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You have discovered our award winning expert teacher training on massage and yoga for babies and children.

Are you ready to start your own family flexible business and make a difference to parents and babies?

We are here to fully support you to become a confident and successful teacher!

Just imagine for a moment that you could….

– Create a family flexible business you love and spending more time with your family.

– Leave the 9-5 and create a more relaxed lifestyle for yourself and your family

– Earn a great income serving mothers and babies

– Express your special qualities and talents and shine bright

– Love what you do everyday and never get bored of learning or “working”

– Find a circle of amazing women all aligned with you and supporting you in your journey.

I can help you achieve all this and more! I would love to train you to become a baby massage and yoga teacher. We have got all your training needs covered and you are safe in our hands.

So if you are feeling….

Anxious and sad about the thought of leaving your baby and returning to work

Overwhelmed and stressed out by juggling babies and childcare

Depleted of energy through trying to cope with everything

Uninspired at work and just not enjoying what you do

You want to make a change in your career and lifestyle but you are not sure how to do it.

Now is the time to reinvent yourself and do what your heart desires

You have to read on….

I have been there! 17 years ago I had my daughter and fell in love at first sight. I really feel that when I gave birth, created a baby and became a mother, everything in my life kicked in. I went from being a bit shy, fearful, worried about what others thought and confused about life to become empowered, fearless, joyful and excited about life. It’s these emotions that I expanded and have put at the centre of what I do. Everything that is alive grows and changes. You can reinvent and change your story at anytime. Connect to your heart, set the intention and take inspired action. Everything is possible ♡

Fear of missing out is real-when I had my daughter I did not want to leave her when I had to go back to work. I did not want anyone else to look after her everyday. I wanted to be there to get to know her, to connect and invest time in our relationship. When it came to the time to return back to work, I dreaded it. I cried the whole night before and felt dreadful. Like a part of me had died inside. I did not want to miss out on being with her and being a mum. I returned back to work as a lawyer very briefly as I thought I ‘should’ still try and continue with my career but the days dragged and my heart sank until the day I decided that enough was enough and that I would leave to do what I wanted. I trained to teach baby massage, set up my own business and had time to be with my daughter on my own terms. I did not miss a thing and I loved it. The fear of missing out on your children’s experiences is real and it’s time you can’t get back. The best decision I ever made was to put my family first and create a lifestyle business around them. Seventeen years later I still love what I do as much as I did then and I love the relationships I have with my children. 

So what if you could do the same and do what you love?

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or nervous about going in a new direction, that is normal but you can lose the fear and gain all confidence you need with us because we believe in you. Our courses cover all you need to know. They are fully accredited, award winning and backed by science and research. We have an incredible community of teachers and friends online and I am here to be your personal mentor and guide. Does that sound like the kind of training and experience you are looking for?

I created Blossom & Berry to offer the best, flexible, high quality training in baby massage and yoga and I am very happy and proud to say that my teachers tell me that it does! I have spent over 17 years creating Blossom & Berry courses and mentoring students to create their own baby massage and yoga practices. I absolutely love to see my teachers succeed and I am here to make sure that you succeed too.

When you train with us you are fully supported and its safe to grow and expand to reach your full potential. Nurturing is what we do best and your success matters to us.

Does this sound like this could be you?

My students & teachers are:

– Supporting parents and babies with a whole range of classes based on baby massage, baby yoga and mother and baby health & wellness. Some of my teachers run over 10 classes a week.

– Spending time with their children and being there for school holidays, sports day, plays and school pick ups.

– Enjoying being a mum more and feeling less mummy guilt.

– Creating their own independent income.

– Being more relaxed at home more and stressed less.

– Winning awards and giving back to their communities.

– Doing things they never thought possible!

– Being amazing and inspiring teachers and entrepreneurs

– Incredible women stepping up to serve and support mothers & babies across the world

(Can you tell how proud I am of all they are achieving!)

We make training simple and share our experience to help you become a success

I get emails and calls from lots of people wanting to train to teach baby massage and yoga but they are worried about what if things go wrong and they can’t teach or get clients. Some are worried about swapping from a full time income to a self employed income. Others believe that they don’t have the skills to do it and some find the thought of jumping into something completely different overwhelming. Alot of people just don’t know where to start and keep putting off the decision to make the change they want to.I help people with all these fears to become successful baby massage and yoga teachers and have more time to spend with their children, doing what they love.

So I just want to say first off. You can totally do it. You have the potential to do anything, you just have to get the right support, community and knowledge and work for it. We understand the challenges, we listen to what you say and hear you. You matter to us. 

Our teachers’ success is created through the extensive knowledge in our fully accredited courses but also the magical combination of;

– Connection-We got you! The magic happens in connection. Trust me!

– Community-Meet your new friends and inspiration.

– Coaching & Mentoring-Let me support you in achieving your goals.

Our courses have all the resources, support, community & mentorship built into our ongoing “Nurture Package”. You can’t put a price on having an amazing team behind you and being inspired to reach your true potential in your business. 

Our training is fully comprehensive and covers everything.

We take a three stage approach to our training to ensure your success;



We teach you everything you need to know about your subject matter and provide you with in depth reading lists, video resources, case studies and support to answer all your questions.



We teach you how to teach and present effectively and how to engage with your clients and work with group dynamics. You will feel confident facilitating groups, one to one sessions and workshops.



We help you succeed in setting up your business and getting clients. This is an important part of the course as we want you to share your excellent teaching skills with as many people as possible.

We also always add a very large sprinkling of love into all our courses and can create resources to meet your needs. You can study in a small group, online or one to one.You recieve lifetime access to materials, you can study at your own pace and you recieve one to one personal feedback on all your work. You can find out more about all our courses in detail here

How does the training work?

We love flexible training-Tell us what you need.

Our high quality training is completely flexible. You can learn online, one to one, via Skype, in a small group or in house. However you learn there is no compromise on quality. You can access our fully interactive materials including over fifty online videos to help you learn. You work at your own pace and I personally mark all your work.

You can study online right now, or book a group course or schedule one to one teaching. We are flexible with all our training options and can help you achieve your qualification in the way that fits best around your family. If you want to train in a certain way, just ask us and we can try and help.

Yes, we are fully accredited…..

We are accredited by Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapists, International, Complementary Therapists Association for our baby massage course and the FHT and the IICT for baby yoga. Our online courses by Blossom & Berry and insured by Westminster Indemnity Insurance for professional practice.

Start from just £79.99 on our instalment plan…

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to invest in your course and training in an up front payment when you have a young family or other commitments, so we have an instalment plan on many of courses that allows you to spread payments over 10 months. You can qualify with us before the end of the 10 months so you don’t have to worry if you are keen to study and get going. This is a perfect way to get started now and spread the investment into your new career.

What do I achieve at the end?

You will get a certificate which enables you to practice as as professional teacher and hold classes, workshops and one to one sessions. You will also understand how to start up and run a business and you will have made alot of friends and had lots of fun. Most people complete the training in 3-9 months depending on which qualification they are studying. 

What’s Included With All Our Courses:

Our courses all come with an ongoing Blossom & Berry Nurture Package which includes;

What you receive;

Full lifetime access to your accredited course with videos, downloads and all the resources you need to get started and inspired. All the materials are available to you on enrolment. I mark all your work personally and you receive feedback from me so that you are completely supported. There is no automated computer generated feedback here. Humans need humans to learn, grow and develop!

Just some of the things you gain when you study with Blossom & Berry…

You can learn with me and I am an international baby massage and yoga expert.
You can understand the importance of loving touch, connection and early attachment and bonding in the creation of happy relationships.
Learn useful techniques to help calm and relax babies and children.
You can learn with us anywhere in the world, in the way that is most flexible and convenient for your lifestyle.
You can create your dream job working in a fulfilling and nurturing environment running your own natural pregnancy, baby massage and baby yoga practice which can be extended to older children.
You can develop a teaching practice with our courses which all link together to enable you to develop a thriving network of courses and keep connections with your clients.


  • An invitation to join our private Facebook Community “The Nurture Collective” to meet the rest of the community to support you. This is priceless!
  • Ongoing support from me as your mentor in our Facebook group. I have got your back. Again priceless!
  • Feedback on your assignments as we personally mark your work.
  • 10% discount on all future Blossom & Berry courses to help you extend your services.
  • Invitation to join us on our annual Nurture Retreat to relax, unwind, learn and connect with your fellow teachers.
  • Access to a range of expert masterclasses from our mother and baby health and wellbeing experts from the Blossom & Berry’s Nurture University so you can learn how to serve your clients more from the best professionals.
  • Lesson plans for one to one sessions, workshops and specialist sessions for fathers and special needs babies.

Extra Bonuses….

  • Over £1000 of business and marketing resources on enrolment including our “How to Leave The 9-5” mini course.
  • Free online baby massage course hosted by myself to share with all your clients as part of your classes.
  • Free Love Creates Love course to help you connect with your community & give back.
  • Extra freebies throughout the year (I love surprises!)

Quite simply, Blossom & Berry is so much more than a training provider; we offer you knowledge, community, appreciation, connection, reassurance and support which are the cornerstones of growth and self development. We are experts in baby massage teacher training and helping to empower you to start your own business. I have been training students for over 17 years and its my absolute joy and passion. There is nothing in the world I would rather do than teach, train and mentor you.

We also love to get social and have meet up days, training reviews, retreats around the world and lots of opportunity to connect however you learn with us. Friendship is a big part of what we do.

We have got an option for everyone and if you need something extra, just ask! You can choose from;


Flexible online learning at your own pace

Lifetime access to materials 

Interactive resources

Work marked by me and returned with feedback

Nurture Package to support your growth and development

100% study guarantee


Small group training in various locations (2-4 days)

Flexible online learning at your own pace

Lifetime access to materials 

Interactive resources

Work marked by me and returned with feedback

Nurture Package to support your growth and development

100% study guarantee


Create bespoke one to one training in your home or in our HQ in Essex

Training from 1-4 days

Flexible online learning at your own pace

Lifetime access to materials 

Interactive resources

Work marked by me and returned with feedback

Nurture Package to support your growth and development

100% study guarantee

My training is for you if….

– You are ready to make the changes to create a business and lifestyle that works around your family and that gives you more time.

– You are excited about taking a new path, learning, growing and expanding.

– You are ready to learn about the importance of love and connection for babies and children, about running your own business and self development.

– You like connecting with others to share and support each other.

– You are prepared to ask for help and what you need to achieve your goals.

– You want to learn more than just baby massage and yoga; our courses cover infant mental health and development as well as supporting mothers postnatally.

Blossom & Berry teachers have the same values in common;

– Your family comes first

– You want to help and support other mothers and babies

– You want to make a difference

– You want to contribute

– You want to earn an income of your own

– You want to inspire your children and show them anything is possible for them

– You really care about creating a brighter more connected world for your family and other families. 

You are ready to embrace a new chapter in your life to create a life you love that serves others and gives you joy!

I am the right kind of person, let’s go!



Let’s get really honest….

Let’s be honest you might have mentioned to friends or family that you are thinking about training to teach baby massage and yoga and maybe they have thought that it sounds like a bit of a crazy or out there idea. Maybe they have never heard of baby massage at all! I can tell you it does raise a few eyebrows when you introduce yourself but it’s benefits are internationally recognised across the world by the health profession and through research and studies. It is not a fad. It is an incredibly powerful way to build secure attachment between parents and babies which is the foundation of infant and adult mental health. Teachers are in demand as organisations such as Unicef and the World Health Organisation recognise the importance of nurturing care for all children globally.

The Demand For Teachers-Just Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Train

1.Unicef estimates there are 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. That’s alot of babies needing nurturing touch and love and alot of parents and babies to teach. 128,845,000 a year!

2. A recent study by the National Childbirth Trust suggests half of new mothers suffer mental health problems during pregnancy or within the first year of their child’s birth. Education through Blossom & Berry courses during pregnancy on self care, the importance of bonding and practising skin to skin has the potential to support new mothers.

3. The number of children having therapy for anxiety has risen by 60 per cent in two years figures in 2017 from the NSPCC show. Babies and children need loving support to thrive and how they interact with their primary caregivers in the first 3 years of life can, simply put, wire their brains for love or stress. Problems with emotional regulation in early childhood can cause stress and anxiety later in life. Infant massage and yoga teaches responsive care and love from the beginning.

4. Blossom & Berry are regularly contacted for teacher recommendations by parents from all over the world. We need more teachers to help support parents and babies.

5. There are waiting lists for baby massage and yoga in many areas and parents and babies are missing out on this vital education due to the lack of availability of classes.

Convinced that your services are needed now or maybe you are worried about the competition?

Yes, there may already be teachers in your area but that should never stop you from doing what you want to do. You can never stop competition and I believe it’s a good thing as it creates choice for parents and babies and allows you to be your own kind of beautiful and attract your own aligned tribe of clients. There is an abundance of parents and babies looking to learn.

No business experience?

I had absolutely none when I first started teaching and created Blossom & Berry and I would say 95% of my students are the same. Nearly all have never had a business and don’t know what to do to great started and to nurture and grow their practice. That’s where our resources and community come in to help you and your business thrive.

And what about the money question?

The investment in our training is small and low risk. Most students will regain this investment within the first three months of starting their practice and then all your profit is yours. There are not many start up businesses that enable you to be in profit so quickly. Many of our courses are also avaliable by paying by instalments.

To be 100% clear, my courses are amazing quality and value and they are priced to reflect this.

I receive emails and enrolments from students who have trained with other providers who then convert to my courses. This costs them more money than if they trained with me in the first place but the support and ongoing mentorship we offer is priceless.

You are investing in yourself, your family and your business. This will grow sustainably to support you and bring you happiness. 

I just wanted to thank you for the last 2 days, I have got so much more from the last 48 hours than I was ever expecting.I feel so privileged to have had your knowledge, mindset and experience all to myself for the last 2 days. I realised I needed the last 48 hours, not just for the amazing training but almost as a mini CEO break, the focus purely on the course, the conversations we have had, and the actual yoga practice has definitely quieten the voices. I feel I have had the first bit of clarity about my business direction since I started…..After the last 2 days I feel I have the tools within reach, the confidence and the headspace (finally) to take charge of it again and steer it where I want to head.

Start from just £79.99 on our instalment plan…

We know that sometimes it’s can be difficult to invest in your course and training in an up front payment when you have a young family or other commitments, so we have an instalment plan on many of courses that allows you to spread payments over 10 months. You can qualify with us before the end of the 10 months so you don’t have to worry if you are keen to study and get going. This is a perfect way to get started now and spread the investment into your new career.

PS I delibrately chose not to become a franchise

I never wanted Blossom & Berry to be a franchise because freedom and creativity are two of my most important values and so my teacher training and business model needed to reflect this. With our training, you can be your own kind of beautiful. We give you the foundations for your training and business and then you can spread your wings and fly. We don’t restrict you in anyway and I love to see all my teachers expressing themselves individually. If you want support, we give it. If you want freedom, it’s yours. Your income is your own and there are no additional fees to pay us as part of the training. We are all unique teachers but united in our mission to create loving and connected relationships between parents and babies through nurturing touch, massage and yoga. Love creates love!

Bonus extras…

What if I can’t learn with you? Introducing our Study Guarantee…

If you are not happy with our course, I am not happy.

If you are not confident to teach, it’s my job to make sure that you are.

If you need anything to help you understand the course, I can create it.

Feel more confident? I listen to what you need and I am constantly improving and updating the course materials. That’s my guarantee to you.

This is no ordinary training course! We go way beyond all other training providers to support you and you always have personal contact with me and the Blossom & Berry team. You will learn so much more than just baby massage and yoga….THAT’S A PROMISE!

Why trust me with your training?

Because I work so hard to make sure that all my students are happy and have all they need. If you train with us, I will be your teacher and mentor and I take that seriously (which means working long hours and late nights some times!) I have made the jump from a career as a project finance lawyer in the city after studying and training for seven years to become a baby massage and yoga teacher. Do I have any regrets? Absolutely none! So many of my teachers share a similar outlook on life, motherhood and parenting. Running your own family friendly flexible business enables you to be with who you love and doing what you love. Time and experience is so precious. If you are not living a life you love now, it’s time to change that and start now!

Seventeen years of teaching students in person and online around the world means that I know exactly what you need to feel confident when studying to become a teacher. I have also taken extensively training in many subjects such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, doulaship, sleep consultancy and pre/post natal yoga. Blossom & Berry courses draw from all of my trainings and experiences over the years. I know how to make parents and babies happy in classes through creating great resources, learning activities, after course support and even little things like gorgeous playlists for my classes and yummy herbal teas and organic snacks. It all helps to create a nurturing experience where parents and babies feel valued, celebrated and nurtured. 

It is so important to me that you love learning with us. Blossom & Berry is not just about getting a qualification; it’s about being inspired, inspiring others, having a full understanding of the needs of parents, babies and children and about making a difference. I believe in investing in people for the future, creating opportunities for happiness and in nurturing yourself and others. My courses are not just about certificates, rather about experiences, memories & relationships.

If you want to learn a bit more about me, have a look around the website, on my blog, social media and also check out my video on Channel Mum talking about my journey to become a baby massage teacher. I am very proud to be Channel Mum’s baby massage expert. 

So are you feeling like you are ready?

Are you almost there in making your decision?

So what happens now?

– If you want to talk anything through about our training, you can book a connection call with me on the phone with me here

– If you are ready now, you can start straight away and book and enrol on our courses online here.

I can’t wait to teach you and welcome you into the Blossom & Berry family.

I love to connect with my students! Get in touch to talk anything through. Book a virtual coffee date

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