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Embrace the power of connection & teach the benefits of love, nurturing touch, massage & yoga to parents and children to create a successful and flexible business practice that you love.

Welcome to Blossom & Berry. I am Gayle Berry, an international expert and lecturer on baby massage & yoga, mother to three, love creator and natural nurturer. I founded Blossom & Berry over 15 years ago to promote the benefits of nurturing touch, massage, yoga and positive parenting across the world and we have grown to be a world leader and internationally renowned in the field of teaching training.

I discovered baby massage quite by accident by attending a class with my daughter, as a nervous first time mum, when she was just six weeks old. I had an instant connection to the power and benefits of nurturing touch and my mission to empower other parents with this joy and knowledge began.

As a mother of three, I completely understand the importance of being present for your children and watching them grow. That’s why I left a success career in law as a solicitor to train to teach infant massage and yoga. That was over 15 years ago and over this time I have taught hundreds of parents and babies across the world, grown Blossom & Berry to be a global teacher training business with over 200 teachers, worked with great companies such as Huggies, Colief & Huffington Post, won awards, made the most wonderful friends and travelled the world. I also fulfilled my greatest dream to set up a charitable project supporting women & babies in poverty in Malawi.

I made the decision 15 years ago that being with my children and enjoying my life was the most important thing to me and I am so happy today as a result. I would love to train you to become a teacher and achieve your goals. 


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Train to teach massage and yoga to parents & children with us

If you believe in the importance of love and connection for parents, babies and children are looking for the opportunity to create a flexible career you love, you are in exactly the right place. Through our professional, comprehensive and fully accredited training, you can teach nurturing touch, massage and yoga. I am here to help you throughout your journey. Training gives you the freedom to be who you want to be and spend time with those you love, doing something which empowers others and creates more love, compassion in the world.

Nurture is at the heart of everything I do at Blossom & Berry in my own classes, my training & my charity work. I measure my success in the success of others and the impact Blossom & Berry has on the world. I have created a community of teachers all working independently but acting as a collective to promote the importance of love and nurturing touch for the emotional and physical development of babies and children. We celebrate and value the journey of parenting and offer support across the world. We are also involved in many different charitable projects to reach the most vulnerable parents and babies globally.

And the best part….you can study with us anywhere in the world, in a small group, online or in bespoke one to one training. You can study & teach on your terms alongside having a family and feel completely supported and nurtured throughout. We offer so much more than just fully accredited training from the Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapists and the IICT amongst others; we offer love, community, appreciation, connection, reassurance and support which are the cornerstones of growth and self development.

Let’s get to know each other. I would love to teach you. 

I have over 15 years experience teaching baby massage & yoga to hundreds of parents. I am the author of “Baby Massage: Expert advice at your fingertips” and “The Simple Guide To Baby Massage” which have sold copies across the world.

I love working with partners and have recently been involved in projects with The Huffington Post Live presenting infant massage and as an Ambassador for Huggies Wipes. I am a fully qualified lecturer as well as a life coach, hypnotherapist, massage therapist, doula and pre-post natal yoga teacher.

I write all my courses based on extensive research, scientific evidence, cultural practices and my personal teaching experience.

My mission is to teach love to create love. To support parents to so they can be emotionally present for their babies and in this way children learn the world is a loving, compassionate and kind place. Let’s create a love revolution and grow babies with love through nurturing touch together!

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We love our students and have over 200 teachers across the world. Listen to some feedback from one of our online learning students, Natasha talking about her experience of learning with us and visit our testimonials page for more information.