and in person.

The Blossom & Berry Nurture University- Warm hearts and bright minds

In Blossom & Berry we love to collaborate and to learn. Our training programmes don’t end after a few days or after being awarded a qualification in baby massage or baby yoga. We are part of a powerful group called the Nurture Collective, where we share ideas, resources, challenges and successes. We got our backs and we are all up for personal and professional development. When we realised how enriched this group was, we decided to launch the Blossom & Berry Nurture University.

The Blossom & Berry Nurture University will showcase talent and share knowledge within our group and within our wider online community. We have an amazing line up of professionals, all committed to support parents in their journey nurturing their children. Every month, we will have one of our experts from the Blossom & Berry Nurture University going live on our Facebook page, talking about topics related to the development of babies, the importance of connection, love or touch. In the months when we celebrate mothers worldwide (March and May) we will have two experts featuring per month, making a total of 14 episodes for 2019. The expert will be featured usually the third Wednesday or Thursday of the month in the evening, we will publish the schedule and remind you beforehand to make sure you stay tune. On the Friday of the episode, we will publish a blog written by the expert of that week so that they get to share more of their wonderful work.

You can find out more about the Nurture University here and subscribe to our newsletter to find out who is the expert each month.

There are no limits to what you can achieve with the right team, mindset and action.

Learning with us gives you the opportunity to create a life you love and do some pretty amazing things, Recently some of our teachers have come together to launch a special book for new mums. Love Letters For New Mothers to help new mothers across the world.


What our teachers say about our courses and the support they receive;

The Nurture Collective Facebook Group

Our online private Facebook community is thriving. We all share resources, experiences and tips here to improve our practice and real friendships are made. You can also follow us on Instagram @blossomandberrybabymassage

We also have an open group to share information for parents here.

Connect, connect, connect!- Come and meet me and have a chat and a cup of tea at a connection session

I have monthly Connection Sessions in London where you can connect with me personally before you decide to train with us if you need a little bit more reassurance. You can book a 45 minute Connection Session with me in London to talk anything over. I am also available at this time for any of my students past, present and future to use talk anything over and for a bit of support and TLC.

I am generally available on the last Wednesday of the month between 3-5.30pm. The dates for the session can be found here

To book a session, just email 


We are so excited to be running Blossom & Berry Nurture Retreats 

After the success of our Nurture Retreat days and last years Nurture Retreat, we we be holding bi-annual retreats for our teachers to help you connect with like minded women, learn, grow, share resources and of course have fun. We have put together for you a perfect weekend of relaxation,personal and business development, connection & fun. Dates TBC.

The next retreat is in Ibiza in June 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a love filled, relaxing weekend of connection, growth and development

To reserve your space contact for more details and to secure your place.

Blossom & Berry Nurture Day

We have an annual Nurture Day to bring all our students together to learn from each other and celebrate our successes. We have a stroke and pose review, open questions, a learning session, creative session and then an oxytocin power hour to get the good vibes flowing. The cost is kept to a minimum so all can attend.

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