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Free Resources & Support For You & Your Baby

Welcome to our Nurture Nest

We have brought together some free resources for you to help you discover baby massage and help you nurture yourself and your baby.

We hope you enjoy them. They are gifted with much love.

Gayle xxx

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The videos below give you a simple routine to help you ease some of the most common issues for babies and children using nurturing touch. 

  • Learn how to use massage for tummy ache, colic and constipation.
  • Master massage strokes for chesty coughs and congestion.
  • Use touch to soothe teething pains and tension

When you attend a class, you will learn even more ways to soothe and calm your baby and also meet lots of other parents and babies to share the experience with. Baby massage and yoga classes are a great way to make friends and feel more confident as a parent.

Blossom & Berry believe Love Creates Love.

Love Creates Love brings to life my mission to make the world a happier, more compassionate and connected place through empowering parents to respond to their babies needs and teach love through nurturing touch, massage & yoga. 

I teach and train individuals all over the world to nurture babies and children to create positive happy relationships and secure attachments for the future. I believe relaxed, positive parents help to create relaxed, secure and positive children. I believe that when we teach respect, positive communication and love to babies and children through nurturing touch, we invest in a more compassionate society. Love and touch are completely connected. Touch communicates love and love deepens connection. 

Big changes can flow from this and the impact can be beneficial for us all.

And it all starts with touch and connection. 

We have lots of free resources and information on how you can create more love in your life for yourself, your baby and your community.

Have a look at our page here.

Free online video for easing colic & wind using baby massage

If your baby is suffering from colic, we strongly recommend you watch this short video of Gayle Berry providing “Three Steps To Settling Success” with Colief Infant Drops. Easy to follow and available to watch now, try practising some of these strokes and movements with your baby. Remember that babies adjust to new things slowly and it is a good idea to practise this routine twice a day to help support your baby’s digestive system.

Music for your soul

Sit back and relax to our spotify playlist designed to relax you and your baby. You can use it for some quiet time together or to practice massage.

Music can change your mood in an instant so give yourself the opportunity to chill out together.

Click here to listen.


Download A Free Preview of Gayle Berry’s Book “The Simple Guide To Infant Massage”

This will give you an introduction to some strokes for baby massage to introduce a short practice.

The full version of the book is avaliable on Amazon here and all profits go to our charitable projects in Malawi to help support mothers and babies in poverty

To recieve your free preview, click here


You are your baby’s first teacher. You are his/her guide and he/she experiences the world through you. The most important thing a baby can recieve in the first years of life is love and responsive care. These are the foundations of physical and emotional health and wellbeing for life. Having a strong bond or secure attachment is vital for a baby’s development and so your presence, time and love are the greatest gifts you can share with your baby. 

The importance of infant mental health is something we promote in all our classes and underpins all we do.

Meditation For Motherhood

Meditation can really help to settle and calm your mind and give you more energy as your mind focuses on the here and now.

These meditations are some of our favourites so of course we are sharing them with you xxx

Click here to access the meditation


To find a baby massage class you can check out Find A Teacher Page or if you have been inspired, talk to us about training to become a teacher yourself. 

We would love to hear from you.