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At Blossom & Berry we have been teaching the importance of nurturing touch, love and presence for 20 years.

We want to help and support you by sharing our knowledge and experience of the power of nurturing touch.

It can be overwhelming juggling everyday life with a newborn, let alone during the uncertain times of the last few years. So, we have developed a free support package to help you feel more relaxed and connected by creating a LOVE BUBBLE with your baby.

By consciously holding your baby, using skin to skin, massage and cuddles, you boost your love and relaxation hormones. Creating a LOVE BUBBLE allows you to hold space for yourself and your baby.

The Love Bubble will help you spend connected and quality time with your baby sharing the gift of touch.

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We have designed a package of inspiring resources for you to use at home.

Sign up to receive your free:

  • 10 minute skin to skin meditation with baby massage expert Gayle Berry
  • The Gift of Touch - your guide to baby massage
  • Introduction to Baby Massage video with Channel Mum
  • Happy Tummy/Colic Massage video with Channel Mum
  • Creating a gentle daily flow with your baby
  • Love Bubble Moments Ideas  
  • A-Z of creating love and connection with your baby
  • Sleepy time playlist to soothe your mind body and soul
  • Exclusive Love Bubble nursery print

Plus more!

Conceived and gifted with love from Blossom & Berry.

Let’s create love bubbles across the world and take the time to connect and slow down with our babies.


We believe in 100% Love For Babies. 

Think about it for a moment. Why would we give anything less? 

Babies are brand new humans entering the world. We get to choose. Teach love, compassion, kindness and give nurturing responsive care. 

Why would we embody anything else when the future is in our hands. It's time to wake up and realise we reap what we sow. Nurture babies, nurture the world.  Embody the values you wish your baby to feel and the whole world will feel this too. As a parent you are so important to the health of the world. 

We are here to support you so you can support your baby 

Love more, not less.

Love creates love. You are not alone!

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