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The Home of Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Welcome to Blossom & Berry-The home of baby massage & yoga training.

I am Gayle, mum of three wonderful children, international expert on baby massage and yoga, founder of Blossom & Berry and love creator!

I would love you to join my network of over 1000 teachers across the world sharing the benefits of nurturing touch, massage and yoga by teaching parents and babies.

I used to be a lawyer in the city of London but my life completely changed when I became a mum. I reinvented myself by setting up my own baby massage and yoga practice so I could be with my children, support parents and babies and do what I love every single day! I would love to teach you how to do the same. 

Blossom & Berry offers award winning training, community, mentorship & support. We are experts in our field and are proud to work with organisations across the world to promote nurturing touch. 

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100% of our students and teachers said our courses exceeded all their expectations and over delivered on value.

Our Nurture Experience- I want to make sure our training is the right fit for you.

I want you to succeed and that means finding exactly the right training provider for you. We don’t just offer teacher training; we are here to support your growth professionally and personally, with lots of fun and friendship along the way. Our training builds businesses, relationships and community. Everyone at Blossom & Berry is here to teach the importance of love, connection and our first relationships. We want all our teachers, and the parents and babies that we teach, to feel that they belong. 

I know it’s a big decision to start a new project or move in a new direction, which is why we are here to hold your hand. Nurturing and creating connections is at the heart of all we do. That starts with my teachers and flows through to parent and baby classes. It’s my job to make sure you are a confident teacher and I am here to listen and create what you need to succeed. We grow both babies and businesses with love.

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I am here to help & support you to teach baby massage & yoga and create a family flexible business you will love….

I will train you to teach baby massage and baby yoga to support parents and babies and to promote the importance of love and connection through nurturing touch, massage and yoga.

You are safe in our hands. I have been training students across the world since 2002. I know what you need to do to become a confident teacher, build a successful business and I can help you grow.

Want to love what you do everyday AND make a difference in the world? You can with our award winning, fully accredited training. 

You can start to teach today from just £79.99 a month as part of our instalment plans……

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My mission & mantra is “Love Creates Love”

Blossom & Berry teachers support & nurture parents so they can love, support and nurture their babies. Love creates love.

I want to create more love in the world by creating more connected relationships between parents & babies through nurturing touch, massage and yoga classes. I am creating an empowered and inspiring global network of teachers across the world to help me and together we are creating a family first future.

Join our mission to grow babies with love, touch, responsive care and positive interaction and learn how to create nurturing experiences for parents and babies to deepen connection and confidence.

All our courses focus on touch as a way to support infant and maternal mental health as we believe this is the foundation for health and happiness. Train with us to discover why we hold the future of humanity in our hands.

Are you ready to join us?

We get it and we got you….

We know that family comes first for you and that you don’t want to miss out on time and experiences with your children. Maybe it seems like time is running away. We know you have all kinds of emotions right now; Fear, love. worry, joy, overwhelm, passion.

We totally get it. We know and understand that you want the best for your family and that means it’s okay to want what you want for you. It’s inspirational to dream of a life where you are there for your children and doing something that you love and lights you up. To have the courage to start a new life for your family. To step in a new direction..even if it’s a bit daunting. To want to support other mums and babies.

But it’s all okay. We got you. And we know how you want to feel stepping into the future;

Confident. Supported. Empowered.

You want to experience and build community. You want to be proud of your own achievements and be you as well as a mummy and you want your family to be proud of you and to show them what is possible.

We get it because we do this day in day out. We are here to nurture you. To help you. To empower you. To hold your hand whilst you reach your goals. To support you whilst you support others. Because life is easier when you are connected, seen, heard and supported. It’s what we teach and what we do. It’s at the heart of our business….and we got you.

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What our teachers say...

We love our students and have over 1000 teachers across the world. Listen to some feedback from one of our online learning students, Natasha talking about her experience of learning with us and visit our testimonials page for more information.

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How you make a difference from the start when you study with us.

When you invest in your training with Blossom & Berry you make a difference. We give 10% of all our baby massage teacher training enrolments to support vulnerable parents and babies around the world through our Nurture Foundation.

When you join us you help bring postive and empowering change to famillies and communities across the world through our projects which include;

  • Free bursary teacher training places

  • Free orphanage teacher training across the world.

  • Mother & Baby health and wellness initiatives in Malawi, Ghana & Botswana

  • Voluntary “Love Creates Love” groups for parents and babies across the world

  • Support for refugee famillies in Greece

  • Free training for organisations supporting vulnerable parents and babies in Mexico.

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