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The webinar was so useful and I gave me an insight into what teaching would be like. It was also really inspiring to hear what is possible as a baby massage and yoga teacher

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You can come and meet Gayle in London at one of her monthly pop up Connection Sessions. You can talk through any aspect of your baby massage and yoga business or ask any questions in person before you start to train with us.

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Free “Introduction To Baby Massage” Download.

Click on the image to the right for your basic guide to baby massage. This is an example of the type of resources you recieve to use as a Blossom & Berry teacher. You can use this and share this with anyone wanting to learn the basics of baby massage. The full version is included with our training courses.

We also have lots of free videos on baby masage and yoga. Many can be found on the website but we also have our own You Tube & Vimeo Channel with lots of content for you to watch, use and share.

Check out and watch BBTV

Have a look at our video resources showing baby massage and the importance of skin to skin contact on Vimeo and You Tube. Blossom & Berry support Unicef’s Baby Friendly Initiative and the United Nations Global Goals For Development.

Some of our favourite videos are here. Watch Gayle talking about baby massage as part of her work with the Huffington Post and Colief.

Our You Tube channel has lots of videos on babies, baby massage and yoga. You can find us here

I am also Channel Mum’s Baby Massage Expert and you can pick up lots of tips from my video series here 



Check out my blog and our bonus extras

I write a regular blog on everything to do with baby massage & yoga, infant and maternal mental health and how to run a successful baby business. You can catch up on my blog here.

Music for your soul.

Beautiful music to inspire you for your study and to share in your classes. We update our playlists regularly and love to share them with you for inspiration. You can receive a monthly playlist from us when you sign up for our Love Bundle via email here

Good advice and support should always be free. Take a look at these videos by Gayle to help you release any fears about training or starting a business and gain the confidence to go for it!


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