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Gayle Berry

International Lecturer & Expert on Baby Massage & Yoga

Founder of Blossom & Berry, BA, Dip. Law, PGCE, IAIM, Birthlight, Dip Hypno, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach  ITEC Massage, Author, Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher, Children’s Yoga Teacher, Doula & Sleep Consultant.

I am an international expert on infant massage and yoga, mother of three & the UK Director of Love Support Unite.

I founded Blossom & Berry in 2001 as a result of my experiences as a nervous new mother, feeling lost and unsure how to make my daughter happy. I wanted to calm, soothe and bond with her but she was very colicky in the early weeks and cried a lot and I lost my confidence in understanding her needs and what I should be doing. I discovered baby massage and it transformed my life empowering me to embrace my role as a mother and respond to everything my daughter needed as I tuned into my instincts and into her cues.

It sent me on an incredible journey that would completely change my life. I went from a city lawyer to a baby massage instructor and through my successful business practice I have been able to completely love my job, find my passion in life and spend time with my three children as they have grown up. This has been my greatest joy. 

The video explains my journey from city lawyer to baby massage expert.

I am very happy to say I have taught hundreds of parents baby massage and have trained students around the world to set up successful practices teaching and supporting parents and babies using a holistic, natural and intutative approach to parenting and childhood. 

I have worked with organisations such as Pampers, Nurofen for Children, Mother & Baby Magazine, Practical Parenting Magazine, Colief and New World Music, Huffington Post, Huggies Wipes to provide education on baby massage and I am the author of “Baby Massage-Expert know-how at your fingertips”.

If you would like to discuss the right course for you, schedule a free 30 minute mentor session with me here I would love to hear from you xx

I am the author of “Baby Massage: Expert advice at your fingertips” and “The Simple Guide To Baby Massage” which has sold copies across the world. I also wrote Blossom & Berry’s “Soothe, Settle & Sleep Program” which has helped hundreds of parents. I have consulted on New World Music’s Baby Massage soundtrack album as well as being involved in numerous other media projects with Nurofen for children, Huggies, Colief & Huffington Post.


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Gayle’s Qualifications

Gayle has a law degree from Warwick University, a diploma in legal practice and a PGCE in teaching in the lifelong learning sector from the University of Essex. She trained with the International Association of Infant Massage, Birthlight Yoga, Yoga Gro, Tatty Bumpkin and worked on a number of media projects to share her expertise on baby massage. She is also a clinical hypnotherapist, doula, massage therapist, pre and post natal yoga teacher and teaches children’s massage and yoga. Gayle is also an infant sleep consultant and focuses on helping to promote a gentle approach to sleep and settling babies.