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9 Sep 2018


These additional resources can support your students learning in your classes and give you ideas for further classes.

<a href=”” rel=””>YogaTaskCards</a>

<a href=”” rel=””>Blossom &amp; Berry Little Berries Younger Stretches</a>

<a href=”” rel=””>Blossom &amp; Berry Booking Form SS</a>

<a href=””>Breathing exercise cards for children</a>
<h2>Teaching Aids</h2>
I would also really recommend buying Yoga Pretzals. You can get them from Amazon <a href=”;keywords=yoga+pretzels&amp;index=aps&amp;tag=googhydr-21&amp;ref=pd_sl_6mpacwgpl3_e&amp;adgrpid=52852119306&amp;hvpone=&amp;hvptwo=&amp;hvadid=259034124654&amp;hvpos=1t1&amp;hvnetw=g&amp;hvrand=2309659498001256307&amp;hvqmt=e&amp;hvdev=c&amp;hvdvcmdl=&amp;hvlocint=&amp;hvlocphy=9045039&amp;hvtargid=kwd-297804330956″>here.</a> They are a brilliant resources for teaching and I often get the children in my classes to chose a card each at the beginning or end of the class to practice. Also if you just wanted to base your classes around these cards linking songs or rhymes to them, this is also an option for simplifing sessions. They also make a great way to introduce children to yoga in a workshop or as a taster. Parents can also buy the cards and use them with their children at home which extends the benefits.

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