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In House Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Training NHS/Children’s Centres

We provide expert Baby Massage and Baby Yoga training in-house for Childcare professionals, Chrildren’s Centre & Acton for Chilren Staff.

Our experience

We have over 15 years experience working with parents, babies and students in the field of baby massage and yoga and have trained staff at children centres, for action for children, health visitors and midwives in the NHS across the UK and the world. We can tailor our training courses to fit your needs.Our courses cover the importance of infant mental health and emotional/social benefits of early attachment, bonding and connection. 

Our courses are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and Westminster Indemnity Insurance.

Gayle has worked in a Children’s Centre setting so is aware of the needs of Children Centre clients. Each year we teach Children Centre staff and return to offer follow up training because of the relationships that are formed between us and staff

Your experience with us

Blossom & Berry training courses present baby massage and yoga within the context of attachment and bonding theory as well as providing valuable techniques to ease issues such as colic, fretfulness and overstimulation. We do not advocate any particular style of parenting in our courses rather encourage instinctive or responsive individual parenting styles. This is achieved through interactive discussions and the creation of an informal, warm and friendly group environment.

All our courses come with online access to videos which help to support our students understanding of material covered on the course and helps to provide after course care and support. Training your staff in house is also a cost effective way to manage your training budget as significant savings can be made on travel, accommodation and covering staff rotas.

Blossom & Berry are an independent training provider. There is no requirement to use Blossom & Berry materials or products although these are provided to you as examples to enable your centre to formulate your own materials if you wish to. Our training is very flexible and we can travel to you to train staff in house on baby massage and yoga. All students have lifetime access to the learning materials so they can revise and refresh them at any time. 

Gayle also worked at a Sure Start Centre in Colchester, Essex for three years teaching baby massage and baby yoga to local famillies and she clearly understands the importance of meeting the diverse range of client needs within Children’s Centre settings. Gayle was also lucky enough to work with teenage parents in a small group setting to help support mothers and fathers at a vulnerable time.

We specialise in working with Children’s Centres, Action For Children, Barnardos & the NHS. Our course is tailored to help Children Centre staff create secure attachments between parents and babies. It sits alongside programs such as Solihull Training, PEEPS, Five to Thrive and Circle of Security. 

Your client’s experience

Blossom & Berry training is designed to promote not only the practical and emotional benefits of baby massage and yoga for babies and parents but to emphasise the importance of supporting the emotional and social development of infants and children through positive touch and positive parental interaction. Blossom & Berry baby massage and baby yoga training courses also help to boost parental confidence and aid the adjustment into the role of parent which can present challenges for some people.

How to book

We can arrange in house training for organisations throughout the year. We generally require four members of staff to train in house but we do try to be as flexible as possible. In house training can often be the most cost effective way to provide baby massage and yoga training for a number of staff. You can book easily with us and we can work around your timetable. Please email us and we can prepare a full costing for you and discuss all your requirements to create a bespoke course for your needs.

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