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Baby Yoga Rocks

21 Aug 2018

Why baby yoga is the best baby class for you and your baby

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Baby yoga rocks!

Okay I am a bit bias as I have been teaching baby massage and yoga for the last 15 years but from all my studies into baby development, I think baby yoga has so many fantastic benefits that everyone should try a class.

First, what is it?

Well the clue is obviously in the title but it’s not yoga in the sense of how we practice as adults. There are no headstands first off! It’s baby led so we only ever do what the babies want us to do. They are in charge. The classes use poses and movements that have been adapted from India and from many other tribal cultures around the world. Classes use active movement to help to stimulate babies’ nervous systems, strength the muscular system and help encourage sensory integration. In essence, movement is vital to babies development. Movement is life. Everything that lives has an element of movement. Babies experience movement in the womb everyday so being born into a static existence with props such as car seats and buggies can feel alien to them. An baby yoga class has so many aspects which is why it is sensory rich;

Yoga asanas for babies

Swings, dips, holds







In one session of baby yoga, a baby might receive the same level of stimulation he could experience in one day.

What about you?

The other really cool thing about baby yoga is that there are yoga poses for you. You can help to restore your core and learn remedial yoga poses to help post birth recovery. This is not a fat burning yoga class. This is about being present and aware in your post natal body. You learn breathing techniques to help you relax and release tension and anxiety; let’s face it, the early days of motherhood are fairly overwhelming. You will have the chance to relax with your baby and use these relaxation techniques at home. You can take what you learn into your home for a daily practice to support both you and your baby. You will leave a baby yoga class feeling more balanced, more energised and with more friends to share yoga with.

Top ten things I love about baby yoga

So here it is the top ten things I love about baby yoga. I hope it encourages you to come to a class.

  1. It’s fun and flexible-you do exactly the amount of the class that you want.

  2. It’s balanced-there are benefits for both you and baby in equal measure.

  3. It’s full of the good stuff-where else can you have a massage, yoga, be sung to, held, loved and celebrated.

  4. It’s accessible to all-you don’t need to have done any yoga to attend

  5. It’s the start of your baby’s relationship with yoga-Babies are naturally yogic. What a gift to share yoga with your baby. There are so many benefits for life.

  6. It helps prevent postural issue for new mothers-I love bringing awareness to new mothers about the importance of posture. It’s something we take for granted but it’s so important to prevent pain and injury

  7. Group singing- there is nothing like a bit of group singing to bond a group. I love it when I hear mummies humming the baby yoga songs before class.

  8. It supports your baby’s brain development-in so many ways but particularly it helps aid balance and body awareness which are vital for more complex movements and co-ordination.

  9. It is great for all babies from 8 weeks to walking so there is always a mix of different experiences

  10. I love to see the babies sleeping at the end of the class- baby yoga has alot of stimulation so babies tend to sleep well afterwards.

If this sounds like fun, visit our website to find a class near you or to become a teacher www.blossomandberry.com