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Are you ready to grow your teaching practice and business to the next level? This program will give you new class ideas, more clients and help you grow a business you'll love.

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I have been teaching baby massage and yoga for over 17 years and have trained hundreds of successful teachers across the world to start their own businesses.

I talk to my teachers all the time and what they told me was that they struggle for ideas for classes and that marketing feels hard.

So I created this program to help them and you make it all easy and get the fun and flow back into your business. Opportunities to teach are abundant and what you can teach is limitless.

This course is designed to give you results and inspiration for your teaching practice in your way that feels right to you. Less “blueprints” for success and more tuning into what feels right.

Do you want to offer more classes and services and have more clients in your parent and baby business in a way that gives you more time to be with who you love, makes you stand out in your community and feels simple and easy?

We got you!

It often feels like simply aren’t enough hours in the day to plan new classes and learn about business and marketing so you might be feeling stuck, uninspired and be struggling and overwhelmed. I have been there and started from scratch not understanding anything about business or being interested in it. My business is now truly global reaching hundreds of mums and babies and I love creating through my business to help others.

Now you have started your business, take it to the next level by thinking creativity about what you want to offer to your parents and babies, what you love doing and creating a flow of clients into your teaching practice.

♡ Do you want to have for new ideas for your classes?

♡ Do you want to extend your services to offer new workshops, courses and pop up sessions?

♡ Do you need some new inspiration to inject creativity into your practice?

♡ Do you want to retain your clients and grow your client base?

♡ Are you a bit bored of teaching the same thing all the time and want to change things up?

♡ Do you want new ideas to market your business in a fun and easy way?

♡ Do you have very limited time and just want to make it easy for yourself by someone else giving you content and simple actionable business points every month?

If the answer if yes, this is the program for you and it’s easier than you think to create an inspiring and creativity teaching practice and thriving business

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What's the low down?

This program can help you create classes, courses and services that you and your clients fall in love with and gives you inspiration to expand and grow your business.

Goodbye struggling for ideas and feeling uninspired and hello fresh content and new services to share.

Enjoy bite sized actionable business advice tailored to the baby business market to get more clients flowing into your business and to give incredible service.

If you follow my work, you will know I love to share and that I have built up my business from a few parents in my front room at home to a global teacher training business with over 1000 teachers empowering students to teach love, baby massage and yoga everyday. I am going to share with you how I create new course ideas and keep creating and falling in love with my business time after time after time (It’s been 17 years by the way!).

I have a six figure business and through my success I have been able to support charitable projects and vulnerable parents and babies across the world as well as support my own family and help other women support theirs.

You don’t have to be a Blossom & Berry teacher to take this program. It’s open to everyone and is a great way to share in the Blossom & Berry ethos to teach love.

Blossom & Berry

“I have never completed training like it. I found Blossom and Berry after I had already qualified in baby massage, I was looking to expand my practice and I found baby yoga. Within a month I was converting my training to the Blossom & Berry way for massage and had signed up for the complete diploma."

"I’ve studied with Gayle both in person and online and I can 100% the on line training is written so well I don’t feel I have missed our or that I’m less educated for the courses completed online and I learn by doing and observing so I was nervous about that."

"My feedback from massage clients is better, my knowledge is better since converting and I can confidently say I am a baby massage specialist. The level of information included in the training, is what has raised the quality of my classes and time and time again my clients have said their has been no comparison to previous courses they have completed."

"The level of after support is unparalleled I have never completed a non- franchise course that teaches you, is constantly developing and sharing that with you and where you feel you can reach out and ask for help and genuinely get good quality support and advice back."

"The teachers forum is a lovely space to ask for help, share ideas and again develop thanks to the speakers that join the university and give free talks of their specialist subject, whether it be navigating your way through leasing a venue or developing you business to include sleep coaching."

"Blossom and Berry has given me the tools to start an amazing business, held my hand when I have needed and given me direction but without controlling my creativity or business to be their vision not mine – it’s an amazing balance”


How it works

This is a twelve month program designed to help you extend your mother and baby wellness practice and boost your confidence in marketing.

Every month you will gain access to new materials to extend your classes and services and a business bundle 101 on how to reach more parents and babies simply and easily.

What you get when you study for 12 months

At the end of the program if you have completed all the assignments, you will receive a certificate from us in “Baby Massage & Yoga Practice Extension”

Sometimes less is more...

I understand that knowledge is power but knowledge can also be overwhelming so this course is designed to make it easy for you to learn and action the points by:

♥ Your Creative Bundle - Giving you a monthly lesson/workshop plan for new course ideas and brief videos to demonstrate what you need to do

♥ Your Business Bundle - Summarising key business concepts to action a month so you can see what works.

♥ Your “How To Bundle” - Finally learn how to master MailChimp, create on Canva, use Facebook groups...


♥ Because you have lifetime access to the bundles, the program also serves as a knowledge vault that you can revisit time and time again.


How many times have you done an online course and not completed it? Short reflections are uploaded and are personally marked every month with feedback to make sure you are on track.

“I wish I had found this nurturing, supportive and loving company many years ago. There aren’t many companies that genuinely care about people. The course is amazing as so informative and there is so much support available. I’m very grateful" - Rebecca

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Mother giving her newborn baby a kiss on the cheek.

Teacher Practice Extension Masterclasses


New ideas for baby massage classes
New ideas for active babies
Baby massage rolling programs
Toddler massage and yoga techniques
Setting up your own premises
Running Nurture Days for mums and babies
Connecting with mums outside classes to build community and referrals
Holding mother and baby circles
New ideas for parents in baby yoga classes
Sensory play extension ideas

Bite Sized Business Bundles include:

Instagram 101
Facebook live 101
Creating content that goes on and on making an impact
Getting unstuck
Doing more with less time
Getting your content online to share the love further
How to charge the true value of your classes
Using Pinterest, Spotify, Sound cloud etc to add value to your business

and more...

Bonuses & Surprises...

You will have complimentary access to our private community “The Nurture Collective-Growth Group” on Facebook whilst you are studying with us

You will receive our Positivity Progress Planner and Workbook download to help you to inspired action in your business.

The opportunity to attend a special meet up in London during the year to share ideas.

You will receive our “Love Creates Love” community group facilitator course

I can’t really tell you those can I?!

How you will feel at the end of the program?

Excited by lots of new class ideas.

More confident in teaching and in business.

More connected to other teachers and supported in your business.

Proud of your new workshops, classes and services.

More of an expert in mother and baby health and wellbeing.

"I highly recommend the baby massage and yoga diploma. The quality of the course and the support received from the community of teachers and students is brilliant. I have been able to run my own baby massage and baby yoga business for nearly 4 years now and that is because of the business support provided as well as the ability to create my own brand without restrictions of a franchise". - Rebecca

The Investment

The program costs just £67 a month in 12 instalments.

The small print: All memberships are on an annual basis. To take this course you must be a qualified baby massage or baby yoga teacher either with Blossom & Berry or another training provider. To gain the certificate for the practice extension you must complete the full year program and submit your short masterclass review to me for feedback. If you are paying by instalments, please read our full terms and conditions here.

Female Muslim professor taking a note in a book, getting ready for classes. Woman fully absorbed in work.

All you need to do now, is ask yourself if you’re ready:

♡ READY to create a unique and inspiring baby massage, yoga and mother and baby wellness business that offers more to your clients.

♡ READY to grow personally and professionally and work to make the changes you need in your business.

♡ READY to make life easier and simple by receiving inspiring class ideas you can implement easily.

♡ READY to receive the support that you need from our amazing community, the Nurture Collective, on the same journey as you.

♡ READY to take the next steps to create the teaching practice of your dreams in a supported environment.

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