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Blossom & Berry is dedicated to training you to understand and teach the benefits of love, nurturing touch, massage & yoga to parents and children and create a successful and flexible business practice that you love.

Train with us and join our community of teachers and parents embracing parenthood with positivity and learning how to nurture children through massage and yoga. You can train with us as a teacher through our comprehensive and fully accredited training and business program. You will enjoy having a rewarding career as a professional infant massage & yoga teacher and start your own successful flexible business practice giving you the freedom to enjoy your life to the full.

Blossom & Berry believes that “Love Creates Love”. Loving and looking after yourself creates the best version of you, able to support and nurture others. When we nurture children and grow their brains with love through touch, they relate to those around them with more empathy and understanding. This has the potential to create a more loving and compassionate world. That’s when real change happens. 

We take a three stage approach to our training to ensure your success;



We teach you everything you need to know about your subject matter and provide you with in depth reading lists, video resources, case studies and support to answer all your questions.



We teach you how to teach and present effectively and how to engage with your clients and work with group dynamics. You will feel confident facilitating groups, one to one sessions and workshops.



We help you succeed in setting up your business and getting clients. This is an important part of the course as we want you to share your excellent teaching skills with as many people as possible.

We also always add a very large sprinkling of love into all our courses and can create resources to meet your needs.

Learn with Gayle Berry, baby massage and yoga expert.

Gayle is a well respected and award wining expert on infant massage and yoga. She has over 14 years experience teaching baby massage & yoga to hundreds of parents. She is the author of “Baby Massage: Expert advice at your fingertips”, has working with Huffington Post Live presenting infant massage and consults regularly on her subject with the media. She is proud to be an Ambassador for Huggies Wipes and for Karma Love. Gayle is a fully qualified lecturer and coach and writes all her courses based on extensive research and experience. Gayle has taught hundreds of students become teachers and share the benefits of positive touch, connection and love across the world

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We are proud to be invited to present and write for the the Huffington Post. Gayle has recently appeared as a presenter on Huffington Post Parents UK, teaching and demonstrating  the benefits of infant massage. Gayle is an expert on baby massage and yoga and is an advocate for the importance of infant mental health and the wellbeing of parents and babies. Gayle’s mission to share the message that Love Creates Love and the importance of nurturing parents and babies to help create happy loving relationships.



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We love our students and have over 200 teachers across the world. Listen to some feedback from one of our online learning students, Natasha talking about her experience of learning with us and visit our testimonials page for more information.

Learn With International Expert, Gayle Berry

Gayle Berry

CEO & Founder of Blossom & Berry
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