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Play at home Mum

26 Dec 2018

Are you a Play-At-Home-Mum?

Are you a “play at home mum”?

I totally am. I have been playing for over 16 years and I intend to keep playing for as long as I possibly can.

I always kinda wondered what category of “mum” I fell into.There is so much pressure to either commit to being a “stay at home” mum at home with children and all the stereotypes around that choice, or being a career mum with all the judgments and guilt that gets thrown around on that side.

I neither stayed at home after having my babies or worked hard on my traditional demanding 9-5 career.
I reinvented myself to be at home with my children, to enjoy every part of their lives, and be present everyday AND I discovered my passion to teach through baby massage and yoga and have never “worked” a day since.

Following my passion meant that teaching was always so rewarding and so fun that I literally felt alive and at play. I was excited to teach and excited to be with my children. I was so in my flow both as a teacher and a mother that I felt completely carried away in my true purpose. I had to pinch myself that I actually got paid to do what I loved so much. I had never felt anything like this as a lawyer or before having children. The connection to motherhood and teaching was so strong. I felt like I was being guided along the way.

Motherhood and working is your call. There are not just two ways to go. Work should not feel like work. It should feel playful, easy and simple. You don’t have to just stay at home and you don’t just have to go back to work.

Motherhood allows you to press pause on your life for a moment. To revaluate, to tune in. I think it is a moment of divine reinvention when anything seems possible. This is your chance to change direction, to create the lifestyle you want for you and your family. Don’t waste time or energy doing anything you don’t want to do. I say this with experience as my children are now all teenagers and the years just fly pass.

Reinvent yourself like me. I am still a play at home mum. I am creating my dream life everyday with the courage that I can do it and my children are watching me. My children and family always come first in all I do and I am able to help other women across the world put themselves and their families first.

I am going to be sharing the 10 really important principles that I believe enable you to grow as a mother and as a entrepreneur in my blogs over the next few weeks. These are the key principles I have followed in my life.

So do you think you could be a play at home mum too? Let’s have a chat about what “play” really means to you. You can do it.

Much love

Gayle ♡


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