Don’t compromise anything-Be with your baby, work flexibly and love what you do

Don’t compromise anything-Be with your baby, work flexibly and love what you do

Having a baby is completely life changing! There is definitely no going back and it can feel tough to deal with so many adjustments at the same time. Your body, your mind, your emotions, your work, your relationship and family. 

Nothing can prepare you…..but also nothing can stop you. You are incredibly powerful as a mother. You created a new life. You birthed a baby. 

Whether you realise it or not you are fearless. 

You are a creator and you are capable of anything. You are creating new experiences for yourself and your family everyday. You are learning and growing and developing. 

This is the exact mindset for creating your own kind of happiness and success. Whatever you want to do, now is the time to do it. You are firmly on the motherhood train and you can’t get off but you can set a new dream destination which is aligned with where you want to take yourself and your family in the future.

Becoming a mother is such a radical shake up of everything you know as a women that I believe its the perfect time to shake things up a little more. Don’t compromise on what you want for yourself and your family. If you do, you will regret it. 

Now I don’t want to generalise. Everyone feels differently and that is the beauty of motherhood. For me becoming a mother was like taking the old me and adding upgrades that enabled me to feel so much more, see the world in a more simplistic way and which gave me the opportunity to be so much more authentic in every area of my life. It gave me courage and put fire in my belly. My relationships with my children were too important to me to compromise my time.

Motherhood sends you into authenticity overdrive. I believe authenticity is the key to creating happiness and genuinely connected relationships. Authenticity creates flow and energy and anything can happen when you put energy behind it. 

This experience of authenticity has totally played out in my life. I left my job as a lawyer where I was totally inauthentic and took the step into teaching baby massage and setting up my own business. From the moment I did that, I never “worked” another day in my life. I felt that I had connected, finally, with what I was supposed to do. I felt excited, inspired and I could not wait to teach parents and share with my knowledge. I felt driven and alive and found abundant energy despite full on caring for my three gorgeous children who were all under 3.5 years. 

I felt the same about being a mother. I had no experience of children whatsoever before my own (just like I had no experience of business) but I fell in love immediately. I wanted to share experiences and adventures with my children everyday. I wanted to read books, sing songs, play games and spend time together. For the first time in my life I felt truly connected love and my life felt full of wonder and joy. Again I felt driven and alive and found more than enough energy. Looking back now, I do question how I found the energy and the time, but I believe it is because I was again in my flow as a mother. It was a gift to find.

I also was completely sure of one thing when I had my children; that I wanted to be with them and bring them up. This was not negotiable. Time, presence and getting to know my children was my number one priority. I did not want them to go to nursery from a young age. I know the importance of attachment and bonding for my work and so teaching baby massage and yoga enabled me to get exactly what I wanted; to be with my children and to have my own independent income and identity teaching. 

Again this was not always easy. I had to completely change my lifestyle and sell our house, downgrade our car, skip going out, be on a strict budget which meant camping holidays in the pouring rain for many years. When things were really tough financially, I also worked a night shift in a cafe whilst my youngest Caspar was under one and I was up in the night alot. I was teaching baby massage, caring for all my 3 in the day and then working at night. Despite this, I never thought of giving up on any of it. I never thought to go back to law, even though it would have solved all financial problems because I believed in my vision of being with my children and supporting parents. I wanted to give other women the choice of being home with their children through teaching them to teach baby massage and yoga just like I did. I wanted parents across the world to understand why they are so important and special to their babies and why being present and using nurturing touch to connect would be the greatest investment into their relationship. This vision meant that despite things not always happening when I wanted them too, I never gave up. I just enjoyed where I was and was grateful everyday for the opportunity to live my life on my terms.

Babies ground us. They show us whats important. They simplify life and they are authentic. They show and tell us what they need. They are honest. They are present and they are connected to their bodies and their feelings. When I had my children I wanted to meet them at this place which meant I hard to shed alot of my old beliefs, habits and behaviours. I came out of the process liking myself a whole lot more and really being ready to show up in the world. This is why motherhood gave me my power!

So what I would say in conclusion is that in becoming a mother nothing can go back, so why not go forward in the way you want to. Live the life you always wanted, be who you are and connect to your values. Your children are watching you so now is the time to show them who you are and what is important to you. Be brave, be courageous and don’t look back. Shake it up a little bit more and see what rises to the surface and then do that. Don’t compromise your time. There is another way and it’s the path to happiness.


Gayle xx

Does this resonate with you?

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