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I believe that love creates love and it is Blossom & Berry’s mission to teach love across the world through nuturing touch.

How we change the world with love

Love creates love brings to life my mission to make the world a happier, more compassionate and connected place through empowering parents to respond to their babies needs and teach love through nurturing touch, massage & yoga.

Our training teaches our students to support and nurture parents who in turn love, nurture and support their babies who can then grow and develop knowing that the world is a loving, compassionate, empathetic and connected place.

This is how we make an impact in the world and empower hundreds of parents and babies across the world everyday.

And it all starts with touch and connection.

So let’s talk about why love matters….

Baby massage and yoga are tools to develop a strong and secure attachment between a parent and baby. Developing a secure attachment in childhood is the foundation of mental and physical health and the effects last a lifetime influencing health, wealth and education. The power to help children reach their full potential lies in our hands.

A parent is a baby’s guide in life and shapes the environment in which the baby grows. In order to create the most nurturing and loving environment for baby, a parent must also feel nurtured and loved. This is the basis of love creates love.

Why is touch & connection so important?

You are your baby’s first teacher and he/she learns about emotions, feelings and social interaction from you. Love lessons are the best ones to share with your baby; to help shape how their babies brain develops and how they perceive the world. This window of opportunity in the first 1001 days of life to help support a baby’s emotional development is vital to help create a secure child who is confident to explore the world, interacting with others with the knowledge he/she is loved.

Touch is a baby’s most developed sense at birth. Nurturing touch communicates love, trust, belonging and security. These are the foundations of emotional and physical health. 

Babies become who we are, not who we tell them to be. Be love.-Gayle Berry

Love starts with you- Teach Love

In everything we do at Blossom & Berry, we teach love.

Our teachers love what they do and it shines through their work and classes. They are our Nurture Ambassadors. Our classes focus jointly on the health and wellbeing of parents and babies.

All our trainings come with a free Love Creates Love group creator course to enable my teachers to set up voluntary groups to support parents alongside their classes. Parents are children’s first teachers and we know relaxed, positive parents help to create relaxed, secure and positive children.

Nurturing touch, massage and yoga is so powerful for parents and babies because it communicates love through the release of hormones that support social connection, relaxation and optimum mental and physical health. Practising baby massage and yoga provides a nurturing, loving and supportive environment which is vital for babies to thrive.

“Every child who receives love has the capacity to go on and give love, and so it continues, to make the world a more compassionate and peaceful place. Love creates Love” -Gayle Berry

When we invest in love and empathy, big changes flow from this and the impact is beneficial for us all and it all starts with touch and connection.

Investing in love-The greatest rewards for the world

This video explains how love creates love. The latest scientific research on how baby’s develop identify love as vital for babies survival.

Love creates love underpins all we do. The foundations of baby massage lie in infant mental health and underpin all our courses. Our love creates love groups help to support parents and babies even further than our classes. It’s our way to give back and to create what we wish to see in the world at a grass roots level.

Blossom & Berry cares…

We see the invisible work that parents do and the primary importance of celebrating and valuing parenting.

What happens in the space between the parent and baby in the early years of life influences their future. The importance of supported parenting cannot be underestimated as a catalyst for social change. -Gayle Berry

This is our special message to all the Mummies creating love made with love from our teachers.

We love science…

There have been lots of studies done on the importance of positive interaction for infants and children. Sadly, much of the work focuses on children who have been exposed to neglect where high levels of stress hormones coupled with minimum adult interaction has resulted in permanent changes in their brain structure leading to impaired emotional wellbeing and difficulty in adjusting to stress and anxiety in adulthood (Rutter 1989 et al). There has been much work done on the idea that many emotional difficulties suffered by adults stem from early but poor interactions experienced as children. Childhood is the key time to create, experience and demostrate love.

In addition, the “Love Creates Love” concept follows ideas evolved from research produced by The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. The Center refers to a concept called “Serve and Return” to describe positive reciprocal interaction between a baby and parent. As the parent teaches, the baby learns, the parent responds with a positive cue and an association in the baby’s brain is made. These early interactions are vital to how the early infant brain becomes wired and responsive and help create the foundations for emotional intelligence (Goleman 1995). To find out more about research supporting baby massage click here.

Why parents are so important- Nurturing The Future-1001 days to save the world

We now know that the first 1001 days from conception to two are the most critical in giving babies the best start in life.

This means that throughout pregnancy, a mother to be (and father) needs the right support, nutrition and nurturing experiences to grow a healthy baby and to make the adjustment into parenthood feeling confidence and positive. To be able to give love and nurturing care as a parent, you must also receive it.

We know from the study of epigenetics that infant/child brain development is 20% nature (gene based) and 80% nurture (environment based) Parents are their baby’s first teacher and are how he/she learns about emotions, feelings and social interaction. Love lessons are the best ones parents can share with their baby.These lessons shape how a baby perceives the world, helps regulate a baby’s emotions and makes baby feel connected and accepted.

Babies are completely open to learning how to give and receive love. This window of opportunity is vital to help create a secure attachment and develop a child who is confident to explore the world and interact with others with the knowledge he/she is loved. Baby massage and yoga is a loving practice helping to make this happen.

We create our society from the lessons we teach our children. It’s time to teach love.

Our Mission Statement

Love is the best investment you can make at anytime, for anyone, anywhere-Love YOURSELF

Love, look after and nurture yourself. You feel better, more positive, energetic and happy. Loving yourself is your greatest gift to the world-Love OTHERS

When you love others, you create relationships defined by positive communication, understanding and compassion. Nurturing touch helps to create connection and build love in a powerful way-Love YOUR COMMUNITY

When people come together in love and with empathy and compassion, BIG things can happen like positive social change, freedom and justice.

Love can change the world

See how Blossom & Berry are helping to create more loving and connected relationships for parents and babies in Malawi through our charitable project. We reach more than 450 parents and babies each year. We donate 10% of our profits from our baby massage courses to this project and we take volunteers to visit our projects each year.

For more details on what we do, you can read our Nurture Manifesto here and to find out how we make an impact in the world with our training you can read our Impact Statement here

Want to join us to teach love and change the world?