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I created the Blossom & Berry Nurture Foundation when I was 40 because I wanted to give back all the amazing time, love and energy I had received from my work as a baby massage & yoga instructor. I have created and support a number of initiatives within the community both in the UK and overseas to help provide support and education to parents, baby massage training and classes to those who may not be able to access these vital services.

“Blossom & Berry Nurture Foundation aims to provide skills training, professional tuition & practical support to those who wish to access and learn about the benefits of positive touch, love and secure attachment for parents and children. We believe that love creates love and in investing in the emotional wellbeing of families to help nurture a generation of healthy, happy and positive communities”

As Blossom & Berry develops and grows, it’s my goal and responsiblity to give back to society and help make an impact in the world. I support the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development with a focus on Goal 3 which promotes good health and wellbeing for all. I have voluntary projects in a number of different settings around the world to help provide education around nurturing touch and early childhood development and to empower and support vulnerable mothers. I want to play my part in elevating communities out of poverty. In direct response to this I am the co founder of the charity Love Support Unite alongside my work at Blossom & Berry. This has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

Malawi Mother & Baby Health Initative 

Establishing Malawi Mother & Baby Health Initative with Love Support Unite. This project has been running for over four years and supports over 450 women and babies.

Nurturing care means that babies and children have a loving and secure relationship with a care giver that ensures that their needs are met, they feel safe and secure, they are provided with care that supports their health and nutrition and they are protected from risks and violence. 

Studies have shown that the long term benefits of this include better health and wealth outcomes, less social tensions and greater opportunites for education and learning (Lancet 2016)

Our Program Provides;

  • The opportunity for parents and babies to attune to each other and form a secure attachment which is vital for emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
  • The opportunity to learn about the importance of education and early childhood development.
  • The opportunity for parents to learn how to suuport their babies health and wellbeing.
  • Empowerment for mothers and children in the community through access to education and elevation of their status and rights within the community.
  • Farming projects to help provide a sustainable feeding program.

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Growing babies with love program

Working in orphanage settings-Helping share the benefits of baby massage in Ghana with Michelle McCarroll and Simon’s Mango Tree. After the success of taking infant massage training to staff in orphanages in Malawi, Blossom & Berry is supporting the work of Simon’s Mango Tree in an orphanage in Ghana.

We are helping to sponsor a key worker for the babies in the orphanage and also helping to provide training materials and resources to allow women to learn the benefits of positive interaction with babies through infant massage. The project is headed up by Michelle, one of our teachers and we fully support her and the work of Simon’s Mango Tree.

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Nurture Packs give mothers & babies in Malawi the basics for the first few weeks after birth

Giving birth in Malawi has many challenges for women;

  • A woman in Malawi has a one in 26 chance of dying in pregnancy or childbirth.
  • The majority of births are in health facillites but they are under staffed and under resourced.
  • For every 1000 live births, 22 newborns die.
  • Most new mothers do not receive post natal care.

Maternal deaths could be prevented through better quality care. 

Most mothers in rural Malawi have very little possessions and so Nurture Packs are designed to give mothers a basic pack to help them recover from childbirth and provide care for their babies. When I visited local midwifery centres close to Lilongwe, it was clear that the staff struggled with resources to support new mothers and babies. The things we take for granted after giving birth are a luxury for many new mothers in Malawi. Every item makes a difference to a new mother & baby.

Nurture Packs are designed to give mothers a sense of dignity as they begin motherhood and to help support new baby care, health & wellbeing. These items can save lives and prevent illness and complications after birth.

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Love Creates Love Network

We have a network of free groups for parents called Love Creates Love. We offer free training in running these groups to encourage our teachers to hold them in their local areas. They offer TLC for parents, information on the importance of bonding and friendship.

For more information on the Love creates Love campaign visit our page by clicking here

Working with Kilo De Ayuda to reach parents in poverty in Mexico to help spread the benefits of positive teach and investment into infant and child mental health. We hope to establish a partnership with this charity to spread the benefits of positive touch education. 

We support Red Down Mexico with providing training bursaries fot their staff and by providing free baby massage workshops for children with down syndrome. We aim to work with them to make baby massage widely accessible to children with special needs.

Training Bursaries

Blossom & Berry training bursaries to enable students to access free online training in baby massage. We have two bursaries a year; one at the end of January and one at the end of June. We aim to help students who might not be able to invest in the course or those who will use the training as part of voluntary groups in the community. 

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Take a look at some of the videos capturing the essence of our projects below;

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