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Today’s blog post is a guest blog from my teacher Charmine King. She has been dedicated to her study and created a successful business practice in under a year. This is her story;

Hi, my name is Charmaine and I am mummy to 3 beautiful children, aged 23, 3 and 1. For 11 years I worked in the public sector as an Accountant and although I earned a very good income, to me it was just a job that paid the bills and I felt very unfulfilled in life.

When I fell pregnant with my 3 year old son, I decided that I didn’t want to go back to work as I wanted to be a stay at home mum and be fully present in his life and not miss out on any of his “firsts”. It was during this time that I attended Baby Massage & Baby Yoga courses and was amazed at the many benefits for his overall wellbeing as well as mine. The classes left me feeling more relaxed, connected and in-tune with his needs. I had more confidence in myself as a mother and with trusting my own instincts.
I felt such a connection with baby massage & yoga that I decided to train to become an instructor myself. In January 2017, I started the Integrated Diploma In Baby Massage,Yoga & Parental Support with Blossom & Berry. I chose to study with Blossom & Berry because I literally felt Gayle’s passion for positive touch and connection jump out of the website and speak to my heart.
I was really worried about going back to studying because it had been such a long time and it was a massive change from accountancy, plus I was now a mummy to two toddlers, but I can honestly say that I have loved everything about the course. The structure is broken down into nice manageable modules and the material provided is really detailed and is packed wtih so many resources to help support your studying. The support of Gayle and the Nurture Group that you become part of has been incredible, it is lovely to be sharing my journey with so many other inspirational people.
In January 2018, exactly one year since starting my course with Blossom & Berry, I am a qualified Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor and I have my own business, Little SunShines. In September 2017 I ran 2 courses with 13 mummies booked on, four months later and I now have 4 courses with 38 mummies booked on and waiting lists for the next term. This year I am going to continue studying the Diploma to gain qualifications in Learn, Stretch & Play, Soothe, Settle & Sleep and Baby Confidence.
Studying with Blossom & Berry has literally changed my life, I now have the best of both worlds, being a full time, present mummy to my 3 and 1 year old babies, whilst building a successful business. I absolutely love what I do and I feel very fortunate to work in an area that I am so passionate about, and to be part of such a beautiful and special time in peoples’ lives.
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