The importance of making mistakes..

My “mistakes”- Like everything in life, to begin with things can feel hard like walking up hill or losing your footing. But you got to keep on that path whatever. It’s taking you somewhere very important.

This is how my learning has been;

When I started teaching baby massage I had small classes of 4 for around a year

I used to want to teach so much I did not value my time and did not price my services correctly.

I had too many small classes instead of bigger ones

I did not teach baby yoga for 6 months after I trained as I did not know what I was supposed to do

I felt a yoga fraud as I had never done yoga before I trained

I had to work 3 jobs for about a year when all my kids were under 5 to have enough money to pay my bills. I worked late night shifts and was up all night with my youngest

I started my online training by sending out DVDS with the title written in sharpie

I started to teach people to teach within a year of my initial training even though I did not have a huge amount of experience.

I have been criticised by many competitors for “stealing” baby massage

I have given my business away to a few people who did not see the value and I felt let down.

I have written courses and then seen the exact content in others training courses.

I still don’t know too much what I am doing but I am totally up for learning and I am loving expanding into the unknown.

Just in case you think you can’t do it. The only time you fail is when you give up. In the great times and tricky times I kept in the light and trusted it would be okay. And right now it is and I am so grateful I kept going!

We are all human and there is learning in all the struggles!

Love creates love ❤️?

Love Gayle xxx

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