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Blossom & Berry Nurture Manifesto For Babies, Parents & The Community

The Blossom & Berry Nurture Manifesto aims to set out what we believe needs to happen to help support babies and families with love, care, respect and empathy to create a more connected, compassionate and & peaceful world.

All Blossom & Berry teachers work under this manifesto and we promote these principles through our training, classes and campaigns.

The emotional and mental health of babies and parents underpins all we do at Blossom & Berry. We believe that healthy and supportive relationships are vital to wellbeing and that by supporting and nurturing babies and new parents we have the opportunity to make the world a better place and protect our planet.

Support & Nurturing For Babies & Children 

  • Babies & children have the right to be heard and have their needs met and recognised.
  • Babies & children must be responded to with love, kindness, patience & understanding.
  • Babies & children must recieve nurturing touch and physical interaction when they need it.
  • Babies & children must be helped to understand and regulate their emotions through empathy, physical contact and positive interaction from their care givers.
  • Babies and children must not be neglected, abused or ignored.
  • When babies and children communicate with us, we must respond with love and patience.
  • Babies need consistent loving care to grow and develop physically and emotionally.

Support & Nurturing For New Parents

  • Parents should feel able to express their emotions and opinions freely.
  • Parents should feel able to ask for support from others without fear of judgment or unsolicited advice.
  • Parents should understand that parenting is a process and that it develops through time and experience. There should be no expectation of perfection.
  • Parents should have space to explore their own feelings around their childhoods and how it informs their choices as parents.
  • Parents should have the confidence to follow their instincts and make the choices that are right for their families.¬†
  • Parents should have access to the science and research studies around neuroscience to enable them to learn about emotional and mental health.
  • Parents can release themselves from expectations. You can only do your best at the time.
  • Self care should be a regular practice for all parents. You cannot love, care and nurture another unless you love, care and nurture yourself.
  • Looking after your emotional and mental health starts from conception and pregnant women need to feel relaxed and supported.

Support & Nurturing Within The Community

  • Parenting preparation classes to help women and men adjust to parenting.
  • Relaxation classes should be available in pregnancy to enable women to lower stress and anxiety levels.
  • Relaxed mother led births should be supported and accommodated wherever possible.
  • Support for new mothers for the first six weeks of birth through the health visiting service or a dedicated team of support workers to help new mothers feel value, nurtured & celebrated after birth.
  • Non judgmental parenting support groups for families to attend with research based advice.
  • Baby massage and yoga classes for all new parents to attend.
  • Free or low cost childcare options to enable parents to have a break from childcare.
  • Matching mothers with new mothers to help share wisdom and support.
  • Better support for new mothers suffering from post natal depression or anxiety
  • Better paternity and maternity leave for parents so they are able to dedicate time and attention to meeting their baby’s needs.
  • New parent hubs where parents can go to feel supported and empowered.