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Learn the key formula and skills you need to develop to successfully teach baby massage and yoga with Blossom & Berry’s FREE 5 day mini e course delivered direct to your mailbox 

If you are on my website, it probably means you are looking at options to learn to teach baby massage & yoga to support new parents and babies with baby massage and yoga and give you a flexible business around your baby.

You are in totally the right place. Thanks for dropping in to connect with us.

You are one of many welcome visitors we have on our website everyday looking at how to create their own baby massage and yoga business. Maybe you have discovered baby massage and yoga yourself with your own baby and now you realise that this is what you want to do? Or maybe you have tried to find a class yourself and there isn’t one and so you would like to start your own classes? Maybe you want to have a flexible business that works around your baby or you have a passion for supporting other parents and babies?

So here is the BUT…..

What if I fail?

Can I really do this? I don’t know how to start a business!

What will I do if I start teaching and I have a problem? Who can I ask to help me?

What if its all too much and overwhelms me?

How can I make enough money doing what I want to do?

Will people think I am crazy and I will end up regretting leaving the security of a full time job?

And here is the ANSWER…..

Access our free “Beginning With Baby Massage” online training.

Learn the key formula and skills you need to develop to successfully teach baby massage and yoga with Blossom & Berry’s FREE 5 day mini e course delivered direct to your mailbox

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  • Our Five Step Action Plan Training to help you understand what are the secret ingredients for creating a successful baby business.
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  • An invitation to have a one to one telephone consultation with me on whether teaching baby massage and yoga is right for you.

This is my gift to you so you can be sure that training with us is the best decision you will make. I want you to know that we are the right training provider for you and that we will be able to work together to make a difference to the lives of parents and babies around the world. I have trained over 1000 teachers to create successful baby massage and yoga businesses.

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Yes Please

Let me help you decide whether training with us is the right decision…

It is very important to me that you are fully committed to achieving your full success and potential as a teacher and in your business. Maybe you need to chat to your partner or family so you have their full support?

These FREE downloads will help you to begin to map out your future, just click on the image. We are here to help you.

Free “The Gift Of Touch-Introduction To Baby Massage” Download.

Click on the image to the right for your basic guide to baby massage. This is an example of the type of resources you receive to use as a Blossom & Berry teacher. You can use this and share this with anyone wanting to learn the basics of baby massage. The full version is included with our training courses plus so many more bonus materials in our resource library.

We are always creating new resources to share with our teachers and their parents. We help you get started by using our materials and then in time you can create your own or use ours in conjunction with yours. You are free to trade under your own brand but equally you can lean on us when you need to. 

With Blossom & Berry, you get the best of both worlds; freedom and support.

Let’s have a virtual coffee date…..

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If you have been on and off my website a few times, (lots of my students tell me that this happened before they trained with me!) why not book a free one to one connection call with me to help you in your journey to teach baby massage and yoga? I am here to support you and you can ask any questions and get any advice. It’s a big decision so give me a call to talk it all through. I will give you my honest feedback on whether our training is right for you. 

You can book a call with me here

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Good advice and support should always be free. Take a look at these videos by Gayle to help you release any fears about training or starting a business and gain the confidence to go for it!


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