It’s okay to not be okay-Why connection is the key to happiness


I was moved to tears by the video on facebook about the loneliness experienced by new mothers (see below for the link). When you have a baby you adjust, you have to find a new identity, everything seems different and you can experience the greatest highs and also some desperate lows and soul searching.

It’s okay to question what you are doing. Why do I feel like this? Is this “normal”? The thing is that nothing is normal and there is no right way to do anything.

Its totally okay to not be okay. To retreat, to re-evaluate and to hide from the world until you are ready to embrace your new role. When you are ready, then connection is the key to happiness. Numerous studies have shown that friendship and connection have the biggest effect on you health and wellbeing.

Now I am not saying its easy to just find a tribe that you resonant with but there is a person out there looking for you too. Small positive steps can lead you to what you are searching for.

I have put a few things you can do below to start that process;

Five things you can do to combat loneliness and find connection.

Get outside in nature. Re connect with your surroundings and give yourself a chance to put things in perspective. There are so many people in the world you could connect with.

Call an old friend who really knows you and be honest about how you feel. Let it go. Cry, laugh, shout, be free. Suppressing things causes pain. It’s okay to not be okay.

Try not to make assumptions or take things personally.If someone didn’t talk to you today at a group don’t assume you are not interesting or no one likes you. It may be that the other person was shy too. Don’t be scared to make the first move.

Remember you are doing the best you can right now. Everyone goes through phases in life. You can accept that this a quiet period for you and work on yourself or you can positive take steps to meet and connect with others. There is no such thing as a mistake so feel confident in making decisions if they feel right.

Connect-Be fearless and if you want to make friends, be open and start conversations. Not everyone will be your friend but someone will and they are waiting to be discovered right now. By going to groups in person or joining one online you are taking steps to connect.

Connection is key with everything in life which is what we teach in our baby massage and yoga classes.

Find a local class or a love creates love group and connect with others. You could be the sunshine in someone else’s day xxxx You can find our classes at

Here is the video from Channel 4 with mums talking about loneliness


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