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Gayle Berry is an international expert on baby massage and yoga having taught hundreds of parents and students across the world as well as setting up her own charitable project in Malawi to support mothers and babies in poverty. Gayle has worked with numerous companies and organisations to advise on baby massage and yoga. 

Gayle has worked with Huffington Post For Parents for their Facebook live feature on baby massage as well as writing blog posts. She is currently the Huggies Wipes Ambassador for baby bonding and infant massage as well as an ambassador for Karma Love.


We are proud to be invited to present and write for the the Huffington Post. Gayle has recently appeared as a presenter on Huffington Post Parents UK, teaching and demonstrating  the benefits of infant massage. Gayle is an expert on baby massage and yoga and is an advocate for the importance of infant mental health and the wellbeing of parents and babies. Gayle’s mission is to share the message that Love Creates Love and the importance of nurturing parents and babies to help create happy loving relationships.


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