Colic and Reflux Masterclass

With Rebecca Palmer


Colic and Reflux Masterclass

With Rebecca Palmer, Founder Of Colic SOS

1 in 5 babies struggle with colic and reflux, leaving a lot of parents facing these struggles alone. We can help, together.


You can help support your families through colic & reflux by developing your understanding on the subject and learn techniques to help your families through this difficult chapter of parenthood.

Being a parent to a colicky baby can be relentless and it can often leave parents feeling isolated, overwhelmed and powerless. 

My daughter suffered from colic and I felt helpless, frustrated and alone. I thought I was the only one and I was doing something wrong. I did not know where to turn and spent hundreds of pounds on equipment and books and lost so much time. I discovered baby massage and helped to support us and led me to become a baby massage instructor. I would have loved to have known what I know today, which is why we have created this masterclass so that,


In This Masterclass You Will Learn:

Understanding of colic and triggers

Understanding of reflux and triggers

The different lotions and potions and how they work

The common issues that parents face

Practical tips on how to support parents through their colic & reflux journey

Supporting parents' mental wellbeing

Gain the confidence to work more closely with families

About Your Host - Rebecca Palmer

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As a mother of two, Becky has personally lived through the difficulties of colic. She knows the frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelming feelings which come when dealing with a colicky baby.

As a former solicitor, when her newborn son arrived and presented with colic symptoms, she felt powerless and totally helpless.

It was for this reason Becky drastically changed her career and trained as a baby massage & yoga teacher with Blossom & Berry.

Through her continuing work with families as well as her personal experience she held a special interest in colic so she progressed that interest and trained as an accredited colic specialist.

Over the five years that she has worked as a mum and baby wellness practitioner, she has worked with over 1000 families.

colic SOS

Through Colic SOS, she offers one-to-one expert consultancy and developed her own process to help parents get to the bottom of their baby's colic. Becky is also passionate about supporting and guiding families through this difficult journey.

As well as being the founder of Happy Sleepy Baby and Colic SOS, she has had various articles published in different parenting magazines. She is also a panel expert for Your Baby Club UK and she hosts her own podcast; The Colic Diaries, which she uses to spread awareness of colic and the different experiences that parents struggle with throughout their colic journey.

Becky is dedicated to educating parents and practitioners on all things colic and her one mission is to simplify colic for all.

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What this masterclass training gives you...

From this CPD training you will have the confidence to support parents with colic and reflux through a variety of nurturing touch techniques. You can't provide medical diagnosis or "cure" colic but you can provide reassurance to parents around this common condition which causes much anxiety, pain and suffering.

You will be able to offer more to your regular baby massage and yoga sessions and hold workshops looking at soothing techniques.

This is a perfect masterclass to take if you have wanted to know more about the causes of colic and reflux to offer more support.

"This was an amazing masterclass with Becky. I learnt so much about the science of reflux and colic as well as practical ways to support parents"-Debbie


Don’t miss this opportunity for expert training

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How the course is delivered

The course is delivered via a 2 hour recording which you will have access to for life. The presentation used is shared with you to download and you can tag Becky in our Facebook Group "The Village Membership" for any help or questions you might have.


The investment price of this masterclass training is £97.

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