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As the founder of Blossom & Berry and in my capacity as a mentor and coach I want to outline my commitment to Social Justice, Equality and Equity.

We are committed to ensure that every baby has the opportunity to receive love and nurturing care in the first 1001 days of life regardless of their background.

Blossom & Berry is committed to anti racism and social justice in the following, but not limited to, ways:


Blossom & Berry is committed to anti racism and social justice in the following, but not limited to, ways:

Foundations in Social Justice



♡ Listening and communicating on more diverse platforms to include more diversity in our teaching community.

♡ Embed more training to help tackle poverty as an underlying cause on social injustice.

♡ Commitment to raising education around anti-racism for parents and babies with our Instagram account No Bias Babies.

♡ Embed BIPOC education in all our courses and have a reading list to encourage social justice.

♡ Let me see what you see circle which allows open conversation on inclusivity.

♡ Having more BIPOC as part of our senior teaching team.

♡ Auditing my work and businesses for anti-racism on a regular basis.

♡ We also support the values in our original Nurture Manifesto which you can see here.

♡ More collaborations with other organisations specifically working with BIPOC.

♡ Continue to strive towards relieving poverty through early childhood development in the first 1001 days of life.

♡ We welcome Josette Sticher as our new Equity Ambassador. Josette will be promoting

Social justice




♡ Continue to offer our discounted training bursaries to students each year with a commitment to ensuring that more BIPOC have access to apply. Applications at points in the year.

♡ Actively ensuring we promote our free training bursaries in a variety of communities and diverse spaces.

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Charity and Giving Back


Donating to the following charities on a sustainable monthly basis:

  The Love Land Foundation
  Black Mamas Matter
  Help Refugees
  Child Poverty Action Group
  Family Lives
  The Rainforest Alliance

Continue to donate 10% of my baby massage course enrolments to mothers and babies in Malawi for sustainable education and nutrition projects.

Continue to donate all proceeds of our books Mother Light and Love Letters For New Mothers to Pandas, Love Support Unite and Mphatso Children’s Foundation.

United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development


We support Global Goal 3 for wellbeing and health, and Goal 4 for education.



Free Training on Infant Mental Health Projects for Sustainable Development for Charities

Continue to offer free training on safe motherhood and the first critical 1001 days of life to charitable organisations around the world to help share. See more here.

Portrait of asian young mother kissing her cute newborn baby in white bed room. Wife and mother's day concept.

Safe Spaces

Take our free Safe Spaces course

Together we can create a safe space and ensure that every parent/carer feels safe and heard.

This mini-course is designed to challenge any bias or unconscious prejudice we may hold about parents and carers based on their identification. IT IS FREE TO ALL - we are committed to social justice and equity.

Mission 4

Transparency Statement on My Charity Work


My charity work in Malawi is established through Love Support Unite (registered charity number 1162406). Our projects are based on sustainable development AND NOT AID wherever possible. There are some incidents where we support crisis aid projects. I seek to provide free education to local people based on my own research that I have undertaken on the Nurturing Care Framework in order to empower vulnerable mothers and babies in Malawi.I empower Malawian women to teach other Malawian women. My involvement is that I provide education, lead on the strategy of projects that are implemented by our Malawian team who lead on managing the work on the ground, I fund and fundraise for the project and I visit Malawi once a year for educational trips and further training. My students and donors accompany me where appropriate and I make no profit from this nor does the charity. For more details on the charity, visit www.lovesupportunite.org.

Gayle Berry - Mentoring


I commit to support the following charities as the founder of Blossom & Berry

♡ Love Land Foundation
♡ Black Mamas Matter
♡ Help Refugees
♡ Child Poverty Action Group
♡ Gingerbread
♡ Family Lives
♡ The Rainforest Alliance

I will embed education on social injustice into my courses and talk about diversity more explicitly.

I commit to do more training on social injustice for BIPOC and celebrate diversity.


Bursaries and Mentorship

I am in talks with various charities supporting black mothers wanting to start up a business to provide technology to enable them to do this more effectively.

I continue to provide discretionary free mentorship but with an emphasis on BIPOC

Mission 5

This is my commitment

Act Now!

Ultimately change starts with you. I am learning and unlearning some of the biases embedded into my culture to promote more diversity and inclusivity. Challenge yourself to see things from another perspective and embody change for the future. A great source as a daily reminder is Anti Racism Daily. Keep challenging yourself to be more open to all. Release judgments and expectations and strive to create unity in belonging.

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Blossom & Berry

This is grounded action that I can commit to with the intention of regular review.

This is not the answer to solve the problem but takes things further forward.

Please contact me if you have any comments or questions on this.

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