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Using love to help settle your baby

19 Jul 2017

The most loving way to soothe a crying baby (with the least amount of tears for you both)

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Crying is just your baby’s way of communicating his needs to you, but sometimes coping with a baby that is crying consistently can be really hard if you are feeling low, negative or sleep deprived. You can start to feel drained of energy, overwhelmed with emotions and unable to give anymore.

If you have experienced this, (and most mother’s will have) there is a simple tuning in sequence I wanted to share that you can use to help you deal with both you and your baby’s emotions in the most loving and sensitive way;

  1. Stop what you are doing and give your full attention to your baby.
  2. Tune into your baby’s mood, emotion and behaviour.
  3. Reassure your baby with touch, eye contact and kind words.
  4. Try and understand what your baby is trying to communicate.
  5. Be patient and accepting of his needs.
  6. Keep your baby in mind. What might he be experiencing right now?
  7. Be present. Don’t worry about the solution to the crying or finding the specific reason for the crying.
  8. Respond with love.

Babies need to be held, acknowledged, loved and responded to when they communicate (just like grown ups). Physical contact such as hugs, cuddles, skin to skin and massage communicates love, trust and security quicker than anything else. It helps your baby feel more relaxed and reduces the level of stress hormones produced by releasing the love hormone, oxytocin.

After your baby is settled, take time for yourself and give yourself the attention you need and deserve. The same rules apply; stop, tune in, review your emotions and accept them for what they are with no judgment, be present and know that all things pass.

I would love to know how you get on with this technique.

Much Love

Gayle xxxx