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Apply for the Blossom & Berry Bursary Baby Massage Instructor scheme

As a way of saying thank you for all the amazing opportunities teaching baby massage has provided, Blossom & Berry want to give back the opportunity for two students per year to train in baby massage funded by us.

There are two places allocated per year split between the time periods January and June and again between July and December. The full Blossom & Berry Baby Massage Online Training will be provided free of charge via distance learning.

Applicants can apply via email and a place will be allocated at the end of each six month period. Applications will be assessed on a whole range of background information but particular attention will be given to;

Financial limitations,

Opportunities to spread the benefits of baby massage to support vulnerable groups and,

Personal circumstances.

Applicants will also have to satisfy our general enrolment criteria to qualify. We welcome applications from around the world. Please download our application form here and return it to

We hope this opportunity will enable those who want to teach to take the first step towards a new and fulfilling path in life.

Bursary Award Students 2015-2018

Emma Elmas- Winner of our baby massage bursary for July 2017-January 2018. Currently studying to set up her own business.

Katie Burridge – I have had a difficult time in my past due to mental health challenges, however becoming a mum made me get help through therapy. Since then, the rain has stopped, the sun has come out and now there is a beautiful rainbow (although this has not been without hard work). The pathway since having my son has led me to here. I hope to deliver baby massage that empowers carers and particularly those with mental health challenges or who are otherwise vulnerable. Thank you Gayle and Blossom and Berry for this opportunity, I cannot wait to get started!

Rachel Augello – I had been considering setting up a baby massage and yoga business for a while but knew I couldn’t afford it.

Following an emergency C-section under general anaesthetic and no recollection of meeting my new baby I had been left totally detached from my baby and not feeling bonded at all and then I joined a baby massage class and it changed everything.

Suddenly I felt a connection that had been missing: touching him and looking at his face for something if other than feeding bonded us. I feel really strongly that every mother should experience this, but especially mothers who have experienced birth trauma. I was still unsure how to go about it and then it pops up on Instagram about your bursary and I thought that’s a sign!!!

I was overwhelmed to have been chosen for this and see it as a positive set towards my own healing and supporting other mothers.

Carolyn Espina-USA-Doula and centre manager for a supportive housing facility (maternity home) that houses 2 homeless pregnant women (ages 18 & over), their babies & a full time Resident Director (house mother). Her organisation is focused on family preservation and meets the needs of homeless pregnant women, supporting them in their desire to keep and raise their baby.

Katie Ruane– Katie overcame serious illness to train in naturopathy and realised her goal to reach parents and babies with natural, holistic therapies through our training.

Sarah Blackwell-Sarah wanted to study with us so that she could set up baby massage courses in Vancouver for new parents and donate all the profits to the Little Blossoms Project in Malawi and other local charities.

Ripplez-The Ripplez mission is: To make a positive difference to the lives of young families so that they benefit future generations. Our training will be used to support new parents.

Denisse Boissonneault Zamudio- Red Down Mexico. Denisse uses her teaching to support parents with babies with Down Syndrome.

Vicky Fitzgerald & Rhianon Pinkham-Both these students will use infant massage training to support the Little Blossoms Project in Malawi by teaching and training women in poverty.

Julie Burnard-Teaching infant massage in Lincoln.

Student Testimonials