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Wild Winter Baby Nurture Rings For Babies Practitioner Training

Train with us to hold Wild Winter Nurture Rings For Babies.

Hold circles, workshops and sessions celebrating the magic of winter for parents and babies. This is a beautiful practice extension course for Tree Babies and Wild Wellbeing Practitioners to hold nurturing spaces for parents and babies in the winter months. Tree babies classes run all year around and its also wonderful to offer indoor sessions that bring the same principles to your community.

Wild Winter Baby Nurture Rings are about holding beautiful space for parents and babies to connect to themselves, each other and nature. This is a completely unique course that will offer so much love and build community in a gentle, peaceful and magical way. It is the perfect additional course to Tree Babies and is full of inspiration to bring into your other sessions too. Reconnect to the wonder, awe and magic of childhood through creating natural spaces.

Enrol on our Wild Winter Baby Nurture Ring Practitioner Course

No matter what the weather, nature is here for us inside and outside as we are nature. When we connect to nature we are home, we are safe, we are in flow and there is peace. Nature spaces create a sense of calm and grounded presence that gives us hope, faith and strength that all is well and constantly changing and expanding.

This powerful message is so important to share with parents and carers and reflect to babies. Cultivating a connected relationship with nature for our babies is vital to protecting our planet and humanity.

Bring these principles into your parent and baby practice with ease with our comprehensive practitioner course.

"Nature has a way of reminding us, that all things great and small, ebb and flow in rhythm with the heartbeat of her call. - GABRIELLA GODDARD

What Will I Learn On This Course?

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  • How to hold wild winter parent and baby circles with our expert masterclasses
  • How to create baby nature play and actvities for babies inside based on nature, flow and curiousity
  • How to create nature altars and rings for beautiful classes
  • Bringing the concept of Hygge into your classes for the mental wellbeing of your parents/caregivers and babies
  • How to use our flow plans for wild winter baby circles PLUS monthly seasonal circle and session ideas so you have all you need.
  • How to faciliate circle work in an inclusive and nurturing way and include discovery play.
  • How to create magical winter spaces inside.

What Will We Cover?

  • What are Wild Winter Nurture Rings?
  • How to hold space for parents and babies
  • Rituals and ideas for circles
  • Using sensory experiences for babies and parents to calm and connect
  • Using natural play and curiousity for babies
  • Creating nature altars and foraging
  • Hygge & for the winter months
  • Inspiration for your circles with books, music, poetry and journaling prompts.
  • Teaching flow plans so that you can offer nurturing and unique experiences for parents and babies.
  • Lots of love and support for your practice.
  • And much, much more.


At Blossom & Berry we always overdeliver on your experience. If you need extra resources we will create them for you. You are always safe in our hands.

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Is This Training For You?

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Yes, if you:

  • Want to hold beautiful spaces for parents and babies inspired by nature inside during Dec- Feb.
  • Want to bring presence, peace and connection to your parents/caregivers and babies
  • Want to understand the power of circle work for parents and babies
  • Want to teach less and co-create more so there is less planning and more enjoying.
  • Want to join a like minded community connected to nature, community and mental wellbeing
  • You want to offer something unique and different centred in love, nurturing care and support.

How Is The Training Delivered?

The course is available online and is self paced study in your own time. You have lifetime access to all resources. As ever with our courses you are free to express yourself authentically as you, with no need to follow a specific structure but all foundational guidance is provided for you. We are always updating the courses so new materials will be added as part of your investment.

Gayle is an expert tutor and is here to answer any questions, guide you and assess your work so you can gain our certificate in Wild Winter Baby Nurture Rings. You will also be fully supported in our open membership group, The Village Membership.

Special Offer If You Are Not A Tree Babies Teacher

This is a CPD course so you will need to be a Tree Babies or Wild Wellbeing Practitioner to join us. This is because the core principles of holding space in nature for parents/carers and babies are covered in these courses plus so much more. You will be able to hold courses inside and outside with both these trainings.

Not yet a Tree Babies Teacher but want to join us?

We currently have over 300 practitioners training with us and you can become a Tree Babies with a special offer. If you enrol on both courses you can save £100 on the trainings with the code when you check out on the Tree Babies Guide Course HERE:

WW22 (Pay in Full)

WW22PP (Pay by Instalments)

You can be a Tree Babies guide in less than 6 weeks and have an all year round nature practice. The discount will be applied when you check out on Tree Babies HERE


BONUS-Live Nature Nurture Rings Every Month

We will also be running live Nature Nurture Rings every month to make sure you are supported and inspired. You will also have the chance to run your own circle online for the community for practice and inspiration. At Blossom & Berry we create together as a family so no one is left behind. This is your chance to gain the confidence to hold space in a safe space.

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Enrol Now For Our Wild Winter Baby Nurture Rings

Assessments and Qualifications

There is no formal assessment for this CPD course but you must be a Tree Babies Student or Guide. You will find reflective questions throughout the course. You are encouraged to share your reflective practice and how you have been bringing more nature and connection into your life and teachhing practice. Full support provided by Gayle Berry and the Facebook community.

This is a continuing professional development (CPD) course

You will receive a certficate in Wild Winter Baby Nature Ring Practitioner from Blossom & Berry.


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Guest Experts


Emma believes deeply in the power of the female voices and stories, and in creating beautiful spaces for women to come together, to find sanctuary and soulful connection as often as they need it. She runs in-person and online circles as The Wild Circle, bringing women together for regular moments of ritual, reflection and connection, with a focus on returning to nature and connecting with our inner wildness. A major part of her in-person circles are the nature-inspired centrepieces she creates, foraged from the woods and hedgerows around her home in a small village in the beautiful Cotswolds. She says: "I believe we all need a space that we can rely on, where we can come as we are, and be met in that place. Women are deeply rooted in nature - the more we connect with our wildness, the more we root ourselves to the earth, the more we can truly connect to ourselves and each other.”



Rachel is Blossom and Berry’s Scotland lecturer, and parent and baby wellbeing practitioner running pre and postnatal support in her region & online. Rachel is embracing Hygge in both her own life & business and has training with Hygge in the Early Years, BA Childhood studies and previous experience in early years settings spanning 20 years and worked with children & families in social work for 7 years.

Rachel’s greatest joy is to create presence and connection within her parent & baby wellbeing classes and creating community & friendships for new parents/caregivers in South West Scotland. Rachel is also a co-author in our Blossom & Berry Mother Light poetry book, our Tree Babies creative journal; Field Notes and published 3 books in lockdown with her local community. Her business mantra is ~To Flourish from Bump & Beyond~



Bringing together the top expert guides in creating women's circles from Mandy Rees from Mother For Life, Gemma Brady from Sister Stories and Louise from She's Medicine.

Sharing their knowledge and wisdom on becoming circle guides and helping you create the confidence to begin your journey. If this work calls to you there is the opportunity to go further with their unique training courses and deepen your understanding.

This is such beautiful work and an honour to have these incredible women to share.


I have also included two interviews with Mark Williams and Josh on how to create safe spaces for fathers in circle.

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Founder of Blossom & Berry and creator of Tree Babies and Wild Wellbeing. I love creating courses and have taught 1000s of students and teachers online for over 20 years. I completely love what I do and Tree Babies is a gift to me and so many others.

I share with you how to create magic in your classes and in your life. The fruit reflects the roots and all my courses start with you first so you can feel confident to create what you desire.



The investment price of this training is £179 with the option for a 12-month payment plan at £15 per month.

This is a launch price and it will be rising to £399 so now is the time.

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We want you to feel completely confident learning with us so just drop us a line.

Give us a call or send a message and we would love to help you. You can email Zita on [email protected] to ask any questions or arrange a consultation call or virtual coffee date with me.


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