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Welcome to Blossom & Berry-The Home Of Baby Massage & Yoga Training

This is our frequently asked questions page designed to release any fears or worries you might have about training and inspire you to teach. You are in safe hands.

If you are looking to train as a professional baby massage and yoga teacher, you are in exactly the right place and we can help you start your own successful business that you love that reflects your passion for support the health and wellbeing of parents and babies.

We know that taking a new path and studying can feel like a big scary decision but we are help to help you all the way and support you in your new business. We have helped over 300 teachers across the world train and set up their own successful independent massage and yoga practices.

We have complied a list of the most frequently asked questions and given you all the answers you need. You can also find lots of free resources to help to get you started, success stories from our teachers and mini courses on the website to help you feel confident in your decision to train with us.

We have the most wide ranging and comprehensive training courses on baby and child massage and you can find all the details here Take a good look around the website and discover all the different options we have for you. See what feels right.

If you want some help in finding out what might be the perfect course for you, take a look at my introductory video which I have made especially for you. I am here to help you so if you need anything, you can email or call me for a chat.


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What is the right course for me?

If you want to teach baby massage then you can get started right away with our baby massage course which is the foundation of all our courses.

If you want to practice both massage and yoga then the combined diploma offers better value for you.

If you want to start a full practice and really focus on creating a fully integrated business, then the integrated diploma or nurture practice course are the best choices.

If you need any help you can just book a call with me to find the perfect course for you

Can I call you to talk everything through?

Yes please do! I can help you with any of your questions.

My number is 07958626933

I am here throughout your learning journey and beyond to support you. I keep in touch with my teachers.

What about running my own business? I am not sure what to do?

We give you business and marketing advice as part of the course and lots of free resources to help you. You can also choose to take a coaching and mentoring course option with Gayle for extra help.

You can also take our totally free, value packed mini course on how to leave the 9-5 to create a business you love. It’s in the free resources section on the website.

Will I miss out on professional tuition learning at home?

No. I have designed the course materials to be in depth. The course also provides online footage and summary lessons if you prefer a more visual style of learning. Courses come with footage of teaching an actual classes or one to one private sessions and routines. If there is something you need we will record it for you and upload it to our video library. This means that anything you need more support on can be provided.

You can study anytime at home and have LIFETIME ACCESS to all materials so there is no pressure to download and learn everything. We also update our resources regularly and share them.

My promise to you is if you need anything to understand how to teach, I can create it for you.

100% of our students said our courses exceeded their expectations.

I mark your work and give you feedback as a private one to one tutor for your work. I answer your questions and support your studies.

Will I be able to make a good income from my business?

Yes, Like all businesses, its successful is down to the person running it but we help you gain the skills and the confidence you need to succeed.

Most four week courses are between £40-£90 per person and classes have between 6-8 parents attending so your income per class can be between £240-£720 per month for just one class.

Running three classes a week could provide an income of £720-£2160 a month. This is on the basis of 5 hours teaching time a week.

You can also earn money from one to ones and workshops as well.

We give you teaching templates for a wide variety of different sessions and workshops.

How soon can I start teaching?

It’s up to you. There are 6 written modules to complete. Each takes around 2-3 hours to study. There is also a 4 week case study you need to deliver which we give you all the resources for.

The quickest anyone has studied and completed the course is 6 weeks but most people take 12 weeks.

If you are studying the integrated diploma, it is likely to take you around 6-9 months in total to complete but you can start teaching each section of the course as you pass it (i.e. you can teach baby massage after 12 weeks, baby yoga after 20 weeks etc).

You should aim to complete all your courses in 1 year.

Even if you complete your study within the time you are paying your instalments, you can start teaching and still stagger your payments ♡

Are you a franchise? Do I have to pay you extra money?

No we are not. We are a high quality training provider. You are free to teach under your own business name or use our resources if you wish.

We don’t grant licences to use our name.

We don’t believe in a franchise structure for our training and teaching. Your success is your own and we support you.

We have a free Nurture Collective which supports all our students across the world and a place where you can connect with other teachers.

We have no extra fees for our core training EVER

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can. You can sign up to pay via instalments on many of our courses via paypal or BACS. Look for the payment option as you check out on the online courses or email There is a £50 admin charge for instalments

Is the qualification recognised?

Yes, our in Baby Massage Diploma onlibe training is recognised by The Royal College of Midwives, The Federation of Holistic Therapists and the CTHA. Baby Yoga Diploma in-person training by FHT and our distance training courses are recognised by the IICT, Blossom & Berry and the International Federation of Therapists. All our courses are insured by Westminster Professional Indemnity Insurance Provider enabling you to practice as a professional instructor on completion of the diplomas.

What is required as part of the distance learning program for baby massage & yoga?

You will be required to study the modules, watch the films and do further reading. At the end of each module there are some short answer questions which you will need to answer and send to Blossom & Berry by email for marking. Once the module has been submitted and marked you can move onto the next module. There is no time limit on how quickly you study the modules but you must complete the whole course within 12 months of enrolment. When you have completed the last module on your course you will be required to organise and teach a baby massage or yoga course to a group of 3 or more parents. You will need to write up these teaching sessions and send evaluations from the parents as evidence.Once all modules and case studies are completed and marked then you will receive your diploma and can begin to practice as a professional Blossom & Berry Baby Massage or Yoga Instructor.

What if I am not happy with Blossom & Berry?

If you have a complaint regarding Blossom & Berry or the course material. Please contact us and we will try to rectify the situation. We try to always do the best for our students. Your success is our success! We are here to support you and learn from your feedback. Due to the digital nature of our content we don’t provide a refund once you have enrolled.

How will I study the course?

You can study online, in a small group or via one to one training. When you are provided with your modules, please print it off and/or have the online version open on your computer as we have sent up links from the modules to various websites on the internet for further research and for visual learning and we have links to many resources online. You should also watch the mini lectures online relevant to each module to help expand your knowledge.Please do read into your subject and buy some of the suggested books on the reading list. Some of the questions from each module will require you to research your subject in more detail than just provided in the notes.

What happens when I complete the course?

Once you have submitted all the question papers from the modules and case studies we will issue your diploma which will enable you to get professional insurance. You can stay as part of the community for as long as you want.

What are the benefits of home learning?

You can learn at your own pace allowing flexibility. Instead of intensive teaching you will have time to absorb the information and form your own opinions. The cost of training is also reduced as you do not have to travel or stay away from home. Our Skype option brings the best of in person training and distance learning together. With all our courses you get access to all our online materials as part of your enrolment.

How do I pay for the course and enrol?

You simply chose the course you want and then;

1. Create an account.
2. Choose how you want to study.
3. Pay via paypal or BACS
4. If you pay by Paypal, you access your course immediately. If it’s via BACS we will be in touch within 24 hours.
5. Start studying.

You can pay via Paypal or by BACS to our bank account.

Details are;

Blossom & Berry Santander Bank Acc no. 34447483 Sort code 720006

If you are paying by BACS from outside the UK, details on our IBAN details are below.
Santander Bank
Bridle Road
L30 4GB
IBAN: GB72ABBY09015634457489 Acc no. 34457489
Sort code 090156

Is the course expensive?

No. It’s a value packed investment into a business and life you will love.

Joining Blossom & Berry is not expensive and aims to help others to start running a successful businesses throughout the UK. We are a low cost and low risk training/business option.

Our programs are based on practical and commercial experience. For a small investment you can grow your own business and achieve success.Training starts from £899 which will give you a complete business.

Blossom & Berry courses deliver 100% value and enable you to achieve a confident professional status as a teacher. We give you exactly what you need to succeed.

You also get lots of free resources and help in regular Facebook lives, PDF’s and short courses.

We are so much more than just a training provider ♡

I am already teaching baby massage so what courses can I take?

We have lots of CPD courses in massage and music, colic support, toddler massage that can help you extend your practice in our diplomas

You can also convert to Blossom & Berry to use our resources and join the network.

We also have our growing babies and business with love business membership program

Do I need to do much reading on the course?

Yes! The more you read into the subject the more fascinating it becomes. There are many informative books on the subject of infant massage/ yoga. Please keep reading into the subject. We can supply you with a reading list. Most books can be ordered from the library.

How do I get and submit my work?

Each module can be downloaded from our online learning platform. Details are sent on enrolment. At the end of each module there are a set of questions which you need to email back to Blossom & Berry to the address On the email you should state your name and your module title and date. We will acknowledge receipt of the email and mark and return it to you between 7-14 days later. If you have not answered a question correctly we will contact you and ask you to resubmit the question again. You will need to obtain 80% on each module question paper. We do not seek to fail anyone on the course but give the opportunity for students to study for questions again.

Do I need to do case studies?

You will be required to teach a group of 3 plus parents a baby massage/yoga course over a period of 4 weeks. Other courses have different requirements. You will need to submit evaluation forms from your parents and complete a self reflective entry on your teaching experience. We will supply you with your evaluation forms to distribute to parents. The case studies must be completed or you will not receive your qualification. We can provide you with the relevant handouts for your clients. Our CPD courses generally do not need any written work or case studies.

What Learning Support is there?

We can hep you learn through videos, audios and you can submit your work as bullet points if written work is a challenge. We are here to support you.

When can I start my course?

Right now! You can enrol online and start studying now or check our timetable for our next course in your area. You can enrol at anytime during the year except when the office is closed for holidays.

Are the courses recognised so I can practice professionally?

All our courses are accredited by Blossom & Berry and recognised by Westminster indemnity insurance.

Our baby massage in person training is also recognised by FHT, IICT, CHTA and the online course by the Royal College of Midwives.

Our baby yoga in person courses are recognised by the FHT and IICT

All our online courses are accredited by Blossom & Berry and have insurance provided by Westminster Indemnity Insurance. This is the key to professional practice and our courses have been covered for over 7 years.

All our courses enable you to practice professionally.

How is my work assessed?

Your work is assessed/marked after each module is submitted. You are required to achieve 80% in your question papers. If you do not achieve 80%, you paper will be returned to you and you will have another opportunity to resubmit the question paper. I mark all your work and I am your tutor.

In what form are the assessments?

They consist of short answer questions with some longer answer questions. No Harvard referencing is required and you can write in the first person. I want to know your thoughts and opinions

What happens if I am struggling with the course material?

You can contact us by phone or email and we will endeavour to help you as much as possible. We want you to pass your diploma so will support you as much as possible.

How long do I have to complete my course?

You have one year to complete the course but you have lifetime access to all the materials so if you have a break from teaching you can return easily. If there are any issues with this then please let us know and we can help.

What about insurance?

Blossom & Berry courses are professional courses recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance a leader in holistic insurance provision. We recommend Westminster for insuring all your holistic therapies. Applications are quick, simple and easy and all done online.

What age babies can I teach on the baby massage and yoga courses?

You can teach baby massage and yoga to babies that are 8 weeks plus up to crawling/walking. Babies under this age can benefit from other techniques covered in our other course “Newborn Nurture”

What other resources will I need to buy?

You will need to purchase a baby massage doll from and some yoga mats. Books can be purchased from a book shop or on Ebay or Amazon or even better borrowed from the local library.

Do you need to have a baby to be a teacher?

Definitely not! We don’t recommend that you take your own children to classes however. Whether or not you have children, you can teach baby massage.

Is the qualification internationally recognised?

Our training is recognised in many countries around the world and accredited by the IICT and the international federation of therapists. Local insurance needs to be obtained in your country. Our insurance provider covers you in Europe and many other countries worldwide, other than US. You can contact them directly for details at Westminster Indemnity Insurance-

How many teachers have you taught?

I have taught over 1000 teachers to become baby massage and yoga teachers. It grows everyday. I would love to teach you!