How creating community empowers and heals

Can I tell you a secret?

When I was at school I was picked on and bullied by a group of girls in my year. It made me feel so sick I skipped school and wanted to disappear. It ended with one of the girls scratching a horrible name into my desk with a compass so I had to look at it everyday. When I saw this I burst into tears and finally asked a teacher for help. As I result of this experience and feeling unpopular and always on the outside, I learnt to be invisible and to avoid drawing attention to myself. I became fearful of girls and women who seemed powerful and intimidating to me and wary of letting my guard down with other women. The feeling that still stays with me is of being an outsider, not fitting in and not being liked or popular. It has lead me to live a smaller life than the one I dreamed I might have. The strong message I received as a teenage girl was if you stand out and you are different, you will be punished. It felt easier to melt into the background and not say what I thought than risk being frightened and intimidated.

This shadow hung over me for sometime and it began to fade when I had my children. I realised I could be a hero and a leader in the safety of my own family. It enabled me to build my confidence. Then when I found “my thing” teaching baby massage, I started to see that sharing and getting visible had positive effects for everyone.
When I created Blossom & Berry one of the key things I wanted was to have a community of supportive women to share with, hang out with and support. A group of women that all trusted each other and could be open without fear of anyone judging. I really think that I have created that with our Nurture Collective and it’s one of the things I love most about what I do. We all teach connection through baby massage and we all practice connection with each other. That’s alignment and authenticity which also make me so happy. Blossom & Berry don’t do training, we do experience, friendship, connection and love. It has helped me to feel empowered and healed and with everyone I help, welcome and support unconditionally in my community, I feel stronger in letting go of the old story around not being able to connect and fit in.

If you feel like an outsider or disconnected, there is a community there for you. Keep showing up with your heart on your sleve and with your values across your chest and in the words you say and you will find it. Or do what I did, create one yourself….Love creates love

Much love


Does this resonate with you?

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