Baby and father on nature in the park

Tree Babies Guide Course - The Power of Touch, Connection, Nature and Mindfulness

As a Tree Babies Guide you will be able to facilitate beautiful mindful experiences in nature which help to ground parents and babies, support mental health and promote close connection through baby wearing and touch.

father carrying his baby daughter and taking photos on a hike in the woods

The course will cover:

  • The power of nature and the positive effects on mental health
  • The basics of baby wearing
  • Group activities in nature including nature mandala
  • Basic presence and mindfulness techniques
  • Teaching plan
  • Teaching techniques
  • Business support
  • Membership To The Blossom & Berry Nurture Collective
  • Our Love Creates Love Group Facilitor Training
  • 10% of your enrolment will go to planting trees in Malawi to help with reforestation.

Join the waiting list for the launch in mid August 2020 by entering your name and email below - I'll contact you when registration opens.

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