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3 Jan 2019

Why having 3 children under 3.5 years and a business was the most peaceful time of my life.

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Why having 3 children under 3.5 years and a business was the most peaceful time of my life

So I know you might not believe me, but the most simple and peaceful part of my life was when my children were all under 8. I had my 3 children in 3.5 years. I was pregnant every year for 5 years (crazy when I think about it!) but I loved it and I was very happy. I was also running my baby massage and yoga business locally and, as we had no money at the time, working a evening shift in a local cafe to make ends meet.

The reason why this time was so special to me was that I checked out of the full on, pressured and competitive life. I took all my focus to the most simple things around my children; nature, drawing, walking, yoga, playing, cuddling, baking. All the things that make my heart sing and then I shared them with my children. Imagine doing all your favourite things everyday and then getting to share them with the people you love most in the world and, in doing so, having boundless energy. It makes you feel so good.

Never before in my life had I felt that I had “fitted in” With my children I had my own tribe, my own gang. I had people to play with. I really felt that through my children I could have my own childhood again and reinvent myself and write a new story for my family. It was like a fresh start for me and I was full of excitement for every day.

With my baby massage business, I loved it as it enabled me to be busy enough that I had opportunities to go off and teach for a few hours each week and support other parents but not so busy that it was overwhelming or hard to handle. Also as the business was very organic and local, it grew slowly and steadily alongside my children so I never felt any pressure to push for sales. I knew teaching baby massage and yoga would always be a part of my life so I trusted that it would grow at the exact rate to allow me to be happy and it did (and it still does).

I am writing this blog on a plane on the way back from B & B’s training launch in Australia. I have been away for 2 weeks having the most inspiring time. This is something I would never have wanted to do when my children were younger, and I could not have done either as I was not ready and had not grown enough in myself to have the ability to do it and enjoy it.

I felt at peace with my business in the early years and I am at peace with it now. It could be bigger or better but it actually makes me really happy everyday and still allows me to be there for my children and give up my time for my charity. This inner sense of knowing and trusting that everything I am being giving is at the exact right time is what has guided me and guides me now. 

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be anything more than what you are now. You will evolve slowly into the person that you need to be for the next stage of your journey. Pushing feels hard and it is hard. Like my family and my business, just show up with your best attitude and love and commitment and it will fall into place. If you are in a peaceful happy place right now, celebrate and enjoy it. There are new adventures ahead and everything now is in preparation for what will come. Slow down and don’t rush. Make it all last….

Much love

Gayle xx


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