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One to One Training

We aim to be as flexible as we can to meet your training needs because we want you to be happy.

You may want to book a one to one training with us for one of our courses so that you can learn at exactly right time, in the right place and how suits you.

One to One training offers you the opportunity to learn either at one of our course locations or in your own home.

This type of training offers you ultimate flexibility in the timing and location of your course and is designed to help fit the needs of students who may have restricted time, work or family commitments or who can’t attend a course away from home.

We try to be as flexible as possible in meeting your training needs so just ask us what you would like and we will see if we can help you. I have flown across the world to deliver some of my training!

Payment options

Once you have emailed us and we have agreed a date for your training, you can pay for your course via paypal or BACS.

Prices for One To One Training Essex

Baby Massage Instructor (Two days) – £1199

Baby Yoga Instructor (Two days) – £1199

Combined training (Four days) £1699

Prices for One to One Training (in your own home)

Baby Massage Instructor (Two days) – From £1449

Baby Yoga Instructor (Two days) – From £1449

Combined training in your own home (Four days)- From £2100

This is for training in the UK. For international, we will need to cover additional expenses.

In House Group Training

Price on application. Substantial discount on group, in house training courses for four plus.


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