Training Courses






 Expert & specialist teacher training in massage and yoga for babies and children.

 Become a qualified & accredited professional baby massage teacher and baby yoga teacher or pre/post natal supporter.

 Run your own successful, independent, & flexible business practice.

 Enjoy flexible teacher training designed to fit with your lifestyle, learn new skills & gain the opportunity to support others through our well established classes.


Blossom & Berry offers the widest range of baby massage teacher training courses, qualifications, classes and sessions in the UK. Our courses are always relaxed, supportive and fun. Becoming an instructor gives you the opportunity to run your own business and have successful career. Our baby massage and baby yoga teacher training courses and qualifications are designed to help you build your practice, keep your clients and help to promote the benefits of positive touch therapies for babies and children.


We offer a wide range of teacher training options and qualifications including distance learning, home study, one to one training and in house professional training for baby massage and yoga.We currently offer baby massage and yoga courses and training in the UK and internationally in countries such as Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Republic of Ireland and Dubai. We hold regular baby massage and yoga group training in Essex, Glasgow, Solihull, Dublin and Belfast but can travel to other locations in the UK. To see our course timetable click here.




We are specialists in pre/post natal and baby massage/yoga teacher training. We offer training courses in the following areas. Click on any course for more information;


Teach Courses For Pregnancy


Blossom & Berry Baby Confidence Classes Instructor’s Course from £125.00 


One Day Pregnancy Massage Workshop from £90.00


Mini Treatment Massage Course (Non massage therapists and massage therapists) -Hand and Foot Massage from £90.00


Teach Courses For Parents & Babies


Blossom & Berry Professional Baby Massage Teacher Course from £375.00.


Blossom & Berry Professional Baby Yoga Teacher Course from £300.00.


Blossom & Berry Professional Baby Massage & Yoga Teacher Combined Course Diploma from £610.00.


 Blossom & Berry Professional Baby Massage Teacher & Calming Consultant (one to one teaching only) £300.00


Blossom & Berry Soothe, Settle & Sleep Instructor Course (for unsettled babies or babies with colic) from £100.00


Teach Courses For Older Babies & Children


Blossom & Berry Learn, Stretch & Play Teacher Course (massage and yoga for older babies aged 6 months to 2 years) from £140.00


Blossom & Berry Story Stretch Classes Training Course (for ages 3 to 5 years) from £145.00


Blossom & Berry Massage for Older Children Instructor Course from £55.00


Our in person training is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Complementary Therapists Association and our distance training by International Institute of Complementary Therapists and Blossom & Berry training is recognised by a wide range of professional indemnity insurance companies as a leader in the provision of professional baby massage/yoga instructor teaching training. All the courses are written by baby massage expert, Gayle Berry. Gayle Berry has a successful and busy practice in Colchester and she has designed all the training materials to ensure high quality teaching under the Blossom & Berry banner. Gayle is a qualified teacher in the adult learning sector (Post Graduate Certificate in Education). Blossom & Berry continues to grow from strength to strength recently working alongside Pampers, Nurofen for Children, Mother & Baby Magazine, Colief and the NCT.

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Study and Career Flexibility 


We offer you the opportunity to access high quality training and to use our professional materials, handouts and resources to help you build up your business. We are not offering a parent and baby massage and yoga franchise. We offer training based on our brand and excellent teaching materials. We are an independent training provider and ask for NO ONGOING LICENSING FEES. This means that you are able to build up and invest in your own business more quickly. You are free to use our logo and/or trade under your own brand name if you wish.


We aim to be as flexible as possible in meeting your training needs as we know that many of our students already have jobs or family responsibilities which can make it difficult to fit study around a busy lifestyle. If you have an idea how you would like to train with us, let us know and we might be able to help. It is possible to top up any training style with an individual study consultation day with Gayle Berry which would allow you to ask any questions about any aspect of the course you are studying.




“I was a bit over welmed by all the training companies offering baby massage but choosing Blossom & Berry was the best decision. The course is so comprehensive. Everything is covered! I feel totally confident in my knowledge base and can’t wait to get started.” 

“The resources are excellent. I respond well to watching when I learn so the DVDs are brilliant. I can watch them over and over. The same goes for all the other interactive resources. The books and articles are easy to digest as well. Your structure and materials are so motivating and inspiring” LA

“I have been very impressed by your training, the superb level of support you give your teachers and your attention to detail. I am desperate to get started.” A

“The course has inspired me and now I can offer new classes to my clients which they have been asking for and expand my practice. Resources are easy to use and clear. Gayle is a very motivating teacher” C

“Your attitude towards growing a business has inspired me. I love the fact I can grow my business practice at the right pace for me. Thank you for all your support and positivity.” SH


You can join us at any stage of your practice, whether you are just starting up, looking for a boost for your business or wanting some additional courses to improve your practice and keep your clients. Blossom & Berry teachers are growing in number of everyday so join us and kick start your practice today.


Who is a Blossom & Berry teacher?


Blossom & Berry will train and support you if you would like to become a baby massage or baby yoga instructor. You should be someone who enjoys working with parents and children and has natural enthusiasm for teaching. You should be a warm and friendly person who can offer support to others. You must be aware of the benefits of running your own business and be motivated to achieve your full potential. It ideally suits someone looking for a part time opportunity wanting flexibility and control over their working hours. You must have an interest in working with young famillies and have a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology (such as GCSE biology or an equivalent).


We believe in investing in a positive future through nurturing our children with loving touch & communication, encouraging happy secure relationships and by demonstrating kindness and generosity to others. We look for individuals who share this goal.We believe in investing in people for the future, creating opportunities for happiness and in nurturing yourself and others. Classes & training are not just about certificates, rather about experiences, memories & relationships.


Why us?


We pride ourselves on supporting children and parents using a holistic approach making sure that the first years of family life can be as good as they can be. We focus on the importance of early bonding, communication and play between parent and child. We also help to support early child development with all our classes.


We offer the complete training package from pregnancy massage and doula training, baby massage to baby yoga to more general sensory play and massage classes and children’s yoga. We are always working on new ideas to provide parents and babies with what they want and need. Our qualifications in baby massage and yoga will enable you to practice professionally as a teacher.


We have trained hundreds of baby massage teachers from all backgrounds including health visitors, midwives, maternity nurses, family support workers, massage therapists and those with an interest in the subject.Our training materials include information on infant psychology, attachment theory and research on baby massage. The course encourages you to read into the wider benefits of positive touch for children.


We don’t just help by providing baby massage and baby yoga teacher training and qualifications but provide a business support package which will help you succeed after qualification. Take advantage of our excellent reputation and experience running baby massage and baby yoga courses. Our packages will help you expand your business,succeed in retaining clients and help you build a practice. We also support a number of voluntary initiatives and encourage our teachers to support vunerable parents both in the UK and globally.




We are proud to say that we donate 10% of our profits to our charitable project, “The Little Blossoms Project” which teaches baby massage and pediatric massage and first aid to women in poverty in Malawi. We also support local birthing clinics with post natal care packs and fund a foster care program for children in extreme poverty. We visit every year to offer free training and we run a volunteer program where you can come and teach baby massage to local women and in orphanages. We fundraise throughout the year for our projects. This is a very important aspect of Blossom & Berry’s work. We believe in giving back and providing vital education to enable babies around the world to have the best start in life. 10% of your enrolment fee helps women and babies in Malawi through the provision of training, health/foster care and medical supplies. For more information, click here. We believe in supporting others and giving back which is why we have established the Blossom & Berry Charitable Foundation.



How does the Blossom & Berry baby massage and baby yoga teacher training scheme work?


We provide a comprehensive training package to help you build a successful business practice and learn to teach baby massage and baby yoga professionally. Our accredited training program will help you build a supportive parent and baby practice in your area so that you can offer a wide range of services. All our baby/child massage and yoga training programs come with;


A full and detailed teaching mannual which recieved excellent feedback from the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

A large number of videos online to support your learning comprising of mini lectures, real class footage and teaching examples. This is one of the most important aspects of the courses as it allows you to review many aspects of the course as many times as you wish as you study at home.

A business and marketing module

Handouts for your classes

A webpage on our website to promote your classes.

A teaching certificate in baby massage/baby yoga/toddler/child massage and yoga which will enable you to practice professionally.

There are no additional charges in addition to our training costs and you can even trade under your own name if you prefer.



Is it expensive?


Joining Blossom & Berry is not expensive and aims to help others to start running a successful businesses throughout the UK. Our programs are based on practical and commercial experience. For a small investment you can grow your own business and achieve success.Training starts from £375.00


What about Insurance?


Blossom & Berry courses are professional courses recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance a leader in holistic insurance provision. We recommend Westminster for insuring all your holistic therapies. Applications are quick, simple and easy and all done online. Click here for more details


Flexible Ways To Study With Us


We offer a number of ways to study our baby massage and yoga teacher training courses with us including a choice of;


Distance Learning- Study at home with our comprehensive distance learning course modules, films, mini lectures with real class footage, and then connect to wider learning resources via the internet. Our courses are designed to bring your subject to life and strive to provide the best possible distance learning experience. We understand the importance of visual learning when training in baby massage and baby yoga and incorporate visual and interactive resources into distance learning wherever possible. These courses are recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists so you can practice professionally. This available for students in the UK and outside the EU.



NEW-Distance Learning Via Skype-This is a brand NEW fantastic way to learn with us via Skype which is free and downloadable on your phone, computer or TV. This option allows you to have all the benefits of distance learning plus Gayle’s expertise on baby massage in the comfort of your own home at a time which suits you. You can can choose to have intensive Skype training over one/two days or book in for individual tutorials. This is a perfect way to learn for our international students as well as students who may have work and family commitments. Skype offers HD quality video and excellent sound.You can even train in a group with others who may be interested. Join the Skype training revolution with Blossom & Berry.These courses are recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance so you can practice professionally. This available for students in the UK and outside the EU.


One to One Training-Learn one to one with Gayle Berry, baby massage expert, author and qualified lecturer. For total flexibility you can book a one/two day intensive training course in baby massage or baby yoga with Gayle. Gayle has been a lecturer in baby massage for over nine years and is frequently called upon to provide guidance on baby massage to the press and general public. You can visit Gayle to train or make an arrangement for Gayle to teach you at your home. This is often an excellent option for students with young families or those with other responsibilities which may make longer study away from home more difficult.


Group Training-If you would rather learn baby massage/yoga in a group, Blossom & Berry runs a variety of baby massage and baby yoga training course throughout the year.  Please click here for our current training timetable.


Small Group Training/In House Training-If you would like to learn baby massage/yoga in a small group (2/3 people), then contact Gayle as she can arrange an individualised training time for you. We offer in house training for health professionals and Surestart and Childrens’ Centres and have received excellent feedback.We are happy to provide flexible in house training to many different groups including maternity nurses and family support workers. Click here for more information.


International Training-Blossom & Berry can provide training in the UK, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Europe and Dubai. Blossom & Berry Ireland will be offering the full range of training in Ireland from 2012. Gayle Berry has taught students from all over the world including Japan, China, Africa and Australia. We can arrange a training program for you in your country if you have a number of students wishing to train with us. Contact us for more details.


Already Qualified but like the Blossom & Berry philosophy?-You can train Blossom & Berry even if you have qualified elsewhere and use our excellent resources with our Licensing Only Packages from £ 200.00. You can also study any of our courses at any time as part of your practice development and teach under your own brand.


Contact us for more details on all our training options and courses by emailing or call 07958 626 933.