The importance of love and bonding for babies using touch, skin contact and baby massage
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I believe that love creates love.

Love Creates Love brings to life my mission to make the world a happier, more compassionate and connected place through empowering parents to respond to their babies needs and teach love through nurturing touch, massage & yoga. 

I teach and train individuals all over the world to nurture babies and children to create positive happy relationships and secure attachments for the future. I believe relaxed, positive parents help to create relaxed, secure and positive children. I believe that when we teach respect, positive communication and love to babies and children through nurturing touch, we invest in a more compassionate society. Love and touch are completely connected. Touch communicates love and love deepens connection. 

Big changes can flow from this and the impact can be beneficial for us all.

And it all starts with touch and connection.

Why is love, touch & connection so important?

You are your baby’s first teacher and he/she learns about emotions, feelings and social interaction from you. Love lessons are the best ones to share with your baby; to help shape how their babies brain develops and how they perceive the world. This window of opportunity to help support a baby’s emotional development is vital to help create a secure child who is confident to explore the world, interacting with others with the knowledge he/she is loved.

It sounds simple, but sometimes it can be difficult to share love if you are not feeling it for yourself or have not experienced it. If you are not experiencing loving feelings at the moment, don’t be concerned. Creating and sharing love can start and happen at any time. Not everyone falls in love at first sight. Love grows and blossoms over time and with attention. The good news is that there are things you can do to help create love.

I have created free downloadable resources for you to take-away and use below on practising love during pregnancy and post natally and there are a growing number of Love Creates Love Groups which are facilitated by Blossom & Berry trained teachers and take place across the country/world.

We want to encourage you to show love through all stages of parenthood to not only your baby but also yourself. Here are some free gifts for you to read and download and start using right away. 

Take a look at my video below where I am talking about why love matters and why the love creates love message is central to all of Blossom & Berry’s practices.

Where does love start?

It starts with everyone. Our thoughts and actions everyday. It can begin at anytime. A fantastic time to discover the importance of love creation is when you become pregnant and a new parent. You have the opportunity to create a love filled environment to nurture your child and support his/her development. Every child who receives love has the capacity to go on and give love, and so it continues. Love creates Love.

Babies are love. They are open to learning how to give and receive love. They are non judgmental and open minded.  This means parents have an amazing opportunity to help shape how their babies brain develops and how they perceive the world. This window of opportunity to help support a baby’s emotional development is vital to help create a secure child who is confident to explore the world, interacting with others with the knowledge he/she is loved. The easiest way to communicate love to your baby is through nurturing touch and skin to skin contact. Your baby will feel your love and be soothed and reassured. When a baby understands he is loved and secure, he grows in confidence and thrives.

Being a new parent can feel and be all consuming but in order to feel positive, energised and teach love to your baby, it’s vitally important that you take time to nurture and love yourself. To be able to give love, you must also receive it.

As Brene Brown said: “You can only love your child as much as you love yourself”.

Love is the best investment you can make at anytime, for anyone, anywhere.

Love yourself-
Love, look after and nurture yourself. You feel better, more positive, energetic and happy.

Love others
-When you love others, you create relationships defined by positive communication, understanding and compassion. Nurturing touch helps to create connection.

Love your community
-When people come together in love, BIG things can happen like positive social change, freedom and justice.

You can find full details of the principles that underpin Blossom & Berry’s training courses, campaigns and classes in our Nurture Manifesto here

My work over the last 17 years is helping to empower parents, connect famillies, grow babies with love and make a difference to communities. To find out more about how teaching baby massage and yoga has such a beneficial impact, take a look at our Impact Statement here

Why love can change the world

Here is a little snippet of my recent talk at Suzy Ashworth’s Limitless Live Experience at Canada Water Theatre in London. I spoke about why love can truly change the world and how love starts with connection which begins with touch. The full video is available in all our training courses.

And now for the science…….we love research!

The science, so we all know that love is a wonderful thing but this is supported by scientific evidence. Not many people talk about this part but I feel it is hugely important. “Love Creates Love” may sound like a simple idea but it is built on information from studies of how the infant brain develops and how, as mammals, we react to touch.

There have been lots of studies done on the importance of positive interaction for infants and children. Sadly, much of the work focuses on children who have been exposed to neglect where high levels of stress hormones coupled with minimum adult interaction has resulted in permanent changes in their brain structure leading to impaired emotional wellbeing and difficulty in adjusting to stress and anxiety in adulthood (Rutter 1989 et al). There has been much work done on the idea that many emotional difficulties suffered by adults stem from early but poor interactions experienced as children. Childhood is the key time to create, experience and demostrate love.

In addition, the “Love Creates Love” concept follows ideas evolved from research produced by The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. The Center refers to a concept called “Serve and Return” to describe positive reciprocal interaction between a baby and parent. As the parent teaches, the baby learns, the parent responds with a positive cue and an association in the baby’s brain is made. These early interactions are vital to how the early infant brain becomes wired and responsive and help create the foundations for emotional intelligence (Goleman 1995). To find out more about research supporting baby massage click here.

Learn to create love; Learn baby massage 

 Learning and practising baby massage with your baby is an amazing way to communicate your love and create a close bond. Baby massage is so much more than just touch. It helps to support your baby’s emotional development through eye contact, communication and presence. Touch boosts the production of oxytocin in both you and your baby’s body which helps you both feel the love. Blossom & Berry instructors focus on helping you feel empowered and loved as a parent so that this positivity flows into your relationship with your baby. Classes are relaxed and run at your baby’s pace. Nurturing touch is an expression of love.

What to find out more?

You will find lots of information on the benefits of baby massage here.There are also lots of free resources on baby massage that you can download in our Parent’s Hub here. We are complete infant mental health geeks, so if you want to know a bit more about the science behind why nurturing yourself and your baby is the best thing you can do for you and your family (and the world!), take a look at this

Help spread the love – Train to become a baby massage & yoga teacher with us and join the Nurture Collective.

If we have got you all excited about our mission, why not consider becoming a baby massage and yoga instructor and teach love. All our courses cover the importance of social and emotional development of babies and children through positive interaction.

Visit our courses page for more information on all our professional courses. All our teacher’s receive free Love Creates Love Group Training & complementary hand and massage training to provide treatments for parents to get the oxytocin flowing.

Looking for a Love Creates Love Group?

To find a local Love Creates Love Group you can email us, and we can connect you with one near to you.


Love can change the world

See how Blossom & Berry are helping to create more loving and connected relationships for parents and babies in Malawi through our charitable project. We reach more than 450 parents and babies each year.