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Welcome to our Love Creates Love Course which harnesses the benefits of teaching infant massage, touch and connection to create a supportive network and community for new parents and encourage positive maternal and infant mental health.

We have a global collective of infant massage and yoga teachers and many of them hold regular Love Creates Love groups to help promote the core values of supporting and celebrating parents, encouraging loving bonds between parents and babies and being responsive to babies through nurturing touch.

This course is free to study with us when you enrol on any course with Blossom & Berry or for a small investment if you would like to start up a group in your local area. It’s packed full of value and takes a week to study and complete. There is a short assessment to submit for marking and review.

It gives an insight into the Blossom & Berry philosophy, mission and study style. It gives you a great foundation to learn baby massage and yoga and enhance your knowledge on the benefits of nurturing touch. All our professional and fully accredited courses use a huge variety of different resources to enable you to feel fully confident and empowered to teach parents.

The course teaches the importance of love, connection and community for physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

I hope you love the course and find it really helpful. It was designed for you, with love

Gayle xxxxx


Section 1What is the Love Creates Love Campaign
Lecture 1Welcome and thank you
Lecture 2Nurture Statement
Lecture 3Bonus gift
Section 2Practical guidance to set up your group
Section 3Resources to share in the group
Lecture 5Downloadable resources
Lecture 6Music Playlist
Lecture 7Other organisations promoting love
Lecture 8Images and talks to share
Lecture 9A few images to inspire you
Lecture 10Suggested Session Plan
Lecture 11Assessment
Section 4Videos on the importance of attachment
Lecture 12Videos on attachment and bonding
Lecture 13Love Creates Love in Malawi
Section 5Running the group/Marketing
Section 6What happens next?
Lecture 15Launching your group
Lecture 16Practical information on how the group works
Lecture 17A Special Offer For You
Final Quiz