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You have discovered our award winning expert teacher training on massage and yoga for babies and children.

Are you ready to start your own family flexible business and make a difference to parents and babies?

Get ready to be fully supported in becoming a confident and successful teacher!

Blossom & Berry offers flexible online, in person and bespoke baby massage, baby yoga and mother and baby wellness courses that enable you to teach professional classes and start your business. We have fully accredited, award winning courses backed by science and research, an incredible community of teachers and friends online and I am here to be your personal mentor and guide. We can help you establish your business and create a lifestyle you will love.

When you train with us you are fully supported and its safe to grow and expand to reach your full potential. Nurturing is what we do best and your success matters to us.

Who is our training for?

Would you like to support new parents and promote the importance of nurturing parents and babies to create loving secure bonds and enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing?

Do you want to have a job you love, makes you happy and fits your lifestyle?

Do you want to empower parents with gentle nurturing techniques to help with issues such as colic and fretfulness and which promote relaxation, health and wellbeing?

Do you want to be part of Blossom & Berry’s mission to give parents and children positive, love filled early experiences through touch & connection?

And would you like to do all of this feeling fully supported, confident and nurtured?

If the answer is yes, then I can help you become a dynamic and inspiring teacher and create a flexible and successful business that you love. I can train you to become an instructor to teach massage and yoga to parents and children and promote the benefits of touch and connection.

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Download your FREE gift of our insider’s guide on “10 things you NEED to know before you train to teach infant massage and yoga” and access your special discount code to save 10% on our online courses to launch your practice.

Our training is fully comprehensive and covers everything.

We take a three stage approach to our training to ensure your success;



We teach you everything you need to know about your subject matter and provide you with in depth reading lists, video resources, case studies and support to answer all your questions.



We teach you how to teach and present effectively and how to engage with your clients and work with group dynamics. You will feel confident facilitating groups, one to one sessions and workshops.



We help you succeed in setting up your business and getting clients. This is an important part of the course as we want you to share your excellent teaching skills with as many people as possible.

We also always add a very large sprinkling of love into all our courses and can create resources to meet your needs. You can study in a small group, online or one to one.You recieve lifetime access to materials, you can study at your own pace and you recieve one to one personal feedback on all your work.

You can find out more about all our courses in detail here

What makes Blossom & Berry training so different?

To reach your goals, to become the teacher you want to be and to grow and develop personally, it is so important to have the support of the right team. We understand the challenges, we listen to what you say and hear you. You matter to us. Take a look at my short video which explains the Blossom & Berry difference. Our teachers’ success is created through our fully accredited courses but also the magical combination of;

Connection-We got you! The magic happens in connection.

Community-Meet your new friends and inspiration.

Coaching & Mentoring-Let me support you in achieving your goals.

We give you everything you need to get started in your training and your business and we support you along the way. We are not just a training provider. We help you develop and grow to achieve your goals. 

Our courses have all the resources, support, community & mentorship built in. You can’t put a price on having an amazing team behind you and being inspired to reach your true potential in your business.

How we serve you to succeed

Learning a new skill or launching a new career can be a bit daunting but I am here to support you throughout this new chapter. Maybe you have not studied for a while or you are worried about studying online. There is no need to worry. I have everything covered.

Fifteen years of teaching students in person and online around the world means that I know exactly what you need to feel confident when studying to become a teacher. I have also taken extensively training in many subjects such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, doulaship, sleep consultancy and pre/post natal yoga. Blossom & Berry courses draw from all of my trainings and experiences over the years.

I want you to love learning with us. Nothing is compromised in our training. Blossom & Berry is not just about getting a qualification; it’s about being inspired, inspiring others, having a full understanding of the needs of parents, babies and children and about making a difference.

Blossom & Berry is different. I believe in investing in people for the future, creating opportunities for happiness and in nurturing yourself and others. My courses are not just about certificates, rather about experiences, memories & relationships. When you become a student with us, you are a student for life. You have lifetime access to our resources whenever you need them. Our teachers support each other in our community and our ethos is to nurture, share and learn together.

You can study with us however you want to fit around your lifestyle. All the training materials and requirements are the same whether your study online or in person and all students complete the same work to qualify. However you study, you are connected to me via email, calls and online so I can help you grow. I mark all your work and respond to your emails personally. I listen to you and can create new resources to make sure you have all you need.

Freedom to express yourself and create your own brand

All Blossom & Berry trained teachers work independently to each other but all support each other as part of a Nurture Collective. We are not a franchise by choice because I believe that success in teaching comes from a combination of my high quality training plus all the special things about you! Your rewards and successes are your own. I am here to give you the firm foundations and roots to grow. Our success and reputation comes from supporting you to blossom and grow.

The investment in our training is small and low risk. You can create your own business and join our community. Most students will regain this investment within the first two months of starting their practice.

How does the training work?

You get lifetime access to our course materials, videos and resources. You can study online, in a small group or in a one to one session. All the materials are available to you on enrolment. You can connect with myself and other students in our private online facebook group for help and support and to share. I mark all your work personally and you receive feedback from me so that you are completely supported. You can find out more about our courses here


Blossom & Berry Bonuses

  • You will understand the importance of loving touch, connection and early attachment and bonding in the creation of happy relationships through science and evidence based studies. You receive comprehensive teaching manuals and lifetime access to resources.
  • We have flexible teaching plans so you can teach courses, workshops, one to ones, pop up sessions and specialist sessions. All free of charge to help you expand your opportunities to teach.
  • Learn useful techniques to help calm and relax babies and children to share with parents and help empower them.
  • You can learn with us anywhere in the world, in the way that is most flexible and convenient for your lifestyle. Everything is at your pace and you have lifetime access to the course.
  • You can develop a teaching practice with our courses which all link together to enable you to develop a thriving network of courses and keep connections with your clients.
  • We are accredited internationally by the Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapists, International, Complementary Therapists Association & IICT for our baby massage courses.
  • You can access our fully interactive materials including over fifty online videos to help you learn.
  • You will receive ongoing lifetime access to our online support in our Facebook group The Nurture Collective, have a Blossom Buddy with another student to help you keep accountability and attend our annual Nurture Day to meet other students and experience new learning and guest speakers.
  • Complimentary Love Creates Love course training based on our Manifesto to help you set up your own local nurture group for parents and babies.
  • Free social media resources and handouts for your classes from Blossom & Berry.
  • Free online baby massage course to share with your parents after classes.

We believe in self development alongside training so we have input from coaches, teachers and other experts to help you grow personally as well as growing your business. 

You will get world class, expert training plus all your business foundations to get you started PLUS our team in our Nurture Collective to support you in your journey and celebrate with you.

Bonuses worth over £1000 with all courses



 The Demand For Teachers-Just Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Train


1.Unicef estimates there are 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. That’s alot of babies needing nurturing touch and love and alot of parents and babies to teach. 128,845,000 a year!


2. A recent study by the National Childbirth Trust suggests half of new mothers suffer mental health problems during pregnancy or within the first year of their child’s birth. Education through Blossom & Berry courses during pregnancy on self care, the importance of bonding and practising skin to skin has the potential to support new mothers.


3. The number of children having therapy for anxiety has risen by 60 per cent in two years figures in 2017 from the NSPCC show. Babies and children need loving support to thrive and how they interact with their primary caregivers in the first 3 years of life can, simply put, wire their brains for love or stress. Problems with emotional regulation in early childhood can cause stress and anxiety later in life. Infant massage and yoga teaches responsive care and love from the beginning.


4. Blossom & Berry are regularly contacted for teacher recommendations by parents from all over the world. We need more teachers to help support parents and babies.


5. There are waiting lists for baby massage and yoga in many areas and parents and babies are missing out on this vital education due to the lack of availablity of classes.

Who is your teacher?-Train with the expert, Gayle Berry

Have a look at my video on Channel Mum talking about my journey to become a baby massage teacher. I am very proud to be Channel Mum’s baby massage expert. So many of my teachers share a similar outlook on life, motherhood and parenting. Running your own family friendly flexible business enables you to be with who you love and doing what you love. Time and experience is so precious. If you are not living a life you love now, it’s time to change that and start now!

Ready to make a difference and lead a purpose driven life?

Many people feel they are lacking passion in their careers and want to be part of something creating a bigger impact in the world. We are doing just that! Have a look at our Nurture Manifesto to support babies, parents and the community. It shapes all we do in our training, courses and campaigns. Massage and yoga is not just about touch; its about promoting the importance of bonding, of communicating love and creating a sense of belonging. Through the creation of strong bonds and attachments between parents and babies, we can help lay the foundations for healthy, secure emotional relationships and create the opportunity for positive connections all over the world. We can empower individuals to enjoy the experience of parenting and create positive experiences for their children.

I work with some of the world’s most vulnerable parents to make a difference to the lives of children. I have set up my own charitable project in Malawi supporting women and babies in poverty with infant massage and safe motherhood education. I donate 10% of baby massage enrolments to support this project so your study creates education for others. There are also opportunities to volunteer on the project in Malawi. We also have many voluntary projects in the UK and my teachers undertake all kinds of charitable work and projects to help others. We all support each other. You can be part of this vision.

 Take a look at the video below which outlines my story and what is at the heart of Blossom & Berry

So what happens now?

  1. If you want to talk anything through about our training, you can book an appointment on the phone with me here

  2. If you want some more information on our training, join our FREE webinar on teaching baby massage here

  3. If you are ready, you can start straight away and book and enrol on our courses online.

I can’t wait to teach you.